At the end of last year we talked about this mostly meaningless golden ghetto hot mess in great detail. 

THANKFULLY, because she's an attractive middle-class white lady, no real harm will ever come her way . . . That's not a slam, this whole controversy was exceptionally silly and only revealed the not-so-quiet desperation of local suburban politicos who forced a police investigation over dox that NOBODY would ever want to read.

Confirmation quote . . .

Shawnee Mayor Michelle Distler has reached a diversion agreement with the Johnson County District Attorney that, if successful, would resolve a felony perjury charge brought against her late last year.

A notation from her online case file shows an order of diversion was entered on Tuesday.

More deets here:  

Shawnee Mayor Michelle Distler reaches diversion agreement on perjury charge

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Anonymous said…
She’s White. Of course. All charges dropped and everything goes back to normal... White privilege.
KC said…
^^^ Poor black folk get same sentence since Sloppy Joe come to the biggest house.
Anonymous said…
I didn't think the JOCO DA would cave into political pressure and let this scumbag off.
Anonymous said…
Let off for a fucking FELONY! More proof there are two justice systems in AmeriKKKa. White Power, right MAGATS?
Anonymous said…
Good for her, bad for the guards that would have banged her in jail. I would plug her anytime.
Anonymous said…
1:56, if she were black they would never have filed charges. Or maybe that's just Jackson County.

She probably got the same plea bargain as any first time non violent offender.
Anonymous said…

Howe should have made a part of her diversion agreement that she resigns from office. There is precedent for this in many jurisdictions.

I'm deeply disappointed nothing more will happen and I voted for Howe!!

Anonymous said…
She got the judge off and that's what got her off. Bitch looks like an ironing board in a dress.
Anonymous said…
I was convicted of EXACTLY the same offense in JOCO years ago. I had no prior record of any kind.
My attorney asked for some kind of diversion. Not a chance. I was told you ain't gonna get any kind of deal even though it's the very bottom of the grid. DA asked for jail time, but even the judge knew it was fucked up and I got 30 days house arrest with 2 years supervised probation. The worst part was of course the felony conviction which still hangs over my head to this day. I did get it expunged a few years later, but it never truly goes away...unlike the good mayor's diversion.
There are definitely TWO justice systems in America.
Anonymous said…
This is bullshit

What is it with these no count fucking Mayors getting out of criminal charges? Bitch should have been thrown out of office.
Anonymous said…

On me!!!

Boo yeah
Anonymous said…
How are there no jokes until I made the one above. You people are way too serious. Yes you people c'mon..
Tab said…
Blacks burned down the plaza and not 1 went to jail or paid restitution. Cry me a river
Anonymous said…
Does she put out? I’d get on her.
Anonymous said…
Should forfeit her office.
Anonymous said…
DA Howe is a disgrace. She should have never been charged in the first place. This was just a political hit job. He offered diversion to avoid going to court and losing his ass.

Now if she was a OP cop and shot a kid dead, that would result in no charges. Sealed, silenced, and covered up is how that goes. There's your double standard.

Howe is the worst.
Anonymous said…
758, nothing was burned. And both things can still be wrong though.
Anonymous said…
In America, the best lawyer is being wealthy.
Tracy Thomas said…
Michelle Distler will be required to take drug and alcohol tests in the future. That should explain why this was not just an act of stupidity.

She works as a project manager for RiskIQ, a 6000 employee firm out of SF that does cyber security!!!! Yet claimed she did not know what a Captcha was, or how her complaint got "sent" from her computer.

I don't know about you, but I'd be hesitant to hire RiskIQ to manage anyone's cyber security. Distler actually commtted a cyber CRIME, electronic forgery, when she submitted her complaint to the AG under the name of Shawnee Ray Erlichman, who writes a blog,

What business owner would trust a company such as RiskIQ, where its mid-level managers can electronically forge legal documents???

The DA, Steve Howe, took the easy way out in charging Distler with perjury rather than also electronic forgery, because it was so simple to prove. The form states, at the top and bottom of the complainant, I am the complainant, UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY.

Distler had so many options, when she was "spaced out and pissed off" that Saturday afternoon after a long liquid lunch, about council members being critical of her for refusing to DO HER MAIN JOB, AND BREAK TIES. (Which she still refuses to do.)

She could have waited for the City Manager to answer her question, on a work day, and let him do his job, which is to manage legal complaints for the city.

If this were Mayor Lucas pulling this shit, it would be a major story.

But as previous commenters have noted, she bought her way out of this. She's incompetent at her day job. She's unwilling to do her elected job. She has peaked.
She has brought Shawnee's reputation to a new low.

Distler has lost her financial backers for her planned re-election campaign. Even her volunteers quit driving around, because she sniveled and cried "nobody likes me!"

So it's no wonder that greedy developers, like lurking wolves, are courting her to grant them tax abatements and incentives for crazy asks like rebates for building so-called "luxury apartments with carports rather than garages"...and no retail to ever offset the city's losses.

But Michelle Distler still has one in-the-tank ally. Low experience City Manager Nolan Sunderman. Who got Distler to actually break the only tie in 2020--she awarded him an unprecedented 25% raise, ($37,000). At a meeting she ran via Zoom (since she's afraid to enter the Council chambers.) With no allowed commentary by the public.

Anonymous said…
thank you tracy for the shawnee hyper local take on this story, which i have watched in amazement at, yet not really wanting to learn the gossipy facts

your theory is she is lame duck useful for pending development projects ... ? surely she is done politically after this?

I just hope shawnee never approves a 'complete streets' ordinance. KCK just foolishly approved one. we have always been spared some of the stupidest fads but, alas, no longer. shawnee - older shawnee, is already a great place to ride around, it needs nothing