Friday, October 23, 2020

Follow-Up: Kansas City Dude Shot Whilst Live-streaming Suffers HORRIFIC Injuries

This Friday aftermath report offers more info on a tragic Internets story we talked about earlier in the week. 

It turns out the guy shot in the clip might have been caught in the middle of family drama and earned MULTIPLE GUNSHOTS as he stepped outside and attempted to walk away. 

It gets worse . . . He lost a kidney, some of his intestines have been removed and two bullets are lodged in his spine.

Check his mom offering her perspective on the local Internets tragedy:

Shooting of KC father of four captured on Facebook Live, leaving man fighting for his life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Disturbing video shows a Kansas City man getting shot multiple times while he was streaming on Facebook Live. Now, 30-year-old Dishon "DJ" Lee is in the hospital, fighting for his life following the brazen midday shooting last week. He was recording on Facebook outside a home on E.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Did you notice the headline emphasis of "KC father of four"?

Do you need me to translate what FOX4 was afraid to state?

"KC" = Black
"Father" = had unprotected sex
"of four" = irresponsible lifestyle, dependent on government

BLM, except in the Black community.

The shooter remains at-large. Where's Quinton Lucas? Where's Melissa Robinson? Where's Gwen Grant? Where's Stacy Shaw? Where's the BLM protest crowd? Where's Rev. Vernon Howard? What does Patrick Mahomes think about this?

FOX4 and KC Liberal Media Still SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

yet another reason to offer firearms training to blacks..they keep shooting each other..but..most of the time they just injure, and not kill..then they clog up the hospitals for medial care they'll never pay for.

Anonymous said...

I saw his video. He should have been capturing the bad guys on video instead of himself. All that was there is his face and he is obviously walking into a fight with people - he states they don't like him. Its as if he is tauning him. I would be going back into the house and locking the door. Then yells out that they "capped him on video". I guess he thought a phone camera would protect him?

Anonymous said...

This story is the black community in a nut shell or is it shell casing ?

Anonymous said...

Guess who is paying for his medical expenses ? Not the dumb blacks.

Anonymous said...

I mean who goes outside confronting enemies, and with a phone in hand, only getting a video of his own face? Darwin. Survival of the fittest. Great example.

Same old crap said...

He wanted to make sure he wad seen.

Anonymous said...

meh, who cares. No one of consequence will give this a second thought.