Friday, July 03, 2020

Fed Check KCK Creeper Cop Suspect

Local activists park government inquiry in a tragic case that undermines local respect for the law . . . Here's the latest:

Federal Investigators agree to look into 'dirty cop' accusations in Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City, KS (KCTV) -- On Thursday night, the KBI confirmed information on former Kansas City, Kansas detective Roger Golubski has been turned over to federal investigators. The move comes after a public push demanding the former detective be held accountable for what he's done.


Anonymous said...

Instead of picking on the minority back then his services would of been better rendered out west aways serving kcks. Had this one cop out here named Spradlin, who for a period of time, made it a point just to try to apprehend this one dude. Never knew why he didn't like him - probably a daughter issue.

Long story short, I don't think he ever caught him. No car, rarely had shoes, long haired white dude, reefer smoker etc. He got close but no cigar.

Was Golubski a product of the ways things were done out here west back then?

Anonymous said...

More bad apples than good. DEFUND.

Anonymous said...

All bad apples looking for a paycheck and pension... and bogus HERO title without much work to support the theory.