Kansas City COVID Front Line Wage Disparity Challenge Against CEO Earns NBC Coverage

Kansas City medical workers are at the epicenter of a vicious healthcare debate over employee compensation. 

Last month we talked about a tough story wherein a Research Hospital worker struggled to make a living whilst the CEO earned a bonus that brought his salary to nearly $30-MILLION a year. 

This week national news picks up the story and focuses on the cowtown pandemic front line.

"NBC News' Cynthia McFadden speaks with one Missouri hospital worker who worked especially hard amid the pandemic without an increase in pay while the CEO who owns the hospital got a 13 percent raise."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. $13 bucks an hour vs. 30 million isn't a good deal for anybody, not even investors when you consider the liability at stake.

  2. A 6-dollar gift certificate to the cafeteria. That is an obscenity.

  3. 7:50 “As of March 29, 2021, the average Staff Nurse Rn salary in Kansas City, MO is $77,093.”

    The average nurse pay at research is $85,000 according to this same article.

  4. My bad, that salary is for a nurse who does research is $85,591. Beginning nurses make $63,571 which is $30.56an hour.

  5. A janitor makes $13 bucks an hour now? I had no idea they made that much, no wonder going to the hospital puts people that need surgery in the poor house.

  6. $13.00/hour is ridiculous, but constantly contrasting lower-paid employee salaries to CEOs doesn't make a whole lot of sense either.
    Maybe Cynthia McFadden can do a piece contrasting her salary to a janitor at her network.
    How embarrassing!


  7. A line worker at McDonalds now expects the same reward as the franchise owner.

    Same story with the nurse . . . their choices, mental acumen, connections, and a little luck = their level of financial compensation.

    Life is Darwinian . . . not a socialist-utopian wet dream


  8. Research Hospital is dirty and smells bad. Janitors are grossly overpaid for what they do or the management is that supervises them.

    Tipped over a napkin holder in the cafeteria and their was an inch of grease and grime under it.

    Carpets stained, dirty elevators. Restrooms stunk. Some homeless dude camped out in one of the visitors waiting areas.

    Sadly, it appears Medicare sends the poor rural and urban patients to Research.

  9. Charles Whitman4/8/21, 8:36 AM

    EVERYBODY wants more money!
    If Jamaal (or anyone) feels underappreciated at his current job, find another job.
    Jamaal got COVID while working as a janitor at a hospital during a global pandemic. He feels he should make more pay. I just don't know enough about him or his company to agree or disagree with him. But if he can make more somewhere else, go there.


  10. Nurses $63,000

    Doctors $450,000

    Patrick Mahomes $480,000,000

    Next time you have a heart attack or your life is on the line; call Patrick Mahomes to save you. He is the best and worth every penny.

    Quit bitching about nurses salaries; they earn every penny.


  11. As a capitalist; I do believe CEO salaries are outrageous for what they do.

    Unless, they are the founder or family of the founder; CEO's don't deserve multi-million compensation packages.

  12. "$13.00/hour is ridiculous, but constantly contrasting lower-paid employee salaries to CEOs doesn't make a whole lot of sense either."

    And yet the janitor actually works while most CEOs really don't do much except wear power ties, go to power lunches, and fuck off. Adam Neumann of Wework is a prime example.

  13. I don’t have a problem with CEO salaries
    But I would like to see just one time a CEO stand in front of the employees and try to justify their salary while moving their factories to other countries


  14. Favorite is a CEO of a charity with a salary of $400,000 crying crocodile tears asking for donations to assist his charity to help the unfortunate.

    Same with fake preachers like Joel Osteen. Osteen will burn in hell at judgment day using God's word to live the life of luxury only the top 1% enjoy.

  15. @9:34

    And yet, people give their money to Osteen and his ilk voluntarily. It's their choice . . . whether it's a bad one or not is none of your business.

  16. ^^^^Osteen donor.

  17. Nurses should be making six figures. They do almost all of the real work involved in health care. To those of you bitching about their salaries being too high, all I can say is that you should have stayed in school.

  18. Damn people are dense, does anyone remember their high school economics classes? The cost of a good or service is based both on the quantity of it's supply and the demand for it. Wages are similarly based upon the employer's ability to obtain the labor, which includes the scarcity of the resource and the skill required. Employers and employees are naturally on opposite sides of the table when considering wages. Employers want to obtain the labor as cheaply as possible, employees want to maximize wages. Issues including retention and the cost to replace, culture, and the effects of morale on production do enter the equation, but most often it boils down to dollars.

    Research pays janitors and nurses what they do because it's the minimum they have to pay in order to obtain a sufficient quantity of capable employees. An argument could be made that the CEO is overpaid as his capabilities could be obtained cheaper elsewhere, but it's foolish to think that the skillset required to lead and manage an organization of that size are as easy to find as a janitor's or a nurse's.


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