Kansas City Tuesday Night News Grab

To finish off tonight we share a not-so-long ago peek at hottie Lucy which inspires us to take hold of community news, pop culture and top headlines we want to share as well. 

Downtown Kansas City Cheerleaders Demand Constant ‘Comeback’ Refrain Redux

Downtown KCMO businesses ready to rebound with Big 12 Tournament

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As visitors make their way to the Kansas City metro for the Big 12 Tournament, bars and restaurants anticipate confusion over mask wearing. But the businesses are prepared to pick up where they left off.

Guv Kelly Inspects COVID Vaxx Site In KCK

Gov. Kelly visits KCK mass vaccination center, hoping to reach minority communities

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Transparency, communication and flexibility were a few of the main themes discussed during Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly's visit Tuesday to the National Guard Armory mass vaccination site in KCK. Local leaders hope the site will serve as blueprint to improve vaccine processes statewide.

Meth Town Hero Starts Unlikely Show-Me State Campaign

Marine Corps veteran from Independence announces Senate candidacy

A U.S. Marine Corps veteran who lives in Independence will run for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate during the 2022 election cycle. Maj. Lucas Kunce announced his candidacy one day after Sen. Roy Blunt, a Missouri Republican, announced he would retire after his current term expires.

Kansas City Crash Course Report Tonight

Motorcyclist suffers serious injuries in crash on Interstate 35 at The Paseo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A motorcyclist is in serious condition following a crash Tuesday afternoon in Kansas City, Missouri. Police responded just before 1:30 p.m. to the northbound lanes of Interstate 35 at The Paseo, where the driver of a Harley Davidson motorcycle is believed to have lost control and fallen off of the motorcycle, according to an accident investigation report.

More Homeless Inside The Loop

Downtown loft residents still struggling after mass evacuation

Residents at the 132-unit Professional Building Lofts at 1103 Grand Ave. say they are having trouble understanding their future living situation after an evacuation more than two weeks ago due to a flood in the building.The Alexander Company on Tuesday walked back a mass cancellation of leases at the property after a growing pressure campaign with a list of demands from an organized group of residents.

Hottie History Exposed

Page 3 girls who've dated A-list men - from Kelly Brook to Kathy Lloyd

WHEN it comes to getting over a difficult break-up, there are few ways that would beat dating a stunning Page 3 girl. And Olivia Wilde's ex Jason Sudeikis is now said to be growing close to English model Keeley Hazell, months after his split from the actress.


Pentagon Extends National Guard Presence At The Capitol

subscribe to The NPR Politics Podcast podcast The Pentagon has approved a request to continue National Guard support at the U.S. Capitol through May 23, 2021. About 2,300 troops will remain at the Capitol, which is about half the number currently deployed, the Department of Defense said Tuesday evening.

Widespread Patriotic Double Cross After Insurrection

Dozens of Capitol rioters were turned in by childhood friends, family members, colleagues and ex-lovers who watched them storm the building

After Chris Ortiz posted a series of Instagram stories from inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, authorities say he got an Instagram message from a high school friend. "CHRIS WHAT ARE YOU DOING," the message said, according to court documents. Ortiz responded, "Participating in government!"

Everybody Votes Their Wallet

Senators who voted against a $15 minimum wage represent three-quarters of the workers who would benefit, study says

A new report from the Economic Policy Institute looks at who would benefit from a $15 minimum wage. It found that 24 million of the workers who would are in states where senators voted against it. The wage hike wasn't included in the stimulus package after 7 Democrats voted against it.

Kansas City Vaxx Spikes

Some KC pharmacies now getting COVID-19 vaccine from state

Missouri is ramping up its COVID-19 vaccination efforts with 15% of the state's doses going directly to pharmacies. Some locations have yet to get their doses, but more are on the way.

Taco Tuesday Redux

With its authentic flavors, KCK praised as true taco capital of the US in Forbes

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - When you think of Kansas City cuisine, your mind may go straight to barbecue, but it's the metro's tacos that are getting national acclaim. Forbes named KCK the taco capital of the US. Alan Carr, the executive director of Visit KCK, said he's excited the city's Mexican food and community are [...]

Tomorrow Forecast

Warm Wednesday with storms possible in the evening


And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .


  1. You heard it here first3/9/21, 11:27 PM

    D.C. will stay under lock down until they get statehood in order to pack the supreme court and assure the senate stays under Democratic control.

    1. ^^^

      Interesting theory. Tucker Carlson called and he wants his bow tie back.


  2. err..that Dim running for Senate was a"lawyer" in the Marines...another air-conditioned office worker wildly waving the Vet card.. kinda like Dem Pander

  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/video/peopleandplaces/winter-holiday-cutdown-6-lucas-kunce/vi-BB1c39yb

  4. Why not turn in people who attacked the Capital? Thats what Todd Beemer would have done.

    Todd Beemer actually attacked Bin Laden's hijackers who were going to fly his commercial plane into the capital on 9/11, it crashed in Pennsylvania instead, it cost Todd his life but saved the Capital. Then it was attacked by "Americans on Jan. 6th". How pitiful. Todd would have been pissed! We should be! You can peacefully protest, go to court, run for office yourself - but not attack out great country!

    1. It was a total insurrection you guys! Honest! They didn't have any guns or anything but those kooks were Bin Laden!! Lol

  5. I voted for Biden but my wanker voted for Trump3/10/21, 1:54 AM


    It's not that I disagree with you, it's just that I hope 1:50 is a bot and not some poor Southeast Asian guy getting paid 50 cents a day by Nancy Pelosi.

  6. You mean like the Russian paid trolls like Chuck, Bandit, Carlson, Limbaugh, Piro, et.al.?

    1. Love it! Blue Anon chiming in with the favorite conspiracy of the loony left!

  7. 11:41: So are you resenting that he had an air conditioned office while he served overseas and you didn't while you were serving at McDonalds?

  8. There is an entire young breed of politicians who figured out that going into the military would enhance their chances at power. Right after student council they decide their next step. Their entire life revolves around scheming to get into office.

  9. kelly is getting pr on vaccines while having done a poor job.

    kansas is number fifty among the states on vaccines given.

  10. After the horrible unemployment payment debacle, Kelly didn't need to follow up on that by being last in COVID vaccinations. Her performance has been a train wreck.


  11. Has anyone checked out how many people have died after the jab? Two people just died in Hong Kong immediately after getting the shot. That's not counting the people in the UK and other places. They are keeping silent on this. One of the vaccines has potassium chloride in it, that's the same stuff they use to kill people on death row.

  12. But last I heard the DC rep in Congress and mayor hate those added security fences and want things back to normal. The riot could be used as justification for a statehood bid, perhaps, but DC folks want to have their graceful wide public plazas back. It’s ugly locked down shit and they are tired of it.

  13. No one in the senate voted against the $15 minimum wage. They voted against overriding Senate rules to jam through the $15 minimum wage on an unrelated budget reconciliation bill.


    When Lucy was the first to reveal a PAIR, the remainder of the FULL HOUSE folded!!!


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