Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Kansas City Tuesday Night Workout

For our late night lurkers we share more news inspired by the work ethic of power lifter pr0n star Siri. Accordingly and because it's always important to move past stereotypes, we share pop culture, community news and top headlines for night owls and early birds alike . . .

Run The Jewels

Tiffany & Co. to reopen Country Club Plaza store in early March

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After closing its doors last month, Tiffany & Co. said Tuesday that it plans to reopen its location on the Country Club Plaza. "After a brief hiatus, Tiffany & Co. is happy to reopen its Country Club Plaza store in Kansas City," the company said in an emailed statement to 41 Action News.

Rock Chalk Attack

Lawrence City Commission meeting delayed by 'Zoom bombing'

The Lawrence City Commission's virtual meeting was delayed Tuesday after an interruption known as "Zoom bombing."It included a sexual image and a racist message.The mayor apologized once the meeting resumed and condemned the images displayed.It was not immediately clear who was behind the "Zoom bombing."

Profits Post-Sprint

T-Mobile revenue up 71% as Sprint buyer posts big customer gains - Kansas City Business Journal

T-Mobile US Inc. says its hard-won $37 billion merger with Overland Park-based Sprint is paying off. The Bellevue, Washington-based company's total revenue was up 71% for 2020's fourth quarter, executives said during a Thursday earnings call. The company earned $20.3 billion in total revenue during the fourth quarter, compared with $11.9 billion for the same period in 2019.

Weight Lifted Amid Triumphant Pr0n Game Comeback

When We're Not Hustling: Siri Dahl Powerlifts | Peepshow

Siri Dahl is a porn star, the host of After Adult Podcast, and a competitive powerlifter. I sat down and talked to her about diving back into the adult industry after a 3-year hiatus, and powerlifting! Tell me a little about your sex work career.

Deuce Decision

Senate finds impeachment trial is constitutional, but most Republicans still disagree

The U.S. Senate voted Tuesday that former presidents can be convicted in an impeachment trial, even after they leave office, clearing the way for several days of arguments over whether former President Trump should be found guilty of inciting the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol.

COVID Vs. Democratic Party

Liberals face looming letdown after early Covid wins

Progressive leaders say they're prepared to use the weight of their caucus, as well the megaphone of closely-aligned outside groups, to try to force their party's hand. "We're bracing for wins on these issues. We're going to push these all the way to the end," Jayapal, chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said in an interview.

Fight For Free Money

The Latest Details of $1,400 Stimulus Checks Promised by Biden, Democrats

On Monday, the House Committee On Ways And Means released new details about the $1,400 economic impact payments (also known as stimulus checks) they plan to include in the next Covid-19 relief package. While they have retained the income limits from previous rounds for who will receive the full

Consensus: Prez Trump Defense Stays Losing

Trump's impeachment lawyer van der Veen 'called him a f***ing crook'

Michael van der Veen represents Trump with Bruce Castor and David Schoen Van der Veen has previously donated to Pennsylvania Democrats In 2019 he told a client accused of hacking the IRS Trump was 'a f****** crook' In August 2020 he represented a Pennsylvania politician suing Trump He sued Trump

Sticky Situation

Woman who styled hair with Gorilla Glue reportedly considering lawsuit after hospital visit

She's thinking about stickin' it to the glue manufacturer. Tessica Brown, the Louisiana woman who styled her hair with Gorilla Glue and later sought medical treatment for her hardened head of hair, may soon file a lawsuit against the makers of the product, according to a new report.

Life Lesson Redux

University of Kansas 'tentatively planning' in-person commencement for 2020, 2021 classes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The University of Kansas is "tentatively planning" to hold commencement in person in May, the chancellor announced in a letter to employees and students on Tuesday. The university will hold commencements for the class of 2021 and class of 2020.

Kansas City History Revealed

Once a vital tool, 'Green Book' shines light on 4 Kansas City homes' ties to Black history

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In the United States, the Jim Crow era spanned from the late 19th century to 1965. The era was defined by Jim Crow laws that enforced racial discrimination and segregation. Jim Crow laws allowed "sundown towns" to flourish. Sundown towns were all white towns that forced Black people to leave by [...]

Kansas City Snow Sneak Peek Amid Arctic Chill

Some slick spots will continue with more snow chances

2 1/2" of snow so far this week on the Plaza Slick spots will continue for the next few days A more significant storm is due in later this week KANSAS CITY'S MOST ACCURATE FORECAST Tonight: Mostly cloudy and very cold. Wind: N-NE 10 mph. Low: 4° Wind chills below zero.

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Anonymous said...

That dumb broad is going to sue Gorilla Glue and they will settle out of court.
Weather update: It's colder than Eskimo pussy outside.

Super Dave said...

Stupidity isn't grounds for suing someone.

Reality said...

Who the fuck puts glue in their hair? Stupid hoodrat is looking for a ghetto lottery win. She's going to get laughed out of court.

Common sense is dead said...

Gorilla Glue girl is you average Biden voter. Too stupid to read instructions but overqualified to ink in the circles next to other morons that have a D next to their name.

Silly question but who keeps spray glue in their bathroom? Did she figure it was safe because it had a picture of an ape on it?

Anonymous said...

Her gang name is now Legohair.

Anonymous said...

She probably had gorilla goo in her hair many times before with no problem, was just a little sticky. She found out the commerical product is off the chart, warm towel couldn't wipe it off this time.
F**kin brilliant!

Legohair said...

Dat shiz ain't funne yo! Wher you be? Dont b clownin me! I kik yo cracka azzez! Stoopid rich azz white mutha fukas! It luk likes do spray! Y it b 2 much 2 ax fo a wahning label o sum shiz? Fuk! It trash my loks! Y dont diz shiz cum da fuk owt? It even fukd up my xtenshuns!

Anonymous said...

Scalp money shot with the wrong gorilla.

Anonymous said...

The funniest part of it is she is the smartest one in her family. It would have been even more hilarious if she had gotten a brush or a pick, maybe even her hands stuck in her hair.

Poison Control Hotline said...

You put what in your hair? (stifled chuckles) Why the fuck did you do that?

Anonymous said...

Hide the fn super glue. Should've gave a brain scan while at the Hospital.

Anonymous said...

In all the years that I've used Gorilla Glue for various things it never once occurred to me to put it in my hair LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! https://www.tmz.com/2021/02/09/gorilla-glue-hair-tiktok-cut-off-ponytail-scalp-burns-needs-surgery/

Lt. Nyota Uhura said...

You could always go with the bald look. I did for years.

Anonymous said...

This brings us to the point, that in some illiterate parts of Africa the packaging has to have a picture of what the product is; meaning what is inside the packaging, otherwise people won’t understand what they are buying. However, when Gerber started selling its baby food in Africa, they didn’t change the packaging individually for the African people, but they used the same one they had for the US market: there was a cute Caucasian baby on the label. A catastrophe. People in Africa thought, that the food contained babies. This was horrifying for them and it led to dropped sales. Gerber’s example is a good example of how big companies fail when they don’t do their marketing right when they don’t do research in order to analyze and understand the new market they are entering too.

Anonymous said...

What's next with her? Super Glue when she runs out of Preparation H?
Grease when out of Vasoline?
Shellac when out of deodorant?
Drano when out of mouthwash?
Motor oil / Moisturizer?
Battery acid / acne med?
Pine tree deodorizer/ Feminine deodorant?
Sodastream / Douche?
Ect. ... WTF???

With her MacGyver brain partnered with Ben Crump the ambulance chasing BLM lawyer there is no end to the insane lawsuits that could be had.

Anonymous said...

LMAO 7:12! Now I've got a hilarious mental image of her hanging the pine tree air fresheners from her cooch piercing.

Anonymous said...

She prolly used a nail gun for her cooch piercing.

Anonymous said...

OMG my sides hurt from laughing so fking hard!

Anonymous said...

Darwin will take her soon.

Anonymous said...

Too bad she didn’t use it for lip gloss. She would have needed a whole gallon, though.

Anonymous said...

Siri got even hotter. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Sha-nay-nay she be g'wana SUE!

Anonymous said...


Asked what she did before transitioning to the deadlift, Siri explained she worked as a nursing assistant for recovering veterans or as she called it "the clean and jerk"!!!

Anonymous said...

If Donald Trump had ever learned to properly vet his hires before they turned into flaming dumpster fires his administration would have gone much more smoothly.

Karma said...

^^Right and the flaming libs Biden* is picking will make things go so much smoother. You will eat those words in less than 4 years.

Anonymous said...

^6and yet it already has. We are respected again the world over! The Biden vaccine is rolling out to Americans, and the market is moving! Joe wins!