Friday, September 13, 2019


We all have relationship goals. TKC's favorite example comes from the world of zombie movies:

60+ Times "Richonne" Proved They Were the Apocalypse's Ultimate Power Couple

In that spirit and because we know that Friday night content is for lonely hearts.

This evening we feature a CONTROVERSIAL, PROVOCATIVE AND OFTEN HILARIOUS missive from TKC comment fave Chuck.

Whilst we may not agree with every word of it . .  We know for certain that this tongue-in-cheek pop culture essay is a great read. It's the kind of alternative hot take MSM would NEVER publish but will still resonate with those who want to think outside of the bubble provided by the corproate media. Even better, readers paying close attention may notice that Chuck seems to agree with TKC inasmuch as the search for love can't be limited by demographics or other petty partisan concerns.

Enjoy . . .

Chuck: It's Friday Night Date Night. What are your options white boy?

Understanding the feminist Sturm Und Drang rhetoric we cisgender, "toxic males" are buffeted with on a daily basis can become confusing and in the end, we realize, that it is a forced exercise in self loathing that is now necessary for an introduction to any white female companionship. While the obvious intent of this nomenclature is to convey contempt and induce shame, after repeated forays into that shower of scorn, we emerge, still cisgender and pining for the "Good Old Days" when we opened doors for hot chicks, picked up the tab and produced baubles in hopes of carnal knowledge.

White Girls Hate You White Boy.

It's time to misceginate!

The advantages and benefits are there for those intrepid white warriors who can still, even after 3 generations of abuse, slight regard and actual legislation, can produce that coveted Alpha Male Pheremone in the clutch.

So, what's available? As I said, white chicks are out. The hottest chicks in the United States Of America are the Kardashians and they would rather make porno tapes with Jesse Smollett than be seen with George Clooney.

Move along.

1) Middle-Eastern Chicks. Let's face it, they are overwhelming Europe, so what are the advantages for those Caucasians courageous enough to date under the Salafist Flag?

THE UPSIDE: Chicks of Middle-Eastern heritage, with the notable exception of Linda Sarsour, are submissive, obedient and acquiescent. Break out your copy of "Arabian Nights and hope for the best. Truthfully, there seems to be a paucity of information on the sexual prowess of Islamic chicks, but, hell, if they are too afraid to even walk beside you, how difficult could it be to talk them into impromtu intercourse in the back of the Chevy? Based on the videos of self flagellation in the streets at the drop of a hat, or a bomb, I gotta believe they will flog your dolphin as willingly as they will flog themselves.

THE DOWNSIDE: They wear burqas. You could literally be buying a "Pig In A Poke". There is no guarantee that after you get that veil off that you are not committed to a serious relationship with a chick who looks like Abe Vigoda.

BREAKING UP: Not a problem. You can trivialize her importance by acquiring new wives, or, if you want her gone and she complains, you can call her a slut and her brother will kill her.

2) Black Chicks. Get down with the swirl!!! Remember Halle Berry coming out of the water in "Die Another Day"? Some of my racist friends have told me they would blow Al Sharpton for an half hour with Halle Berry. Is Robin Thicke retarded?

THE UPSIDE: Total, metaphysical Street Cred. If you have a Background Picture of you and your black girlfriend/wife on your cell phone, you can eat at Nieces everyday during Black History Month for free. They told me that. Do you like sports? Your wife will be able to join you playing of course, basketball, but, also, boxing, tennis, golf and pretty much anything that requires high quality hand eye coordination. She will have a great job and will have no problem supporting you in your quest to pick up your PGA card. That takes time honey! At night, bring your "A" Game pal, it's gonna be a workout.

THE DOWNSIDE: Do you like sports? She never loses and your ego will take a brutal beating as she dunks on you, out drives you, hits HUGE topspin serves at 127 MPH and drops you in the first 10 seconds of the first round with a right hand lead. At night? If you don't bring the "A" game, it goes right off of the tracks. Have you seen those hot chicks on the Real Housewives Of Atlanta? They get into actual fist fights and you NEVAR see their husbands. I think they are in the hospital.

BREAKING UP: Move out of town and disappear like you are in Witness Protection. Your Black Wife is essentially a 1970's Las Vegas Capo Di Tutti Capi and there is a life long contract on your ass.

3) Latino Chicks. Now you're talking into my good ear. Cable TV is inundated with flaming hot Latino chicks and here in Kansas City I see them everywhere.

THE UPSIDE: Not only are they hot, have you EVAR met a Latino chick who couldn't cook her way through "Hell's Kitchen" in a coma? Latinos are constantly concerned with whether or not you have "eaten". Me personally, I gotta thing for Rosario Dawson. It's the "Horse face". I love the teeth, the smile, she reminds me of a Latino Carly Simon (More on her later). She is brilliant, beautiful and I can see her over a stove, smiling at me as she conjures up some Carne Bif in something skimpy.

THE DOWNSIDE: Huge families. If you have a problem with "In Laws" and interruptions in your day to day existence, too bad. Your outlook on life should include gatherings with scores of relatives for any and everything from Feliz Navidad and Cinco De Mayo, to Las Fiestas Patronales De Salvador. You skip that one and MS 13 shows up at your door with attitude.

BREAKING UP: Big problem. The extended family takes commitment seriously and you have probably been taking Communion every Sunday with Cartel members who already wonder why your the guy doing the neighborhood smoke-show.

4) Asians. Mesmerizing and mysterious, Asian chicks as a percentage of the Oriental population are more likely than not, to be breathtakingly beautiful. I should know, I married one.

THE UPSIDE: They are smarter than you are. If you have kids, you will NEVAR have to figure out your kid's relentlessly incomprehensible Trigonometry home work. Everything from your grocery list, to your taxes, will be figured out to the penny. The "Tiger" between the sheets is your "Tiger Mom" at home and if you survive into your dotage, your rich kids will not only be culturally disposed to take care of you, they will be rich enough to do it in style. Did I mention how hot they are?

THE DOWNSIDE: They are smarter than you are. Deception, without a serious plan, complete with forensic evidence to back up your BS, is a sure fire loser. Getting "crafty" with your Asian girlfriend or wife is like drawing to an inside straight. Sometimes you can get away with it, but usually, your busted.

BREAKING UP: Are you kidding? There is one way and only one way out of a serious relationship with an Asian chick. SHE has to be sick of YOU. Imagine the "Art Of War" shit that is going to take place with your family, friends, job, wallet etc. etc. Again, she is smarter than you are. If you MUST break up, it's gonna take a serious cocaine problem over several months and the destruction of what she is going to destroy anyway. You may as well do the cocaine.

White Boy, say goodbye to White Girls. Remember when Carly Simon (Loved that face, that smile.) sang that song "You're So Vain"? "Clouds In her Coffee"? What the hell does that mean? "Clouds in my coffee"? That was 1972. No one, to this day, knows who pissed her off. She's a white girl, so, she doesn't have to explain it. Who pissed her off? It could have been Mick Jagger, Warren Beatty, or James Taylor just to name a few. She still won't talk about it and no one knows to this day why she is pissed, or, who she is pissed of at.

Time to move on to Browner Pastures my friends. Think of the money your kids will save on Tanning Salons.


Anonymous said...

Off the chain Chuck.

Very droll.

Actually, God damn hilarious. Nicely done.

Slow Learner From Turner said...

Carly Simon is Jewish, Chuck. Jews aren't "White", Jews are Jews. Isn't that right, Tony ? I'll bet Tony understands that by now, don't you Tony ?

Anonymous said...

^ No, Tony is little more then a dog whistle for the social bottom feeders and maga types.

Anonymous said...

Doubtful, a lot of links here are from mother Jones and ultra lib sites that TKC obviously follows. Also Tk gives Kobach too much of a hard time to be considered alt-right. I get it that you don't agree but making some low life fat Mexican into a Republican is kind of a stretch.

Midtown KC Chester said...

It's all pink on the inside.

Anonymous said...

He's not a republican. He's an attention seeker desperately clinging
to relevance and uses these idiots to drive traffic to his website.

Anonymous said...

Dude, nothing about Hindu chicks? Some of them are smoking hot. Fuck one of them and you’ll see what I mean.

Anonymous said...

10:28 Maybe in Chapter 2.

Anonymous said...

Latin bitches all the way, as long as it’s,legal!

Anonymous said...

Great, a blog that features an admitted white supremacist.

Why not just change the URL to and get it over with?

Dex said...

^^^^ Go the fuck home. How is a post that talks about dating chicks of all different races, racist?

Do you see how badly you dumb fucking libs have been blinded. Even when somebody literally talks about loving women from other ethnic groups, you cry racism. Such a baby bitch. Please read and nothing else, you're too much of a twerp for anything else.

Grow up man.

Anonymous said...

Wow so you're a slant oildriller, chuck? Wow. You're such a racist, that's surprising.

Also chuck, women think men who know the difference between your and you're is sexy.

Anonymous said...

It's mostly chuck's racist rants all the other hours of the day that convinced us he was a racist, better-off-dead baby boomer loser, Tony. You know, always accusing blacks of the world's ills, wanting black genocide, that sort of thing.

Oh, I mean, "Dex." Ha, sorry.

Dex said...

First, don't confuse me with a blogger. I actually have a job.

As for Chuck, I don't vouch for his comments I'm just talking about this post. It's obviously satire and is aimed at confronting cultural stereotypes and politics. Chuck is also a great writer and very funny.

I'm guessing that his comments are probably also in the same vein.

What's obvious about you is that you can't take a joke, have absolutely no intellectual curiosity and think you're smarter then everyone else. Deal with your own baggage somewhere else, you cannot deny this writing was very entertaining for a Friday night. In fact, it's so engaging it's keeping you and I arguing about it near midnight. ;)

Anonymous said...

This article gave me diabetus.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Now THAT is funny shit.

Anonymous said...

11:10 i'd say dating, or observing, a person of another race is even more tedious

Anonymous said...

Latin girls are catholic and sex is for procreation only in their faith. Does it stop them from having sex? No! Guess they figure if Priests can screw, then catholic girls can too. As a white man, I have found latino girls to be clickish and only interested in latino men. Its almost racist on their part. People like Eva Longoria only seem to hire latins in her business. Yet when she took a DNA test she found she was more eastern European! Surprise!

Anonymous said...

People read Chuck, for sure.

11:16 is jealous.

Anonymous said...

Nice work Chuck. Entertaining.

Lib response so predictable...everything is racist, and I should know ...I'm a liberal at least from a pre2016 perspective now I'm alt right because I expect a country to have borders, dont think giving children sex changes is a good idea. And see that black culture has declined and blacks should do something a out it.

Anonymous said...

1) You only see white men with a negress on TV commercials and shows. Never in real life. This is some fantasy cooked up by the globalist cabal that runs the media.

(Okay. A wild exception. Deblasio with his lesbo wife. Not enough disinfectant to make me go near either one. Given permission to be Mayor of NYC by the globalist cabal that runs the city. Him and the wife: Useful idiots.)

2) If there is a "norm", it is the rich and/or drug dealing jig, who has the blond (ALWAYS blond) chick on a chain.

Anonymous said...

^^^^And yet I see them all the time. Weird. But then I leave the trailer park once in a while.

chuck said...

Thanks for the comments, both positive and negative.

Just looking for some laughs on a Friday night.

Anonymous said...

^Look in the mirror then.

Anonymous said...

^Linear thinking from the "high ground".

Where is Byron when you need him? Oh..., right here.

Hyperblogal said...

Well, this should take the heat off of TKC for a while :)

Anonymous said...

Funny stuff and very well written. Thanks for a great read Chuck!

subscribe to pewdiepie said...

something to ponder, lets face it, chuck has ended all his screeds for 4, 5 years america hates you white boi, look at the democratic debates it was merely a race to who can defame the past of european stock who can deride it and who can rally up a piece of the pie for those said ethnic racial groups dogpiling on white boy, annndddd sex and politics,,, its hip for euro american women to virute signal and date some nu american" i.e. not a white guy, quite a few, even if they dont tehy have to acknowledge the politcal expediency and pay tribute to bringing down the evil white patricarchy of america, thats the line of horseshit that has been driven into the ground for about 50 years now and its picked up considerable steam in the past 10 years, whether its a flameout or not is to be seen sex race and politics

Anonymous said...

If not for white men you all be shitting in holes in the ground.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Said somebody who never learned about Japanese advancement and technology. Sorry, nobody buys that garbage anymore.