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Working Toward Comeback

KC metro picks up 8,600 jobs, narrows gap to pre-pandemic level - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City metro picked up 8,600 jobs from February to March, but still counts fewer jobs than it did before the pandemic. The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, part of Missouri Gov.

Discount Ambo Debuts

KCFD Community Paramedic Program

The Kansas City, Mo. Fire Department (KCFD) is working to improve quality of life for residents while also reducing costs with its new Community Medical Response Team (CMRT).

Tech On Nice Side Of Bridge

Kansas City committee approves plan to build new multi-billion dollar tech center in Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A multi-billion dollar tech center could be coming to the metro. Kansas City's Transportation, Infrastructure and Operations Committee approved a plan Wednesday to build the Golden Plains Technology Park in Clay and Platte counties.

Hottie Hangout Celebrated

Ashley Alexiss All About 'Buns' As She Sprawls Out In Thong Swimsuit

Ashley's online admirers were all over the "bootylicious" post, showing their appreciation in the huge number of likes and messages. More than 45,700 people double-tapped the photo, while 574 others took the time to compliment her in the comments section. Fans raved about her beauty and sensational curves.

Lady Po-Po Charged

Ex-Minnesota police officer arrested in connection with shooting of Daunte Wright

Former Brooklyn Center, Minn., Police Officer Kimberly Potter was arrested and will be charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of Daunte Wright. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension announced it had arrested Potter at approximately 11:30 a.m. and that charges would be filed later in the day.

End Of An Era

Biden draws on long history with the war in Afghanistan as he prepares to announce troop withdrawal

It's an image President Joe Biden kept returning to: the sight of helicopters evacuating Americans from Saigon during the last major battle of the Vietnam War.

MAGA Starts Attack Mode

Matt Gaetz makes six-figure ad buy targeting CNN amid sex trafficking allegations

Embattled Florida Rep.

Talker Pushes Back

Tucker responds to Fauci's calling his vaccine questions a 'conspiracy theory': What are you telling us?

On Wednesday's 'Tucker Carlson Tonight,' the Fox News host once again asked why those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine must remain under restrictions and responds to Dr. Anthony Fauci's claims that Carlson's questioning vaccine efficacy is 'typical, crazy conspiracy theory'

Pix Provide Reality Check

Why So Many Women Needed To See That Unedited Khloe Kardashian Bikini Pic

Earlier this month, an unedited, unauthorized photo of reality star Khloe Kardashian standing poolside in an itsy-bitsy, very Kardashianesque bikini was posted on the internet. Kardashian and her team scrambled to get the photo off the web, threatening legal action against pretty much any social media users who'd reposted the pic on Twitter, Instagram or Reddit.

Local Drama Debuts

Powerful documentary about metro's Bobbi Jo Reed showcased at KC Film Fest

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bobbi Jo Reed's inspiring work rescuing people from addiction at her non-profit 'Healing House' is well-known to many in the metro. Now her crusade to help others is getting a star turn at this year's virtual KC Film Fest International. "I knew that my story could benefit people but to see [...]

Salvy Saves Series

Pérez delivers with bat to finish big series, KC tops Angels

Salvador Pérez homered and doubled to cap off an impressive series, leading Brad Keller and the Kansas City Royals over the Los Angeles Angels 6-1 on Wednesday.A day after picking off David Fletcher at third base to end a 3-2 win, Pérez drove in two runs.

Kansas City Chills Tonight

Frost Advisory in effect for Kansas City metro tonight

I had talked about the chances for more frosty mornings this week yesterday and on the Noon show today. And tonight, we need to prepare for more cold. Mostly clear skies are expected once again, allowing the mid 30s to move a little farther south to overtake the entire area.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


  1. from all the different stuff, seems if you get vaccine you have much lower chance of getting ill from the virus. much lower chance already if you're younger and no preexisting medical conditions.
    Then there are variants.
    There may or may not be other therapies to help prevent & treat virus, and prevent mutations.
    If you get the vaccine or not, you can still carry and transmit the virus.


  2. ^^^ Agree with some of the stuff. Thing is, a lot of what they're telling us keeps changing.

    Glad to see the double masking idea never really caught on. I only hope people wear the one mask properly. That might help.

  3. didn't read or see anywhere before that it was a lady cop pointing the gun.

  4. State of Maine are defunding the police. Only way you can stop cops from killing is to have less cops.

  5. All I saw was the words “discount ammo,” and I’m like, HELL yes I’m in!!

  6. "Only way you can stop cops from killing is to have less cops."

    Please allow me to help you.......

    Only way you can stop cops from killing BLACK SHOOTERS, LOOTERS, RIOTERS AND VIOLENT CRIMINALS is to have less cops.

    You are welcome. No charge..

  7. black people in maine less than 2%

  8. “While Maine has a relatively small minority population, the extraordinarily high poverty levels for blacks, African Americans, and Native Americans are cause for great concern,” said Maine Center for Economic Policy (MECEP) Executive Director Garrett Martin. “In the case of blacks and African Americans, the poverty rate exceeds every other state by a wide margin. The finding that one out of every two black and African American Mainers lives in poverty is shocking.”

  9. https://www.mainepublic.org/maine/2019-02-19/why-is-maine-so-white-and-what-it-means-to-ask-the-question

    haven't read good title

  10. Fauci needs to retire. The guy has fallen in love with being the center of attention. He's like a drug addict who doesn't want to give up the "drug." If you've got the shot or had COVID, no need to mask. If you're afraid of getting COVID, wear a mask, but don't ask others to do so. Let freedom ring!

  11. ^^^ @10:25, sorry but you mis-spelled Trump.
    And thnks for your "expert" medical advice, now do us all a favor and stay home.

    1. Dr Chimpy! Excellent. Let's hear your monkey science then! Lol


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