Sunday, January 03, 2021

Kansas City MSM Vs. Creeper Cop Suspect

Here's the newspaper teaming with their old friends in public radio for "news" that TV stations broke LAST YEAR.

It's more editorial and advocacy than anything that really impacts the plebs but j-school grads from 2nd rate colleges seem to think it's important . . . A few social media denizens are obliged to do the same. To be fair, it's an interesting story, just not a new one.

Accused Of Coercing Women Into Sex And Lies To Solve Cases, ex-KCK Cop Takes The Fifth

The question put to the retired Kansas City, Kansas, detective was shocking yet straightforward. "You understand we are accusing you of raping women and coercing women into giving false testimony, some of the grossest acts of corruption a police officer can commit, right?" lawyer Emma Freudenberger asked in a Nov.


Anonymous said...

Takes the Fifth = might as well confess.

Anonymous said...

he caused the state to pay out a lot of money from the coffers - no wonder fishing licenses cost a lot.

Anonymous said...

Nick still selling crime scene guns out of the KCKC evidence room?