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Right now we're inspired by hottie Josie and her perky panty promo. Accordingly, we want to share a quick peek at community news, pop culture and top headlines.


Your spring and summer guide to outdoor living in Kansas City

Having a plush outdoor living space where you enjoy spending time can be one of life's ultimate luxuries. Whether you're entertaining, working outside, enjoying native wildlife or just plain digging in the dirt, this guide will get you one step closer to your dream outdoor space.

Local Movie Buffs Celebrate Indie Spirit Online

Kansas City FilmFest: Celebrate 25 years of independent filmmaking with 165 cinematic features

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City FilmFest returns for its 25th year beginning on Monday, April 12 and running through Sunday, April 18. While the festival is virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, audiences can enjoy 165 films, a mix of features and shorts, narratives and documentaries, through a variety of pass options.

Show Will Go On

Starlight Theatre says live productions will return this summer

Starlight announced Thursday that live productions will return to the historic theatre's stage with the 2021 AdventHealth Broadway Series. The COVID-19 pandemic kept Starlight dark for the first time in 70 years last summer. While most national Broadway tours will not resume until this fall, the theatre said Godspell (June 22-27) will kick off the summer in a concert-style production performed without intermission.

Panties Pull Up

L Brands and Abercrombie Are Upgraded to Buy at UBS

Victoria's Secret parent L Brands and Abercrombie & Fitch were among the retailers upgraded by a UBS analyst to buy as he favors stocks with strong and under-appreciated post-pandemic growth prospects. In addition to L Brands, which is also the parent company of Bath & Body Works, and Abercrombie, analyst Jay Sole also upgraded Gildan Activewear and Kontoor Brands in a report on so-called softlines retail.

GOP Turns Against Congressman Gaetz

'Matt Gaetz needs to resign,' says GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., called for fellow Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz to resign on Thursday night amid a federal probe into allegations that Gaetz was involved in sex trafficking. Gaetz, who has not been charged with any crime, has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

Sign Of The Times

'Matt Gaetz wants to date your child' billboard goes up in Florida

A billboard emblazoned with "Matt Gaetz wants to 'date' your child" has gone up in Florida. The billboards were paid for by a liberal political action committee called Mad Dog. Gaetz was also the star of other snarky billboards in Florida, one of them mocking his 2008 DUI.

Hollywood Notes On Murder Trial Of The Century

George Clooney emailed George Floyd's family lawyer advice amid Derek Chauvin murder trial

George Clooney is paying close attention to the developments in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, according to George Floyd's family lawyer. Chauvin, 45, is facing charges of second and third-degree murder and manslaughter in the death of Floyd on May 25, 2020.

Litigious American Gun Crackdown Underway

Biden wants to end gun-maker liability protections. That could sink the industry, advocates say.

WASHINGTON - President Joe Biden would like some divine help on his gun control agenda, but his ask might be surprising. And gun-makers warn the results could be dire for their industry.

Swing Vote Stays Winning

Manchin on his increased call for bipartisanship: Capitol riot 'changed me'

Sen. Joe Manchin Joe Manchin Biden-GOP infrastructure talks off to rocky start On The Money: Pelosi wants infrastructure done by August | Powell warns US is reopening to a 'different economy' | McConnell vs. Big Business Biden action on guns draws praise, skepticism MORE (D-W.Va.)

Goodbye Sweet Prince

Prince Philip has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace announces

Prince Philip, the Queen's husband of 73 years, had recently spent time in hospital with an infection.

JoCo Bets Big On Tech Games

New esports arena, third largest in US, opens in Overland Park

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - The old Kanza Hall at One Block South in Overland Park has a new purpose. LEVELUP opens this Friday. It's the third largest esports arena in the nation and the only one with a dedicated education program. The 15,000-square-foot facility has 100 gaming computers and consoles.

Brief Sunshine Interlude

Warm and sunny Friday


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Anonymous said…

The democrats will stop at nothing. Leave Matt Gaetz alone you low life anti
American murders.

Condolences to the Royal Family and the people. A shame our democrat scum like Meghan Markle made its way across the pond.
Anonymous said…
cars kill far more people than guns. I guess their lobby is much stronger.
Anonymous said…
George Clooney will never see a dime spent from me towards anything he is starring in.
Anonymous said…
You can’t sue cigarette manufacturers since they put smoking can kill you on the labels so the gun makers just need to put guns can kill you on their boxes.

Damn, that was easy.
Anonymous said…
Kinziger is a never Trump RINO. He hates all MAGA politicians so his opinion has no weight in the GOP.

Meanwhile the women who work for Matt Gaetz say that he is above reproach in his dealings with them.

Anonymous said…
So? Everybody not on life support hates MAGA. Your point?
Anonymous said…
Matt Gaetz is everything the chucklowes wanted Hunter Biden to be.

I'm sure he's down in Texas now. asking "Did somebody mention unaccompanied minors?"
Anonymous said…

George Clooney - Hollywood Commie Elite with his own armed private security guards to protect him from criminals like George Floyd.

Like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; Clooney lives in his own elite little bubble crying victimhood with no concept of how everyday Americans live.
Anonymous said…
Well, minus the crack habit and friendly press whitewash, sure. :)
Anonymous said…
@9:59 - I am with you and basically do not watch cable t.v. or sports anymore due to the constant politics and anti-Americanism of the Media and Hollywood.

Plus, "reality" t.v. shows are for those with very low IQ's. Miss the witty comedies and inspirations shows of prior decades.

Instead, enjoy the outdoors more with hiking, fishing and hunting which really helps one get in better physical shape.

Giving up tv is so much healthier and wish I had done so years ago. Thought I could never give up NFL Football but don't miss it for a minute and realize now how contrived and stupid it is.
Anonymous said…
^^Wow. You sound boring as fuck.
Anonymous said…
"Manchin on his increased call for bipartisanship: Capitol riot 'changed me'"

And yet it's not possible to be bipartisan unilaterally. Weird.
Anonymous said…
"George Clooney will never see a dime spent from me towards anything he is starring in."

And yet he will survive. Weird.
Anonymous said…
gee that billboard went up pretty quick its almost like they had this all planned.
Anonymous said…
^^whaa!! Everything negative against the GOP is a lie!!! Whaaa!!! They NEVER do anything wrong!!! It's always the democrats!!! Whaaa!!! Why is everybody always lying on the GOP??? Whaaa!!!!
chuck said…
George Clooney is the usual, garden variety, run of the mill Progressive who pretends to love "minorities" until they move into HIS neighborhood.





When all of those African immigrants moved next door to Clooney, he got the fuck out!

Just like you won't see Jimmy C moving over to Prospect, where real estate is at a bargain, you won't see any white bet boys like Clooney living next to the people they pretend to love.

Just wait until Biden initiates Federal action by way of executive orders that place section 8 housing in areas like Leawood and Mission Hills, those motherfuckers will be voting Conservative faster than you can say Red Line!

Fuckin liars and phony fucks.
Anonymous said…
^^speaking of fucking liars and phony fucks.
Anonymous said…
Well I can't stand Americans who married orientals and brought 'em back here chucklowe so I guess Clooney and I have something in common.
Anonymous said…
Again, not actually a reply.
Anonymous said…
Not a fan of Chuck, but that's beyond the pale.
Anonymous said…
Well chuck called for the extermination of the black race. That's beyond the pale and Tony allows him to post here. Too bad. He's a piece of shit.
Everyone said…
^^^ Chuck never said that @1:25. You're a damn liar and you're troll. Stop being a scum bag. Not very interesting and makes the conversation about you not any local issues. Go play of Facebook please.
Anonymous said…
10:59 is one of those pale white fatties; who for a couple of hours a week slinks off his couch full of potato chips and gay porn to carry an ANTIFA sign. Pussies all.
Anonymous said…
In fact, chucklowe did.

"The rat infestations in Los Angeles, Baltimore, New York and other cities are a metaphor for the human vermin that also, must, at some point, be eliminated with extreme prejudice from the streets, where they infest law abiding citizens with Bubonic Plague and chaos."

Here's the link. Go look for yourself.

We haven't forgotten a FEATURED WRITER on Tony's Kansas City advocates genocide. But then I guess Hitler wasn't do bad either, right? If he hated Jews so much why did he build them camps to work in? The liberal narrative all falls apart when you look at the facts, right guys?
Anonymous said…
Oh Snap! @1:28Pm just got his fucking head caved in!!! Bam! Looks like you need to get of the blog pal. You just got run! Truth hurts doesn't it? Chuck's a terrible person.
Anonymous said…
Oh Snap! Dr. Chimpy bitched out of yet another thread! You can't slink away forever, Chimpy! Where's the monkey science??
Anonymous said…
It is extremely racist to imply that the lawless vermin infesting the streets of big cities are all of one race. Their distinguishing feature is their lawlessness, their violence, not their skin color. But you go ahead and be racist, 1:35. You do you.
Anonymous said…
^^and yet everybody with an IQ above 40 understand what chuck was implying with his inference to Los Angeles, Baltimore, and New York. You go ahead and be an apologist for his racism and ignorance CHUD. I just did you. Weird.
Anonymous said…
What do the actual crime statistics say about the racial breakdown of violent criminals, Chimpster? Surely that would be uncontroversial...
Anonymous said…
^^Huh? What are you even talking about idiot? Stay on topic. If you can't follow the thread...get of the blog. Fucking simp.
Anonymous said…
Chimpy, are you lying or just dumb (or both)? You accused Chuck of "call[ing] for the extermination of the black race." But the "proof" you posted doesn't say that. At most, it calls for extermination of dangerous violent ghetto rats. So you're claiming that the entire black race is made up of ghetto rats? That's so racist!
Anonymous said…
You know chucklowe's a racist pig, 4:53. Everyone knows it. Get real.
Anonymous said…
and yet no actual women have lodged a complaint against Matt Gaetz whereas 10 actual women have come out against Cuomo

Let me know when a real woman accuses Gaetz