Sunday, October 25, 2020

Kansas City Testimony: Police Supporter Contradicts 'People's City' Protest Success

Before any other news outlet in KCMO, our KICK-ASS blog community talked about protesters leaving the "tent city" and then reported the 'ceasefire' that followed soon after. Of course, we noted the claims of success and accomplishments touted by the group.

Now, a response from a KCPD supporter in fairness and to represent "many sides" of the cowtown discourse . . . More to the point . . .


Posted to the page of a protest leader but sent our way OTR: 

"You are truly disgusting and insane. What communities do you think will be negatively affected the most by defunding the police? The same communities who call for help the most. What kind of caseloads do you think all those violent crime detectives are working on for women, children and minorities??? How many resources do you think those victims need and how do you think it’s going to help them to get it those resources taken away? 

"Not once did you go on a ride along. Not once did you ask for a list of KCPDs community involvement and all the affiliated partners who work with them to support, provide and uplift the community especially our black communities. “The people’s city” was a huge distraction, a farce and unsanitary gathering protesting issues that were perceived incorrectly by YOU and and your followers. You literally yelled outside of headquarters threatening to hurt the children of detectives, not patrol officers, Detectives. You demanded the firing of a Chief of Police who literally has historically done more for community policing for the black community than any other Chief included the former black chief of police. You didn’t do your homework. 

"You capitalized on a situation where a pregnant woman risked her safety and the safety of others by trying to make a point and example of herself as she threw herself and her unborn child in harms way to manipulate the situation then cry “police brutality.” 

"There are many strong and fearless black leaders who feel that the public needs “more training.” She knew better and so did you. Do you know how many children are killed from catching bullets in drive by shootings from black on black violence?!? 

"Where was your passion? Where was your anger? Where was your protest? Where was your “people’s city when an innocent child, Legend was killed??? Who paid for that funeral???? KCPD!!!"

"Who allows for community rooms in the police stations to be used rent free? KCPD. Who uses those rooms? Why don’t you ask the “Mothers in charge” a group of black women whose children were killed from gang related violence in the black community. Why don’t you ask them how they feel about the police and what they have done for their families. Have you gone to the annual Christmas party hosted by KCPD at South Patrol where officers and communities provide Christmas gifts for “children of murders parents” ?!??? No. You haven’t. 

"I have never seen you there or heard your loud mouth. Have you ever volunteered to spend a day with the children at the PAL center? Those kids who have a safe place to go after school, have a meal and learn life skills from full time KCPD officers? These kids are getting a better chance at life instead of being influenced by gangs, violence and street crimes because they don’t have parents around when they need them. Have you ever even spoken to one of the many black or minority officers of KCPD and asked them how they feel? You haven’t. Because you want to believe that the police department in its entirety is racist and knowing that many officers are black wouldn’t fit your narrative. 

"If you think there isn’t a serious problem of violence, lack of education and fatherless children in our black community then you are grossly mistaken. All this time you could have been raising money to start a perpetual education fund for our KC black communities to take out interest free loans. Loans that could be paid off and returned to the same source so that money is available for university, community college and trade skills. Loans that could be sourced for start up businesses. The possibilities for change and improvement with the support of KCPD are truly endless. You wasted time and resources trying to play the victim and you brought down people with you. You were given a voice and mission in life and you could have done so much more. I’m embarrassed for you."


You decide . . . 


Anonymous said...

Very passionate. Hope some will realize who much police & community need to work together, not fight each other.

Anonymous said...

These comments are right on the money, but sadly beside the point.
What passes for "leaders" on the east side don't much care about the actual black community.
They're much more interested in self-promotion and publicity, shaking down corporations and governments, marching, rioting, and making uninformed and ridiculous "demands", blaming everything and everyone else for the dysfunction in the black community, acting as though it's still the 1950s, and otherwise even trying to do anything productive or helpful.
And anyone who pays the slightest attention can make a long long list of the same old tiresome names year after year.
And just when you might hope that the situation might change, brand new grifters make their appearances to fight with the old gang as to who can get the most publicity and TV face time.
Record homicides.
Little kids being shot to death in their own beds and cars.
Nothing is being changed by the only people who can make a real difference in their own neighborhoods and community.

Anonymous said...

Blame black culture, the "music" the evil message many popular rappers express. Why would any self respecting human particularly females listen to the vial massage of that garbage ?

Anonymous said...


Nah, I still blame Trump.

Anonymous said...

Trust fund babies.

Anonymous said...

Oh and the people are suppused to be grateful that the cops don't take a cut for letting us use the community rooms in the building we paid for????

Anonymous said...

KCPD take more tax dollars than any city this size. Police and mental health have always been at odds with each other.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how many "follower's" Stacy Shaw has ever had? I think the blogger is giving Shaw a little to much credit.

chuck said...

Stacy Shaw is just another "Affirmative Action" graduate out of Law Skool that couldn't get you out of a 30 in a 35 mile an hour speeding ticket if the judge was her dad.

Anonymous said...

TKC, whoever sent you that rant has an f-ing screw loose.

Shake them off dude. You don't need that kind of crazy on your blog.

Not fun, not funny or informative. Just angry. Perfect for Facebook but not really important for here!

Anonymous said...

The protest ended because it got cold. There was no accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

One of the listed “accomplishments” was camping out on the City Hall lawn longer than anyone else. Pathetic.