Judge Declares Open Records Lawsuit Against Overland Park Can Move Forward After Deadly Police Shooting Of John Albers

Local legal news that reveals increasing push back against police arguments in the Johnson County suburbs . . .

SM Post: A Johnson County judge on Monday handed Kansas City, Mo., TV station KSHB a victory in court, ruling that an open records lawsuit against the city of Overland Park regarding the 2018 police shooting of teenager John Albers can move forward.

Moreover . . .

As police often tell the public . . .

Authorities shouldn't have anything to hide if they didn't do anything wrong.

Moreover, as usual, we're a bit disappointed by those who would desecrate the memory of this youngster or attack his family given that MOST TEENS HAVE PROBS growing up and thankfully the consequences for mistakes aren't usually dying in a hail of gunfire.

Also as a public service . . . This story is important because is serves to provide a second guess to assumptions about the use of deadly force by police when it impacts affluent white suburbs. 

Developing . . .


  1. submit or die?

  2. A little cooperation would be nice.

  3. Don't call the cops to control your unruly but unarmed son. Take care of it yourself. The kid would be alive today but for that fateful call to the police.

  4. 520 might have captured the essence.

  5. The failure is with mom and dad. Never should have left the car keys in the house for him to get to them. No car access, no police defending himself. This is KSHB just trying to give this dumbass mom relief from her guilt and that is never going to work, she will still be part of the guilty people involved. Please call me for jury duty!

  6. If someone is trying to run you down with a car and you have a gun, will you defend yourself or just let youself be run over?
    You know you will instinctively attempt to save yourself.

  7. Look at the video.
    He was not close to "running over" anyone. he was backing out of the driveway erratically.
    Then it took Barney, Gomer and Floyd 50 gunshots to stop him.

  8. Can we please forget about this Karenated nut ball ?

  9. 7:23 i call bullshit

  10. 50 shots is part of the court record. The police work for the people, not the other way around. It is right to make this information public. The voters paid for it.

  11. 50 shots, thus the difference of defense and hunting...duh

  12. Fifty shots to kill a out of control JC kid? How senseless! The whole department should be ashamed, but that's why they wouldn't release any records. Huge loss for the family. I would imagine that at least one former police officer is having a difficult time sleeping at night.


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