Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Save The Paseo People STILL Worst In KC

This morning our 2nd favorite community news outlet features this cowtown's notorious "bad winners" who managed to make a surprising victory feel dirty and without any merit or moral high-ground. 

Real Talk: Just as TKC predicted, the group haven't achieved any success or relevance since they conducted a disgraceful protest in the church of their opposition

Voters have been correct to politely ignore these activists . . . In a recent screed, the suburban lady pundit offers continued resistance against a street in honor of MLK that is NOWHERE NEAR her neighborhood. Of course there are complaints about "process" that FAIL to convince readers that the objections to civil rights tribute aren't duplicitous at best. Even better, the comments on this post will prove TKC right . . . Meanwhile, the glory days of this effort have quickly faded given their one issue focus that no longer commands much attention.  

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I'm an historian who focuses on Kansas City's unique and fascinating past who was one of the Save The Paseo committee members who successfully put the issue of renaming 9.98 miles of The Paseo for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the ballot.


Anonymous said...

actually, they were pretty nifty and they won. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Well, let’s be honest here. The racist scum you depend on for comments and the type of trash you stir up with blog posts is truly the worst, Tony. At least let your blog “community” have that spot as “worst.”

The fact that you can’t even have comments open on some posts because you know it attracts the most vile and vitriolic hate should be an indicator of type of trash that clings to this failed blog.

Anonymous said...

5:58 Ok Karen, go somewhere else if the truth upsets your white privilege, stay out of big boys and girls conversations and do as your Marxist masters tell you to do. It’s apparent you think black people cant think for themselves and you must do the thinking for them.

Fun fact dummy just for you, you probably didn’t know this because of your own fragility and all but this is the third time the blacks voted naming a street after mlk down, why you think so highly of yourself that somehow you must think for them is racist. They’re big boys and girls and have the right to vote yay or nay on matters that pertain to their wants and needs, they don’t need you to do it for them so stfu.

Kamala for real president said...

Let's be honest here. You are obviously a libtard of the highest order. If a park (which no blacks give a shit about) and a school (which does a shitty job) are not enough for you, you may always get a paint brush and help maintain those wonderful streets "murals" (joke) devoted to BLM, or probably not.

What do the CNN or MSNBC blogs or any MSM outlet comments about these issues? Oh, forgot, they don't allow comments. My bad. Thus, fuck you and your butt hurt pain. said...

So are we racist if we NOTICE that MLK was a rapist?


Anonymous said...

The parks board was forced by bald man bad to rename a street after the citizens legally and respectfully voted it down for the third time and to make any participation by the taxpayers so difficult as to not be able to attend, I’d bet money that giving less than 24hrs notice for the meetings was a ploy by mayor lickass so nobody but his own stooges would be there and say the things lickass wanted the parks board to hear. Lickass is purposely race baiting and dividing the city for his own personal political agenda, problem is he will be recalled before his term can end, and rightfully so.

I’m betting he wants volkers name removed because volker was white which makes the mayors racism even more apparent for all to see.

Anonymous said...

You probably didn’t notice but you’ve just proved 558’s point.

Charles Whitman said...

The current plan is viable.
Is it the best plan?
I don't think so.
Is it the worst plan?
Far from it.
Just do it already, and quit talking about it!

Bandit said...

If they do it Charles, then they can't keep bitching about it and blaming it on whitey. If there are 30% of blacks in Kansas Shitty who know who MLK is it would be surprising. A very minute percentage of that percentage would be able to correctly tell you what he stood for. Their heroes today are felons, whores and useless politicians (especially dead ones).

Anonymous said...

9:28, what MLK stood for is the content of one's character over the color of one's skin: the very opposite of what BLM/critical race theory believe.

Before agreeing to name some back alley after MLK Jr., ask the Revs if they still agree with MLK's dream. If not, or if they hem and haw and avoid the question, don't rename anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes, some honesty would be great. However, that's not actually possible as your kind ensures that no actual open dialogue is possible.

Your shrill cries of racism are all you have to contribute. You're extremely frightened that anyone would challenge the failed narrative of perpetual black victimhood.

Here's the good news. White guilt is largely dead. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, 7:02. Are you scared that BLM has finally pushed the narrative into a productive place by extinguishing white guilt? Lol

Charles Whitman said...

MLK's message has long been forgotten, but he (and Emmett Till) are the only big names the blacks can remember. Yes, MLK was a great advocate of civil rights, and, sure, let's rename a street (or streets) after him.
But Bandit's right, after the street renaming, what offense will be bitched about next!

Anonymous said...

They used the process to WIN! Suck it up buttercup. Look at the local politicians tolerance of riots and looting and the group attending a public meeting in a Church looks pretty tame. It's all Bullshit Tony. KC history should not be subject to the latest dumbass politician and bureaucrats whim.

Greedo said...

irony. 2nd comment woke at @5:58 in the morning to read a "failed" blog.


As for "Save The Paseo" activists. They had their fight, they won. Now they can go away.

Anonymous said...

What about the black people in the photo trying to "save the Paseo"? I guess they are not really black.