Kansas City Hobo Fighting Sparks Self-Inflicted Gunfire At 12th & Oak

Quick note, slice of life and a glimpse at the "new normal" inside the Kansas City loop as downtown development hasn't really changed life for the plebs and the many scary denizens who hang out in this area overnight . . .

KCTV5: KCPD officers say man accidentally shot himself in leg near City Hall

Deets . . .

Investigators arrived, they received information that a man tried to steal a backpack from another person in the area.

The victim confronted the suspect, who took off running.

Police say the man who ran away from the confrontation had a gun in his front pocket that fired while he was running. A bullet him in the leg. He is expected to recover.

Developing . . .


  1. Callous. These people need help and shelter. They are humans, not "hobos".

  2. ^^^ call'em what you want. Still probably best to keep your distance after dark.

  3. Lucky he didn't have the gun in his waste band. Dumb ass hobo

  4. I guess this is why council and the mayor get reserved spaces inside the garage. Must be nice to be protected from the city they mismanage.

  5. Oliver Platt Naked And Fused To A Leather Recliner1/19/21, 6:22 AM

    Thank goodness it wasn't Hobo With A Shotgun !

  6. "HOBO's" , "CRACK-HEADS", "TWEEKERS", "CRAZY-FUCKS", "HANDOUT-SEEKER"... Is that better ( to the Snowflake who posted at 11:03 )?

  7. Always seemed like ilus Davis Park full of dangerous bums and, judging from this waistband pistol hobo story, it is!


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