Hefty Kansas City Community Outreach Effort Ahead Of Derek Chauvin Verdict For Murder Of George Floyd

Here's a presser this week and a bit of reassurance from authorities that they won't be caught off guard by the rumblings of unrest in the urban core.

Our KICK-ASS TKC BLOG COMMUNITY shared a sneak preview of this effort earlier in the week. Read the official version . . .

KCPD, faith leaders discuss potential protests amid the Derek Chauvin trial

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A proactive approach is being taken in Kansas City, Missouri as tensions are high across the nation. "Last summer was a big lesson for all of us and we're continually learning how to do this better and I really think this is a good step forward in bringing healing and trust in our community," Pastor Darron Edwards, with the United Believers Community Church, said.


  1. The rule of law has to win. Water cannon, pepper spray, arrest and most importantly prosecution. Lol like the Karencrats understand any of that.

  2. Hopefully the protesters are treated with respect and the rioters and looters are brutally beaten and arrested.

  3. My prayers are with all law enforcement and EMT’s this upcoming week who will be on the frontline of America’s meltdown.

  4. I'd bet not one of the putative protesters has seen and heard all the evidence submitted at the trial. Won't matter. Social justice means you get to make up the facts you like and ignore all others.

  5. This is a Star Chamber Show Trial and every white person in the United States should pay attention. The crosshairs of a corrupt and two tiered justice system, fueled by the Radix Malorum-Progressive 4th Estate, Big Tech and the D卐M☭CRAT Deep State are now, trying, by proxy, every white cop and every white male in the United States for a murder that never happened.

    There is NO Mens Rae criminal intent and in fact the officer followed procedure and protocols. That doesn't matter. He will be led to slaughter for our collective "sins". Our "white privilege", "Institutional and Systemic Racism", "micro-aggressions", etc. etc.

    This could have all been avoided, had Minnesota Attorney General Kieth Ellison, surely the most loathsome and contemptible public official since Andrew Weissmann ( A Jewish man, who is literally a Nazi.) released the full video in the days following the incident.

    Ellison sat on the entire video, only releasing the part showing the officer with his knee on St. George Floyd's neck. The entire video reveals a far different picture than what the chattering class would have us believe.

    Keith Ellison knew. Keith Ellison knew the the truth when cities were burning. Keith Ellison knew the truth when people were dying. Keith Ellison knew the truth when stores were looted and burned. Keith Ellison knew the truth when hundreds of police officers were wounded and innocents were bloodied and beaten over the last 6 months. Keith Ellison knew the truth when his BLM/Thug/DNC Brown Shirts effected a nightly "Beer Hall Putsch" in the streets of American cities night after night.

    There is a straight line, categorical reference, from the exculpatory video, now available, which would have, at least to some extent, diminished the outrage and modified the opinions of all Americans, to the worst riots in American history.

    Keith Ellison, who is surely one of the most evil, nefarious, deceptive and criminal bureaucrats ever to hold office, is responsible for the lion's share of hatred, violence and destruction that has turned many of our cities into a real live, boots on the ground, Hieronymus Bosch painting.

    Now, the damage is in the bank and on the books. That looting, burning, assaults, that anger, that chaos must have a quid pro quo and the pound of flesh, will be white and certainly NOT visited on the heads of the actual thugs who wrecked cities, neighborhoods and business'.

    This cop is marching up the hill to Golgotha, where he will be crucified for our "sins".

  6. So the fat fake revs are giving us a heads up to expect violence and murder? Nothing like coming out days in advance to let businesses know ahead of time to get their merch out of their buildings and board the shit out of them.

    It’s kinda funny that they would say this because it seems that no matter the verdict death and destruction is coming.... interesting.

  7. Can we all protest at 18th and Vine this time? What is the status of Ellingtons prosecution for felony assault???


  8. Are these the same faith "leaders" that scream racism at every turn or that decry the use of tear gas because the little snowflakes might inhale something that is irritating to them as they are rioting???

    Don't need their input. Rick Smith needs to do what his department should do and put the riots down.

    Hopefully Q will be to busy attending to his new wife and baby to notice the city will be burning if Chauvin is found guilty of a lesser charge or acquitted.

  9. I believe the "Believers" revrun needs a bigger Escalade.

  10. 8:21 "putative protesters" GREAT ALLITERATION. CONGRATS

  11. 8:21 Obviously did not attend KCPS.


  12. Who gives a shit; let them burn shithole Kansas City down.

    It would be an improvement to the City landscape and remove the sewer stench.

  13. Good news is we find out Mayor Lucas does not fuck other men in the ass.

    He prefers white women. Good for him.

    Black women need to tone down the yelling and improve their personal hygiene so successful black men will find you attractive as well.

  14. This week alone cops have killed 5 young people in LA, Portland, Austin, Knoxville, Minneapolis and other cities and towns not yet mentioned. A White Supremacist shot up a Fed Ex in Indianapolis and 1000 people a day are dying from Covid. Somehow, the peace police and preachers tied into DHS want you to believe in something that is not reality based since the 15th Century.

  15. Faith Leaders? Lol Since when do they have any influence over anything? These felons shoot and kill on Christmas and Mother’s Day, what the hell does a Faith Leader believe he can do? Faith is dwindling nationwide. Stop using these ghetto preachers in this manner. It’s disingenuous, at best.


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