HCA CEO 'Earns' $27M+ Whilst Nurses & Workers Protest Over Poverty Wages

There is no "upside" to COVID but we can't help but notice a lot of agreement among conservatives & progressives alike when we talk about rising animosity for the "elite" and worsening American wage disparity that isn't sustainable.

Money quote from this link that was surprisingly sent our way by a conservative TKC reader . . .

"An environmental services technician at HCA’s Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri who is featured in the report, said that “HCA made nearly $4 billion in profits last year, yet pays me poverty wages even as I risk my life for this job.”

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Healthcare Billionaires 'Made a Killing' During Pandemic While Workers Struggled to Get By * Children's Health Defense

A new analysis shows the largest private healthcare conglomerate, HCA, owned by the billionaire Frist family, made nearly $4 billion in profits in 2020 during the pandemic, but continued to slash expenditures, pay workers inadequate wages and fight efforts to unionize.


  1. Charles Whitman3/10/21, 6:03 PM

    Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think the HMFIC should make more. If any employees feel they are being abused and underpaid, they should ask for a raise or quit.
    Equal opportunity does not be mean equal outcome.

  2. I don’t know one nurse that makes less than $85 grand a year, as far as the rest of their employees who knows. You have to give credit for some of the massive profits to the plandemic with all the money thrown at all the hospitals from the feds.


  3. Samuel Hazen .. scamming $$$Millions Oy Vey!

  4. HCA owns Research Hospital which caters to poor urban and rural Medicare patients. Research is a stinking, dirty shithole where patients are treated poorly.

    The HCA CEO should be ashamed to earn $27 million while elderly people are mistreated at one of his hospitals.

    HCA earned $3 billion in profits? I may have to side with Bernie Sanders and Obama for a national health care plan that Americans can afford.

  5. Certainly, management should make more. But not that much more.

    Alot of this whole Covid deal was because of CODING. Hospitals, including but certainly not limited to HCA, received around $39,000 if the patient was diagnosed with Covid-19. Compared to maybe $13,000 if it was just the regular flu.

    Go figure. Which nurse or MD or admin was gonna challenge the coding? Not worth it. Make hay while the sun shines, babee.

    And the news media was loathe to criticize hospitals. For good reason. They were on the front line, saving folks, and risking their lives.

    Anyone ever REPORT why we had about zero deaths this year from the regular flu?


    And good for this nurse for having the unbelievable courage to challenge her boss who PROFITEERED to the tune of $27 million this past year.

    Would most of TKC readers have had that courage? I.Think.Not.


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