Whilst all of our Kansas City newsies pondered the fate of the Republic whilst pretending to be Anderson Cooper on low-turnout Zoom calls . . . A major 12th & Oak move has been mostly unnoticed. 

Kansas City recently announced new department directors with a curiously low-key presser.

First the mission statement that focuses on diversity and not qualifications . . .

"City Manager Brian Platt has announced new directors for several city departments. These women and men will provide strong leadership as we improve city services such as snowplowing, trash collection and street maintenance. A shift in responsibilities for two departments will include a new initiative to invest in additional staffing and resources to build a more inclusive and supportive culture and reduce systemic racism within city operations.

“Our current focus is empowering our many great leaders and supporting them to be the best they can be,” Platt said. “I am excited to be working alongside these new department directors as we work together to improve delivery of city services.”

Even better, a 12th & Oak love connection has been heretofore unnoticed . . .


Minor but important point that our readership also wanted to point out . . .

Mr. Shaw is the first public works director who doesn't have an engineering degree. Since around the 1960s this has been a requirement for the job. Mr. Parks earns this promotion after managing Solid Waste Services.

Off-the-record a member of council raises an eyebrow at the new hire . . . 

"He did a great job picking up trash and now he's running public works. That's one heck of a leap! I'm sure it has nothing to do with his connections or the new city manager looking to effectively 'improve' his relationship with the council bloc that voted against him. Still, it's an important position that administers TENS OF MILLIONS in resources. I wish him luck."

However, other city hall insiders are more skeptical and worry about conflicts of interest that might arise . . .

"This the same situation that occurred with a former Council woman and her firefighter husband. Eventually, she divorced him because of a great deal of pressure. She also did a lousy job of recusing herself from tough votes. Councilmember Shaw is on the Finance & Governance committee, I wonder if she'll recuse herself from SEVERAL decisions that involve Public Works. Will the mayor now keep watch??? Because this is an ethical nightmare that the legal department should've reviewed more carefully."

Sadly, there's no mention of ethics in the hiring announcement that instead focused on the battle against alleged systemic racism amid today's "mostly peaceful" transition of power.

Developing . . .


  1. Good post Tk, but you gotta keep it simple.

    I'll help:

    This is why KC potholes won't be filled for the next 5 years.

    1. Corruption is systemic1/20/21, 9:26 AM

      And these are the people who want to take over the police department?

  2. "threat of conflict"

    Yeah maybe they'll storm City Hall like the chucklowes.

  3. ^^^^^^And you suck

  4. Byron Funkhouser1/20/21, 10:00 AM

    What a smear job. This is nothing but yellow journalism. This man is black, so that automatically makes him the perfect candidate.

  5. The only threat of conflict comes from BLM, Antifa and now KC Tenants. Democrat groups.

  6. More proof this town is ran by idiots.

  7. Circo did help the fire dept and especially her now ex husband, it increased her money she got from him in the divorce!

    Smart lady! Lol!

  8. Everything is political, do you think Josh Hawley should have a say in what's going on at City Works? Clearly, Josh Hawley couldn't drive a blind hog to shit.

  9. "...and reduce systemic racism within city operations." You mean all the racism of blacks towards whites??

  10. The city lost local control over the cops for just this type of dumb shit. Corrupt city council taking care of their friends and family. Think about how fucked our city would be with them running and using the police to do their private bidding. How many council members have been indicted or forced out office in the last 25 years? Brooks beat his aid and sent nude pictures of himself while being a pastor and council member. Now the council has no problem with clear nepotism?

    The only reason the council and mayor didn’t take local control to the citizens of Kansas City is that they knew they would get their ass kicked by those of us who support the cops from staying removed from this political bullshit.

  11. What is a little nepotism between friends?

  12. Eleven NY city police injured during MLK festivities.

    Thought the Karencratics were happy after stealing the election.

  13. Many of us found carol coe amusing/ridiculous for always crying racism in any debate, gosh even if it was about just city services such as picking up trash.

    And now just one generation later what do we see?

    A city announcement about the department of public works that actually uses the phrase “systemic racism”!

  14. Hiring spouse of City Legislator is a conflict of interest and lacks ethical character by the City Manager.

    You would think the City of Kansas City would have a nepotism policy.

    However, they are Democrats so ethics do not matter.

  15. ^^Yep. And you're powerless to do a damn thing about it CHUD. Get used to it. You lost. Fuck your feelings.


  16. Really "a new initiative to invest in additional staffing and resources to build a more inclusive and supportive culture and reduce systemic racism within city operations"

    This is his kiss ass way of telling taxpayers it's going to cost you more money.....more staff and the all encompassing "inclusive" and of course let's not leave out "systemic racism"

    I'm so glad I moved out of was once a city to be proud of, now, it's in and has been in serious decline of which I don't know if it will return. And if it does it will not be in my life time.

    Guarantee the next thing on the agenda will be basic universal income!!

  17. This KC situation is but a microcosm of what's happening in D.C. today.

    A White guy is at the top of the totem pole...


    ...pandering to the "people of color" with a "female of color" assistant, and a bunch of invited guests like:

    Lady Gay Gaga
    Puerto Rican MILF Jennifer Lopez
    Young Black female poet laureate
    Black Delaware preacher
    Oklahoma pretend-cowboy Garth Brooks

    Biden's Inauguration speech focused on the negative, and all the perceived problems in America.

    He's 78, has difficulty speaking clearly, oftentimes appears dazed and confused, has a crack-whore son, and won't fulfill his term.

  18. Isn't he Stacy Shaw's brother?

  19. @11:43-and yet he stomped a mud hole in Trump's ass, is your president, you lost, fuck your feelings. Weird.

    1. The Karencrats cheated they have taken over our once great country, it is now a leftist dictatorship.

    2. Historic China Joe takes first nap as president

  20. Pendergast is smiling.

  21. I am looking for International destinations that are more like the real America than this one. If I get there and find out it is what I am looking for I may not come back and all of you dumbocrats can stay here and wallow in your own mess. Any good suggestions?
    You know someplace where I don't have to verify by selecting more traffic signals.

  22. ^^Go! Please! Get the fuck out Maude! Don't let the door hit you in the ass? Please go! Do you need some money Maude? Set up a go-fund me to leave the US and you will have a million dollars by the end of the day!! Bye bitch!

  23. Sherry McIntyre brought corruption and dishonor to Public Works and now that Black's move in to make it that much more corrupt. This is why Democrat run City's are so unlivable.

  24. ^^yet here YOU are Maude Or are you just here for the BBC?

  25. If by “systemic racism” it means something about making sure good pavement and street sweeping and sidewalk repairs etc in the black parts of town, then okay, that’s fine for sure, otherwise, a major major “WTF?” about this loaded and divisive and, frankly, stupid phrase inserted into a public works department document

  26. If White people are such horrible racists, believe in systemic racism that Blacks cry about all the time, why do educated and middle-class Blacks always want to move into our neighborhoods and their kids attend their schools.

    Why don't educated, middle-class Blacks stay in the Black neighorhoods' and build them up like Italian, Irish, Hispanic, German, Asian, and Polish immigrants did.

    So tired of hearing Black people hate on White people. Stay away from us if you hate us and think we are bad. We won't miss your presence. Don't wish you ill will; just don't want to be around your hate and violence anymore.

  27. ^^same reason whites are so violent.

  28. ^^Yep!! He won. You lost! Deal with it! Fuck your feelings!

  29. Top pic is not 3rd district council lady Melissa Robinson.

  30. Will the Mayor keep watch? That's a joke, right? It wasn't funny.

  31. Mike Shaw is a nice guy. But he is unqualified to run the Public Works Department. It has always required a PE license to run that department, not that it was always run well. But Shaw has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from a small college in Central Missouri. He will not succeed in the position and the only reason he got it was because of his Council Lady wife. The City Manager is obviously clueless, even more evidenced by letting Earnest Rouse skip over to Conventions where he knows nothing and collect a $180k paycheck working four hours a day. Rouse is one of the laziest employees at the City. He did a terrible job as Acting CM and now he can go destroy what is left of conventions.
    This City Manager is not long for his role if these are his types of moves.


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