Rising costs and worsening pandemic numbers spark a change in Kansas City policy that threatens workers and the public. 

As always and with thanks, TKC TIPSTERS get the first word . . .

"KCFD orders all exposed quarantined personnel back to full duty . . . Basically they are tired of paying OT, and going to herd immunity."

To wit . . .


There are a lot of implications for this move but going into cold & flu season this info contradicts precautions given by other health officials and also serves to expose the very real threat the virus poses on the front line.

Here's the money line . .

"Due to a potential staffing crisis that would negatively impact citizen and worker safety, KCFD, Local 42, Local 3808, along with the KCMO Health Department have agreed to discontinue quarantining front-line personnel potentially exposed to COVID-19 on duty effective 11.06.20."

There are half measures in place regarding mask wearing and "isolation" rather than quarantine. 

Here's the screen cap sent our way that offers more deets . . . Blow it up for a better look at new FD protocols . . .

From what we can tell it . . . It seems like rank & file fire fighters are skeptical of this move and we can't blame them for doubting continued contradictions from KCMO leadership.


More info here from KICK-ASS TKC READERS . . .

Again, with thanks we offer 1st word . . .

"Here is the letter from Dupin to the members of Local 42. Looks like he doesn't care about the membership or the public and a lot of local 42 members are pissed and worried . . . Maybe a vote of no confidence coming soon."


"KCFD Members:

"There are currently 237 members in quarantine, or positive with COVID-19; with an additional 75 on Modified Duty, and 22 on I-time. These numbers account for nearly 20 percent of the KCFD.  Local 42, Local 3808. The KC Health Department and Fire Administration have agreed to a plan requiring those members of the department that are critical to emergency response and that have been exposed to COVID-19 that have been placed in quarantine to report to active duty as long as they are asymptomatic. The guidelines and recommendations are outlined in the attached plan and personnel are being notified of their Duty Status. The plan was in development today and was finalized this evening.

"This plan was in was in accordance with recommendations from the Kansas City Health Department, utilizing recommendations from the IAFF Health and Safety Department Guidelines for COVID-19 Response and CDC Guidelines for Healthcare Workers and Emergency Responders.

"It is our hope and duty to keep the membership as safe as possible while maintaining our mission to the citizens of Kansas City. I know that this pandemic has placed tremendous stress on the system and our resolve. I am proud of this membership and want to personally thank you for your service and appreciate the stress that this places on all of you and your families. We are doing our best to address these issues and will continue to monitor the situation.

"In solidarity,

Tim Dupin


Developing . . .


  1. Unfortunately, this is classic Kansas City. Say one thing and then do another. All the while putting lives at risk.

    1. Rex never knew what he was doing with this pandemic he has mishandled it from day one.

    2. So I guess we aren't "rounding the curve" after all? Looks like a hard winter ahead.

  2. Corona city on the way.

    Thanks Rex & Q!

    1. ^^^

      Will they be getting NyQuil? They should be fine. That's about the most KC could do for them anyway.

  3. That's the name of the game in workers comp - go from one injury (in this case exposure) to the next, not working for very long in between..glad to see KCFD getting some time off. Not all tax revenue can go to the arts.

  4. You guys are all wrong about who’s paying who, the cares act covered all this, not the city so they’ve must’ve mishandled the cares act money by using it for things they weren’t supposed to pay for, not surprising at all with the boy blunder in charge.

    Also doesn’t this go against the whole killer kc is drowning in covid cases lies that the media have been screaming and lying about for months now?

    Fun fact about the second covid money psycho Nancy peelousy was pushing, the $25 billion dollars for the post office is to give mail carriers hazard pay of an additional $13 dollars an hour since day one and until a time that they deem necessary to stop.... sometime in the future.

    Each employee could get at least an additional $50,000 dollar check...... wow!

  5. We can open the bars, restaurants and the businesses now right?

  6. And yey we will still have to eat outdoors this winter. Weird.

  7. Nancy wouldn't have given shit to postal workers,search for how many post offices Queen Nancy's husband owns across the country and you will see why she wants that cash for the postal service.

  8. I searched for how many post offices Nancy Pelosi's husband owns and found nothing, because it's an insane thing to say.

  9. ^^ya pretty sure the USPS is a (inept) federal agency. Sober up 9:44.

  10. Of course it was a scam from Nancy for whatever crooked reasons she has, thank god the senate is smarter than that.

    The problem now is what are they gonna get through with sleepy joe at the helm? This is gonna get expensive for us regular folks, maybe even wipe out the middle class like obummer and lunchbox joe almost did the first time round. Dementia joe is going to put all of us on welfare.

  11. Firefighters, one of two professions earning their money while lying on their backs...

  12. So what happened to all that cares act money? Was it spent on other things? And did Frankie boi evar give the other half of the $123 million out yet? He’s still sitting on it as we speak.

  13. Not to worry, Nancy has everybodies backs, she make sure her friends get paid first! Hahahahaha!

  14. Hmmmm, herd immunity. Novel concept.


  16. ^^^

    You get the gloat post. One below, T just put a thread up on it. Enjoy!

  17. Since there’s medicine now to cure people and a vaccine on the way, they probably aren’t too worried about it. I’ve been saying for months that this has been overly politicized so creepy joe could win, he did, now let’s move on to the grave consequences of the 70 million racist worthless idiots who voted for biden.

  18. What makes you think that an effective vaccine against covid 19 is on the way? Analogize to another virus borne disease, the flu. After many years of exposure to and study of the influenza virus, there is no single effective vaccine against it. Every year is just a guess as to how the virus has mutated since last time. Often the resultant flu shots are less than 50% effective, i.e. they guessed wrong. Covid easily could turn out to have the same limitations.

  19. The flu shot also contains a vaccine for the bird flu, another corona virus, you don’t hear anyone talking about the bird flu anymore so I’m guessing you maybe right but if it doesn’t continually mutate like the flu then it should work. But one things for certain, it’s turning out to be way less dangerous than it was back in the spring, you know, like the regular old flu is.

  20. 3:05 didn’t rapey joe promise a cure for the Chinese red death already, you know he’s pretty tight with the Chinese government so maybe they already have a cure and they’ve been waiting for ole joe to get the credit for saving mankind! As long as he’s awake that is!

  21. know this Corona thing was going away after the elections right?! This is is just the start.


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