Monday, April 26, 2021

Kansas City Pink Moon News Night

For our late night denizens, a glimpse at pop culture, community news and top headlines . . .

Local Troops Vaxx

Kansas City's VA Medical Center works to get more veterans vaccinated against COVID-19

As demand for the COVID-19 vaccine has started to fall off, there are more efforts to get the shot out into the community.On Monday, Kansas City's VA Medical Center took its mobile clinic to the Veterans Community Project on Troost Avenue.The VA is holding regular clinics to get more veterans vaccinated.

JoCo Boozing Secured

Shawnee City Council passes new ordinance expanding outdoor drinking rules

SHAWNEE, Kan. - The Shawnee City Council voted to pass an ordinance Monday night on public drinking, establishing a Common Consumption Area (CCA). The approved CCA covers approximately four square blocks of the city allowing residents to purchase alcohol from area businesses and consume it on public property.

Rock Chalk Reform Far Too Late To Help Families

Kansas governor signs bill to modernize unemployment system

Gov. Laura Kelly has signed a bipartisan bill to give the GOP-controlled Kansas Legislature more oversight of the modernization of the state's troubled unemployment system. The bill Kelly signed on Monday will require the Kansas Department of Labor to complete computer upgrades by the end of 2022.

Panty Promo Exposed

Kady McDermott sizzles in pink lingerie as she poses in bed for snap

Kady McDermott looked sensational in a racy new lingerie-clad snap shared with Instagram followers on Monday.

AOC Approves

100 Days into Biden's 'unity' agenda, AOC praises president's 'progressive' credentials

President Joe Biden campaigned on "unity." In his inaugural address, he uttered the word at least eight times. As the administration approaches its 100thday, self-described Democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is touting the president's "progressive" credentials. Ocasio-Cortez said Friday that she and other expected Biden to be "a lot more conservatives," adding that Biden has "exceeded expectations that progressives had."

Apple Fights Facebook

Facebook v Apple: The ad tracking row heats up

A new feature is being introduced to iPhones and iPads this week which is causing a huge rift between Apple and Facebook. It will allow device users to say no to having their data collected by apps.

Enemy Of Israel?!?

John Kerry faces calls to resign over allegations of leaking Israeli intel to Iran

The Biden administration is refusing to weigh in on the Iranian foreign minister claiming in a leaked recording that former Secretary of State and current Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry told him about secret Israeli operations being carried out in Syria. In response, Sen.

Gunning For 2nd Amendment

The Supreme Court will hear a major Second Amendment case that could gut US gun laws

The Supreme Court announced on Monday that it will hear New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett , a case that could transform the judiciary's understanding of the Second Amendment and lay waste to many of the nation's gun laws.


Oscars Ratings Crash To All-Time Low; Viewership Falls Under 10M For First Time Ever

Last night's 93rd Academy Awards saw Netflix walk away with the most hardware overall, but the Disney empire took the big prizes with wins for Best Picture and Best Animated Film. Those and trophies better shine pretty bright because for ABC, Sunday's Oscars were an expected ratings washout.

Look Up In About An Hour

April's full Pink Moon, the first supermoon of the year, reaches its peak Monday

This year's full Pink Moon will reach peak illumination at 11:32 p.m. EDT on Monday.Its name commemorates the blooming flowers of spring-but it probably won't actually appear pink.April's full moon is the first of two official supermoons this year.Stargazers, you're in luck: After almost a full year of waiting, the first supermoon of 2021 is on the way, and it promises to be just as spectacular as you remember.The full Pink Moon will reach peak illumination at 11:32 p.m.

Royal Return To Glory

With limited seats available, ticket prices climbing for first place Kansas City Royals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Yes, it's only April. Absurdly early to get excited about the prospects for any team in Major League Baseball. "With the nice weather and the way the team's playing, in the reduced capacity, it's really turned it into a pretty hot ticket right now," said Jason Durbin with Tickets for Less.

Tuesday Forecast

Windy, warm for your Tuesday


And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


chuck said...

"AOC approves of the president's progressive credentials".

This will be black people's "Golden Age Of Pericles" (As pathetic as it is.). About 15 minutes after D卐M☭CRATs think the "Great Replacement" is complete, the first black dude that resists arrest with a police force now dominated by Hispanics will be shot fuckin dead and the cop will be given the keys to the city. BLM members will be shot dead faster than you can say "Sinaloa Cartel" and pay off the dog catcher to let your Pit Bull go free after he mauls someone's granny.

There is no little irony, in that fact that, "The Protected Class" will die by the sword of identity politics they so enthusiastically supported.

This country is fucked - John Kerry selling us down the river to the Iranians while getting Israeli fucked in the back door with outright, categorical criminality that actually is a pre meditated, Mens rae commission of a crime (Again, no little irony.) of "The Logan Act".

Again, whatever these scumbag Fascist cocksuckers are accusing you of, THEY are doing.

Next up! The Supreme Court, guts your 2nd Amendment. Sickening. Mao was right, power stems from the end of a gun barrel, that YOU do not have anymore.

Fuck the Oscars, actors should be killed BEFORE the lawyers.

Off to work, while it is still legal.

Anonymous said...

Americans say no to "Communism" with minimal viewership of the Oscars.

Just hard core Communist Democrats watched that political propaganda show where movie stars try to prove how "WOKE" they are.

Then the degenerate Hollywood stars return to their drugs and orgy parties at their mansions.

Two years later; People magazine will feature the Oscar winner in drug rehab and why said actor / actress is still a wonderful piece of dog doo and getting their life back together.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet YOU seem to really care about the Oscars while nobody else does. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet I don't care about the Oscars but you seem to have the most inane comments.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton sold out Israel to the Iranians.

TRAITORS !! - The Obama Administration delivered $$$ Billions of dollars staked on pallets to Iran and now John Kerry hands delivers Israel's intel to Iran.

Anonymous said...

Let's kill all the chucklowes first, ok?

Anonymous said...

And Chuck gets even more bizarre when there's a full moon. Weird.

Anonymous said...

When the second amendment guarantees Americans’ right to carry weapons (bear arms) did it really, literally, mean that?

Gus said...


Anonymous said...

The democrats are very antisemitic and then they call us racists. How funny is that? Not to mention the fact Israel is our ally and yet the democrats leak information to a country that preaches death to America. Democrats are not only stupid they are sick terrorists.

Anonymous said...

The Obama Administration delivered $$$ Billions of dollars staked on pallets to Iran

It was their money in the first place, you chucklowe Bridiot

Anonymous said...

We get any murders last night?

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know Maude, did you call the city and ask? Why not?

Anonymous said...

AOC has a very nice set of tits but she is every bit as stupid as Sharice. AOC has a nice ass too. Otherwise, she doesn’t have much going for her.

Anonymous said...

Why cozy up to the Mullahs in the first place? And why did John Kerry break the law by participating in foreign policy as a private citizen?

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot hear they carbon dated one of your dingle berries and discovered it originally belonged to your mother.

Anonymous said...

The Libtards are ruining America. More violent crime, higher taxes, higher gas prices, higher food prices, no borders, and lockdowns beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I went outside and stood naked under the pink moon, and called to my little nocturnal rodent friends. When they approached, I ate them raw and bathed in their blood.

Anonymous said...

9:05, wrong again Chimpy. Iran had asserted a claim for the original fund, with interest at an unrealistically high rate, but that does not mean the claim was valid. The USA had asserted counterclaims against Iran, and victims of Iranian terrorism had statutory claims against the fund as well (in fact, by law Obama was required to pay the individual claimants before he paid any of it to Iran - of course he ignored the law, and of course his lapdog press did not challenge him on it). Because Obama kept the details secret, nobody knows how much if anything was due to Iran, but it was certainly not the full amount that Obama paid.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet nobody but shut-in, geriatric fucktards seem to care. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Communist Democrats supporting Iran.

Not surprised.

Anonymous said...

But Dr. Chimpy! You got your skull crushed again with facts! Any more hot takes to share? Lol