Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Pitch Helps Protesters Rewrite History Of Kansas City 2020 Racially Charged Riots

As the election approaches, there's a battle for the "social justice protest" narrative.

Here at TKC we've DOCUMENTED THE COST OF DEVASTATING KANSAS CITY RIOTS and violent confrontation with police that occurred AS A PART OF PROTEST against police brutality.

Earlier this year we remember that the Country Club Plaza endured WEEKS of violent confrontation with law enforcement.

Now, here's a look at "progressives" attempting to erase that history with a more hopeful vision.

And whilst this protest was, in fact, peaceful . . . This year that has been the exception and not the rule.


This week's March On Kansas City established peaceful protest as the continuing standard

March on Kansas City, September 4. // Hundreds of protesters gathered downtown in front of police headquarters in the middle of a hot, summer afternoon on Friday, September 4th. They were there to participate in The March on Kansas City to honor the 57th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's March on Washington.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is why donating to the pitch is a bad idea. Not everybody supports this kind of agitprop journalism.

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise from the same people who want to destroy statues and erase names from streets, parks, and fountains.
But "revolutionaries" like this never remember that activities based on nothing but violence, demands, and personalities usually end up devouring themselves and causing a backlash that reverses the very "issues" they thought they were addressing.
Booing the nonsense at a football game is only the beginning.
The public has had way more than enough of the childish demands and behavior and the cowardly politicos who folded and knelt to the mobs will soon recognize that the civil responsible majority expects much more of them.

Anonymous said...

11:45 translation: Blacks, stay in your place

Anonymous said...


"Black Queer Lives Matter" was the original name of what became the BLM movement. Founded by 3 black women, at least 2 of whom identify as "queer", this was not a demographic to inspire large numbers of people, thus the name change.

The great fallacy of the BLM movement is that while claiming societal institutions are racist, your entire campaign is dedicated towards complaining and asking permission for change. Only those who perceive of themselves as victims would participate in this charade.

What's stopping every child of color from occupying the schools and libraries?
What's stopping urban core residents from growing their own vegetables and raising chickens for eggs and meat?
What's stopping people of color from earning a reputation as hard workers like the Latinos have done?
Why do Asians have the stereotype as being overachievers in school?
Has there ever been a black National Spelling Bee Champion? Why do Indian Americans dominate every year?
If you want to change the law enforcement/legal system, how come the KCPD struggles to find black applicants? Why do the small number of young black attorneys go into politics instead of reforming the system from within?

The next time you see a BLM protestor, politely ask them what they want to do with their life, and what's stopping them from achieving it? You will either hear silence or excuses!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for peaceful protests, however, weren't there three shootings, one murder, fires and looting associated with the "peaceful" June protests. Don't want to offend anyone but the Pitch needs to call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

11:55 Translation: I can’t understand issues of race, economics, or culture in a complex way, so lemme just throw out the race card.

Anonymous said...

Is the Mo. Bar on Stacy Shaws ass now?

Anonymous said...

Hey BLM, get the hell off that lawn - it is a war memorial, not yours. Those old dead dudes sacrificed so you can promote your worthless diatribe.

Anonymous said...

The Pitch is way overpriced

Anonymous said...

Does jim Neemo have a tight vagina or butthole?

Anonymous said...

There is no way the history of this rioting is going to be erased. They went after people who had nothing to do with any of it and that will never be forgotten. Quinton Lucas painting not one but six racist slogans on our streets was the last straw. That's hate and racism and it's uncalled for. And stop using MLK screw that crap.

All lives splatter we don't care about your protests get your asses off the street. Better yet get the hell out of our city and stop tearing it down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Save the reporting on the black children and their delusional white buddies. The real story is coming in November when the adults get to shoot 'em while they throw a fit after a 48 state Trump landslide. MAGA


Retro ROCKER said...

Can't rewrite history with Blacks shooting Blacks at a Record Clip.Look 80 PERCENT of the Metro know the real Story. The media can't control the narrative anymore .

Tired of the bullshit said...

"Earlier this year we remember that the Country Club Plaza endured WEEKS of violent confrontation with law enforcement."




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