Kansas City Double Time Tuesday News Peek

Right now we're inspired about hottie Lindey stepping up her creative game and advocacy for Insta-models which inspires us to share community news, pop culture and top headlines.

Kansas City Haze Emerges

Haze, smokey smell from southern wildfires coat Kansas City Tuesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The smokey smell around Kansas City Tuesday morning is not from all the yummy barbecue joints around town, but from wildfires over Oklahoma, Arkansas and southern Missouri. Winds of 15-35 miles per hour are shipping the smoke and smell into the area.

Newsman Sets Agenda

Nick's Picks | Big 12, Big Checks and Other Big News

For many Kansas Citians, the bouncing of an orange ball on hardwood floors will be the biggest story of the week. The Big 12 Basketball Tournament is coming to town. The men's tournament gets underway Wednesday at T-Mobile Center. The women's tournament starts Thursday at Municipal Auditorium.

Local Life Lesson

Teachers to get top priority for vaccine at some Kansas City-area pharmacies

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The federal government is pushing all states to prioritize vaccinating K-12 teachers. Kansas teachers were prioritized back in February, but Missouri still doesn't plan to open its sign ups to teachers until next week. However, teachers in any state can now get the vaccine at any federal retail pharmacy program participant, like Hy-Vee.

Lindsey Fights For Hottie Freedom On Social Media

Social Media Bombshell Lindsey Pelas Blasts Instagram for Double Standards on Content

Lindsey Pelas isn't happy with what she sees as glaring double standards in Instagram's content management process. The social media-famous model and Eyes Up Here podcast host took to Twitter to voice her objections with the same platform that, at an earlier time, helped internet celebrities build massive followings and connect with fans.


President Biden's COVID-19 stimulus bill is on the brink of becoming law. Here's where it stands

WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives is poised this week to pass President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan with $1,400 checks, billions for vaccines, and money to reopen schools. The Senate passed the bill over the week weekend after a marathon session.

American Insurrection Smackdown Persists

Ariz. judge slams Capitol rioter who wore horns for 60 Minutes interview from jail, 'detachment from reality'

An Arizona federal judge ruled Monday that the self-described "QAnon Shaman" - who garnered widespread recognition after storming the U.S. Capitol shirtless, wearing face paint, a bearskin and horned headdress on Jan. 6 - must remain jailed until his trial.

Poke Permissions Debut

Analysis: Vaccinated Americans allowed to taste freedom

At last, there's some good news. Exactly one horrific, demoralizing and family-splitting year since darkness descended on America, top public health officials arrived at a (virtual) White House coronavirus strategy briefing on Monday armed with tangible hope.

Prez Doggie Dismissed

Biden family dogs Champ and Major exiled from White House after Major bites guard: report

The "First Dogs" are officially in the dog house. The pet pooches of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have been shipped back to their home in Delaware after one of them bit a White House guard, according to a report.

Queen Confronted

Buckingham Palace silence on Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's Oprah interview sparks fury over bombshell claims

Buckingham Palace is facing mounting pressure to release a statement after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the televised tell-all, which aired on Sunday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex detailed how they were allegedly mistreated by Britain's royal household, as well as "The Firm," referring to senior members of the family.

Diva Shares Scare

Doja Cat Plays a Man-Catching Spider in 'Streets' Music Video

Doja Cat has released the sultry - and scary - new music video for her viral single "Streets," originally featured on her 2019 album Hot Pink. In the horror-fantasy clip, directed by Christian Breslauer, a taxi driver stares out at a mannequin while Paul Anka's "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" plays in the background.

Hipsters Help Legal Eagles

Do you need a lawyer in the metro? This new tool can help

Lawyer Finder, a searchable online directory made by The Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association, is now available to the public and legal community. "We created Lawyer Finder to fill an accessibility gap between the public and lawyers which widened in the pandemic's remote environment," says Sam Wendt, 2021 president of the KCMBA.

Kansas City Artsy Springtime Coming Soon . . .

Downtowners to embrace the KC arts scene this week

The KC Downtowners will celebrate the local arts scene this Wednesday with a virtual spotlight on ArtsKC and Art in the Loop. Dana Knapp, President & CEO of ArtsKC, will deliver the keynote address at the Downtowners' March meeting on Wednesday.

Kansas City Fire Fear Redux

Staying warm & windy today ahead of stormy changes midweek

High fire danger again today with strong wind gusts, dry ground & low humidity. Fires can start and spread quickly. Highs reach the low to mid 70s through Wednesday Rain and thunderstorms will end the fire danger and chances increase Wednesday evening into next weekend KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Monday: High fire danger with the dry ground and air.

Doja Cat - Streets is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. Donald Trump is the President with these 1sts:

    not release tax returns
    rules for debates changed (turned off microphone) due to his interruptions
    not concede election
    not attend new presidents inaguration
    file lawsuits against the american people, to protest his election loss
    have supreme court review the election results
    recount Georgia votes 3 times
    tells georgia officials to find votes, so he could win
    have a wife who has posed nude, with other nude women, and its on the net
    golfed over 350 times during his presidency
    held a rally months AFTER he lost the election, causing Capital attack
    Used the words "great and beautiful" constantly in every speech

    1. Your obsession is clinical. Get help.

  2. TDS MUCH?


  3. Meghan Markle is a sociopath and she is the racist one. She needs help and her story has way too many holes in it. Everyone knows she is a liar.

    Joe Biden is not the president. The courts and judges know this that's why they won't let the evidence be heard. The democrats and the NWO globalists are really powerful in that they threaten anyone who goes up against them even their kids have been threatened.

    The guy with the horns is a white supremacists Trump hater. But so funny how they put him as a Trump supporter.

    When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.... Thomas Jefferson.

  4. now we see that the reason Q shaman was wearing viking horns is because he is bald

    but explaining the spear to the judge is a harder sell. my resume is full of bullshit action verbs like "spearheading" but that is what this guy literally did, says the judge in denying bail - you literally spearheaded your way into the building.

    viking guy has a st louis lawyer doesn't he? he's not winning much with him though.


  5. Did Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden tell the American people where most of the stimulus money is going????? They just sent billions to Iran. The country who says death to America and is turning our most important ally Israel against us. That is how stupid the democrats are. Oh and to the BLM and gay people out there, Iran hates you most of all.

  6. I don't say this often but I was wrong. I admit it. Biden is the right guy for the Oval Office...




  7. Obama is the president with this 1st:

    Wasn't born in the United States.

  8. So what, lots of presidents were not born in the US of A.

  9. Lots of presidents were not racist card-carrying Marxists. What was your point?

  10. But TRump has IRS problems, 2 women have accused him on rape, one has "his dna" and it will be tested. 2 other girls were paid off to keep quiet about sex (stormy daniels), he admitted 15 years ago he paid for an employees abortion and he DIDNT THINK HE WAS THE FATHER. But it was an abortion anyway.

    HE IS NOT CHRISTIAN. (I am not sure what he is) BUT NOT A CHRISTIAN

  11. Add to Trumps huge mistakes - the slogan MAGA. "Make American Great Again?"

    Really as if its not great ALREADY? Any citizen can travel freely, work the job they choose, get an attorney on retainer and file a lawsuit if wronged, no draft into military service, spend money as you wish!

    I guess Trump thought the USA was something alot worse? He is a loser! He fired!

  12. does anybody really think Meghan Markle would have married that ginger douche bag if he wasn't a royal?

  13. He was dumb enough to choose Meghan, a used up 30something hoe.


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