This weekend the TKC blog community sends an INTERESTING note our way with a local connection that metro news media forgets.

Who is Jamie Metzl???

Newsies can only rely on Google for background but our blog community knows that he's the last candidate to ever give Congressman Cleaver an honest challenge in a political battle that STILL evokes hard feelings among local factions of the Democratic Party.

Accordingly, here's the word from an author, policy maker and ELITE denizen of the national discourse . . .

"It Was All A Lie": Biden-Linked WHO Adviser Says COVID-19 'Likely' Leaked From Wuhan Lab

Deets . . .

Jamie Metzl - who served as Deputy Staff Director of the Foreign Relations Committee under Biden (2001-2003), after serving on the National Security Council (1997-1999) and the State Department (1999-2001) under Clinton, waited until three days after Biden's inauguration to tell the Toronto Sun that he thinks COVID-19 was most likely an accidental lab leak in Wuhan.

Deets . . .

"There’s no irrefutable evidence," said the Kansas-born Metzl, a senior Atlantic Council fellow who was appointed to the WHO expert advisory committee on human genome editing in 2019. "There’s just more evidence and as more evidence arrives, the case for accidental lab leak, in my view, increases."

Meanwhile, for all those who denounce American "conspiracy theories" about the plague. Let's not overlook state-run international media looking to blame the US for the virus. 

Developing . . .


  1. A lot of people have been saying this. Good that at least some democrats are finally catching on.

  2. "A lot of people have been saying this."

    Yes I have heard many a chucklowe crow this nonsense but not any normal humans.

  3. And yet the man quoted in the article an avowed progressive.

    The truth is more important than political parties. Weird.

  4. Well it did not come from eating bats. China Joes buddies have been eating bat since Sherice Davis's heros were being taught to read by colonizers.

  5. RE: "There’s no irrefutable evidence," said the Kansas-born Metzl

    Have to laugh at the sloppy national media who still think that those born in KCMO are Kansans!

  6. so another shitty propagandist

  7. I was always right on this.

    The Great Cloward-Covid-Piven Re-Set dovetailed perfectly with the Chinese released Wuhan virus. The virus evened the playing field - Trump had them on the ropes. It also provided the opportunity, along with billions of dollars from Big Tech, Main Stream Media malfeasance, Deep Tech subterfuge and the D卐M☭CRAT Deep State vampires who suck the blood out of us to, with the help of a rigged election, place the pretender, Xiden, on the throne.

    The year long destruction of the economy that Trump had built into a juggernaut, that brought so many out of despair and for the first time in 30 years, raised the actual wages of everyday American middle class kulaks, was a premeditated enfilade on a better future for us all, in lieu of a return to the stagnation of the Obama years and the reestablishment of Globalist, Wall Street Scum, who, in conjunction with their D卐M☭CRAT Washington DC power base, will now, continue to bleed us dry.

    It's disgusting. 66% of Americans do NOT want the Keystone Pipeline shut down, but Berkshire Hathaway will do great!!!

    The Biden Crime family is killing the energy sector (Hunter already has deals in place with Chinese companies in the energy business - unfuckinbelievable.) on purpose.

    The Covid (And the phony threats of "Domestic Terrorism) will continue to be a weapon in the arsenal of Progressives as they put their fingers into the wind, to see if unrest, or any disruption is in play.

    Our Federal Government traffics in one thing that is more important than ANY other consideration. LIES.

  8. Being a democrat is irrefutable evidence that you prefer to suck dick.

  9. Jamie Metzl is, "likely," a traitorous, insurrectionist MAGAT. So, there...

  10. "There’s no irrefutable evidence"

    Should be "There’s no evidence"

  11. Replies
    1. Wish you were six feet under it.

  12. ^^^ rent free baby! Hahahahaha!

  13. The latest lawsuit to restore Trump to the Presidency (filed in Texas, of course), States that "There is no King in Gondor"!

    Enough said?

  14. That's IT!

    Trumpis going to become the King of Gondor!
    And move there with his Family!
    And take all his loyal Followers with him!
    And it will be Beautiful!
    And the Economy of gondor will be YUUUGE!
    And, does anybody put there know where this Gondor is?

  15. The election is over so now it's "safe" to question the fake narrative.

  16. It was a hoax from the beginning.

  17. aces cream of the crop tops of the heap picks of litter dream team

  18. So thankful Jim Rowland was never Mayor. Not much of a chance. He got less votes than Funkhouser, like 1/10th. Wonder if Innovative Alliance Inc wants to hire him back in their Florida office, where he worked before as a recruiter for programmers?

  19. So brave to question it now after the bad orange man gone.

  20. Reading tonys kc for months. Seeing post about fake covid tester patented in 1999 by Alere inc. And bought by bill gates for 43 million check sec records

    Gates roll crap tester to fauci for hiv funding from obama administration and appoints dr. Nirx in 2013 as vaccine czar. Kathleen SEBELLIUS was hhs head and approved 1.9 billion for gates that include the fake point of care tester. Look up amanda wu vs. Alere inc lawsuit. Kamala harris first named plaintiff against alere inc.

    Yaw got played. Then dr. Scam fauci shows up like theif in the night and presents the magic potent fake vovid tester bill gates owns to test for COVID.

    Lying about its origins and got 750 million happy bucks for fake covid tester to use giving false positives.
    Fauci, dr. birx alex azar and CDC scammed all but a few folks who complied with this scam including these dumb health officials, mayors and governors getting paid to do gates bidding to plunge a vaccine into the arms of the terrified who trusted what they heard from dr. Fraudchi.
    Nano techmology and 5 g folks. When they get enough poor saps who dont deserve this evil to get vaccine it will be like a scene from planet of the apes and jaws.

    Dr. Fauci will face the gallows for what hes done and bill Gates.

    They plannef this woth johns hopkins pandemic scenario look it up. And nuring home deaths all from testing vaccines out. This will soon come out big. That's why they dont wsnt folks visiting their own. They hurt millions of people. Gates and FAUCI rich behind scemes using fed. Gov as their production lab to make virus they own patents on allegedly.

    Million of folks know scam, folks know swabs laced. VA. Calling vets to get shots.

    Great reset that is being shut down. Vaccines will rot. Folks see covid streams sprayed daily by drones. Theres no outbreak their causing sickness. Full on b.s. wise up say no to all vaccines and pray for God's protection over your health. That's why vovid took FAKE COVID shot with out a bandaid. Grinning the whole TIME..wake up folks


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