KCFD Confronts COVID-19 Crisis

Last month we talked about frustration with the removal of quarantine among the KCFD rank & file.

Today, this worthwhile clip offers a peek past the paywall and more info on local first responder concern . . .

Fire Dispatchers: Lack of Protection amid COVID Outbreak

"People are scared, and they're angry because they feel like (the department) hasn't done a lot to protect them," said a Kansas City Fire Department dispatcher.


  1. It’s 100% true, my nephew works for kcfd and he’s been quarantined 5 times so far because the ambulance crews are getting it left and right and spreading it all over the fire stations. The big deal is these crews rotate from the fighting fires to the ambulance and then back to fire fighters, you’d think they’d stop rotating their crews like that for the time being.

    PPE has been bare minimum, masks and gloves, no disposable types suits or other protection.

    If only frank white would give the first responders some of that $62 million dollars of cares act money he’s got stashed.....

  2. ^^^ or did his “poor operating procedures” misplace it again.

  3. ^^^^ Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


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