Kansas City Mayor Q Talks Voting 2020

The current political reality reveals that a great many angry voters are looking for change and petitioners plan to use this election to boost their recall efforts . . . Still, the mayor seems optimistic and offers encouraging words as critics claim American Democracy is fading. 

Take a look . . .

Mayor Lucas weighs in on election process, early turnout in Kansas City

Mayor Quinton Lucas is weighing in on the voting process in Kansas City, Missouri. He told KMBC 9 it's "thrilling" to see how many people are getting excited about voting and voting early, and he says so far, the city has handled the challenges of this election cycle well.Lucas said robust absentee and mail-in voting so far are a sign of people's engagement and interest in making a difference.


  1. Trump landslide incoming. Leftist over played their hand bigly.

  2. 25% higher property taxes brought to you by Frank White and the Democrat Party.

    Boarded up Plaza windows brought to you by Mayor Lucas, ANTIFA, and BLM of the Democrat Party.

    Record homicide count in Kansas City brought to you by the corrupt Democrat Party Machine that controls Kansas City city government.

    Undrinkable water and $200 a month water bills brought to you by the corrupt Kansas City Democrat Party machine that has controlled Kansas City for decades.

    If Biden wins; the Democrat Party will eliminate the Trump tax cuts we all received and further increase our income taxes. $2,000 or more poof; lost to higher taxes from you to the government.

    Gas is currently $1.75 a gallon. Joe Biden and the Democrat Party with their "Green New Deal" will eliminate America's energy independence and we will soon be paying $5 a gallon for gas and skyrocketing utility bills.

    Please vote for President Trump if you support low taxes, low gas prices and low utility bills plus a thriving economy.


  3. Funny this moron is trying to take credit for the voting going so well in KC???? He has NOTHING to do with it. He's patting his self on the back for something he has NOTHING to do with. Hey Lucas do us a favor and SHUT UP. In case you didn't know it you are in the process of being recalled IDIOT so stop trying to act like you are some big hero.

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  7. Vote twice!

  8. Our National Nightmare is almost over.

    1. Sorry, it doesn't look good for you. Biden's almost certainly lost Pennsylvania with his weird mumbles about the oil industry.

  9. Mayor McDrinkerson! Did you get to take a selfie? Have you kneeled to any thugs yet today?

  10. Think the spray tan combined with an orange jumper will make a good on camera look for the new season of “The Accomplice”?


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