The Kansas City Monday Roundup

The fashion hotness of "fia" inspires this sweet peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines for tonight . . . Take a peek:

Kansas City Voter Q&A

You Texted Us Questions About Voting In The Kansas City Region, And We Have Answers

The prospect of voting during a pandemic might be daunting. That's why KCUR used GroundSource, a texting outreach tool, to solicit your questions and comments about everything from COVID-19 precautions to working at the polls to whether you can sign for a family member with intellectual disabilities.

Urban Renewal Tribute

Ground broken for 2600 Independence Avenue development

Ground was officially broken this morning on a new mixed use development at 2600 Independence Avenue. The new development stands on the site of the fatal, October 12, 2015 fire that claimed the lives of KCMO Firefighters Larry Leggio and John Mesh. The development consists of seven, first floor retail spaces and fifteen, second floor, one bedroom apartments.

Local Helping Hand

Bishop Sullivan Center works to help families at risk of eviction

The Bishop Sullivan Center is working to help families at risk of eviction or foreclosure.Food, jobs, aid all are needed right now.

Influencer Probs Abound

Influencer Sofia Jamora accuses clothing brand Oh Polly of failing to pay her

Influencer Sofia Jamora has launched a scathing attack on clothing brand Oh Polly, accusing bosses of failing to pay her for cancelled shoots. The California-based Instagram star, 20, posted a series of messages online this week claiming company chiefs owe her money after several work projects were called off.


Trump and Biden will have mics cut during opponent's answers in final debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates adopted new rules Monday to enforce the rules of the final matchup between President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden by muting the microphones to allow two minutes of uninterrupted response from the candidates.

Prez Trump Talks Top Doc

Trump calls Dr. Anthony Fauci a 'disaster,' says Americans 'are tired of Covid' as nation faces spiking cases

President Donald Trump on Monday said the government's top pandemic fighter Dr. Anthony Fauci is a "disaster" - and possibly an idiot - as he claimed that Americans are "tired of" Covid-19, even as the number of coronavirus cases continued spiking in much of the United States.

Supreme Protection?!?!

Senate Republicans offer constitutional amendment to block Supreme Court packing

Sen. (Texas) and five other Senate Republicans have introduced a constitutional amendment to prevent Democrats from packing the Supreme Court if wins the White House and Democrats capture the Senate. The proposed amendment simply states: "The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine justices."

Blue State Winning

Supreme Court rejects GOP attempt to require mail-in ballots be received by Election Day in Pennsylvania

Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania -- a critical state for President Donald Trump's reelection chances -- will be counted if they are received within three days of Election Day even if they do not have a legible postmark, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.

Winter Light Up Starts

'Longest animated light tunnel' in Midwest ready to bring some 'winter magic' to Kansas City

Did you know the "longest animated light tunnel in the Midwest" is in Kansas City? If not, then it's time to schedule a visit this holiday season to Winter Magic.Winter Magic is a drive-thru Christmas lights drive-thru event that stretches for about 1 mile along Oakwood Drive in Swope Park.

Autumn Cool Down Cont’d

Tuesday will be cloudy, cool


And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now.


  1. Fauci has a much higher IQ than Trump. Trump could never get a medical degree. I understand TRUMP HIMSELF is tired of the virus issue - but Trump can't "temper tantrum" the Virus away. Or blame anyone but his good friends in China, the ones he struck a trade deal with. Trump looks real stupid attacking Fauci - Trump will lose all the medical communities votes on that comment. All the Drs, nurses, hospital admins, scientists at pharm, those votes are gone baby, gone! Biden wins!

  2. Fauci can go to hell. It's obvious his advice was stupid from the start. First, he lied about the general public not needing masks (don't care about why he lied). Then he recommended all the shutdowns. If politicians didn't listen to Fauci, they'd be accused of causing more deaths, so they had to go along with this brainless twit.

  3. Fauci needs to retire. It's clear that his brain is leaving his body like Joe Biden's brain. Two cuckoo birds who should be in rocking chairs recalling the good old days when Uncle Joe took on a guy named Corn Pop at the local swimming pool, and who later had a cereal named after him.

  4. The Chinese Communists are for Joe Biden to win. The same people who started and lied about COVID-19 are in bed with the Democrapic candidate. They want to negotiate with a senile idiot, rather than a master negotiator like Trump. Joe Biden would have been blindsided more by this virus than Trump. He thought it was racist for Trump to stop flights from China and Europe at a critical time. Trump kept the death rate far below projections. The Democratic mayors and governors were at the reins of their states, where most of the deaths occurred. They even said they weren't going to listen to a Republican president about what to do.

  5. CNN's top legal analyst and Trump hater, Toobin, was masturbating live during a Zoom meeting with his CNN colleagues to discuss their "Hate Trump" strategy.

    Apparently Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper were real excited but not so much the women.

    More degeneracy from the Democrat Party.

  6. Dr. Fauci leading the National Health Institute had the country totally unprepared for a pandemic.

    Fauci is supposed to be the disease expert, yeah right, that's why Pfizer and Abbot's scientists are the ones developing a vaccine. Not that idiot.

    The fuck head didn't even have an emergency supply of medical equipment for such a contingency after being in his position for 20+ years.

    Don't wear a mask, wear a mask, don't wear a mask, wear a mask; he was just blowing shit out his ass like most government bureaucrats.

    Fauci didn't even want to ban travel from China when the pandemic was in its early stages. Trump made that decision and he probably saved many more hundreds of thousands of American lives.

  7. ^^^

    Better debate here than what I've seen in other forums.

    I think health officials out of politics is a good idea that BOTH sides need to agree to.

  8. Forget Fauci and politicians. Look at the obvious. We won a trade war against CHINA. China admitted the virus emerged 6 miles from their biggest bio-terror/chemical warfare lab. Just 6 miles. Right after the trade war was won. They planned on flying it to the USA and planting it here. But it got loose in China first.

    We need to cancel all the US Govt bonds, note, and t-bills that China owns and not give them there money.

    Everyone in the US Govt was unprepared. BTW- there was not a single armed jet fighter on the entire east coast the day 9/11 happened. With all the military spending and training. Not 1 bullet or rocket on a plane. WE ARE STUPID!


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