Kansas City Celebrates 4/20 As Marijuana Decriminalization Advances

Local stoners don't need an excuse light up but today American pop culture tacitly admits that the American drug war has lost the battle against marijuana.

Pre-COVID Kansas City party people stopped caring about the byzantine maze of local laws and lit up in full public view.

During lockdown the smell of weed throughout Midtown was palpable . . . Moreover, the prosecutor and the mayor have defied law enforcement officials and tout decriminalization.  

And so, to mark this weird time in local history . . .


Eventually, the weed game will be taken over by corporations and the social, health-conscious, flakey, counter-culture rhetoric will have gone up in smoke . . . And weed will be just another drug that Americans are recklessly consuming.

Check the links . . .

CNBC: Senate leader Schumer calls for marijuana to be decriminalized by next year’s 4/20

Pitch: Yes we Cannabis! Missouri-made medical marijuana moves metro

Mayor Q: Anyone who has been charged with possession of marijuana and/or paraphernalia in Kansas City Municipal Court can apply for a mayoral marijuana pardon here.

MarketWatch: ‘This is not your Woodstock weed’ — these states are taxing marijuana that has higher THC levels

Truthout: Even When Marijuana Is Legal, Young People Are Locked Up for It

Developing . . .


  1. Money Money Money right Lucas?

  2. The medical fact is that Marijuana weakens your immune system. ALL drugs have side effects. Don't believe the promotores (drug pushers) who want to sell it and say it doesn't.

    1. Wrong. Stop lying.



  3. Dem's always play to society's lowest denominator. The uneducated. The drug users and drunks. The "downtrodden" who won't improve their own lot in life. The simple minded that don't read what they sign and the bike laners. Those that don't consider the consequences of their own actions. Those that can't solve simple problems. Those that can't get high paying jobs. The lazy. Those that think a union or government are going to help them. Those that believe that if you tax the billionaires then they get free shit but fail to realize their already free shit comes because we have billionaires who pay more than their fair share (a few don't). Why do democrats do that? Because these are the easiest simpletons to get to think and believe things will be given to them for free. THERE IS NOTHING IN LIFE THAT IS FREE! Get that through your thick skulls.

  4. Our piece of shit we call a prosecutor, Jean Petersucker Baker, won’t prosecute marijuana cases anyway. Matter of fact, piece of shit Jean Petersucker Baker doesn’t prosecute murder either.

  5. I just called the cops on my pot-smoking tenants today and stood by while two of the partiers were arrested for outstanding warrants. I also had the sheriff serve an emergency order eviction because of the illegal activity. How coincidental that the deadbeats are now out on the street on 4/20 and they can smoke it up all they want. I watched their possessions sitting by the curb getting snowed on while the former tenants were nowhere to be found. They were probably looking for marijuana. Keep on smoking, kids.


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