Friday, July 03, 2020

VA Director Talks Crisis In Kansas City

We shared FIRST NEWS of this event and now here's worthwhile MSM follow-up . . . Read more:

VA Secretary addresses discrimination complaints at Kansas City VA Medical Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the first time, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie is publicly addressing the mounting complaints by current and former black workers at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. The site is facing at least two lawsuits and a growing number racial complaints and allegations.


Anonymous said...

Think the VA discriminates??? After what has just happened in our country they haven't seen anything yet. I wouldn't be surprised if black people couldn't get a job sweeping the streets..BTW The man that said he had degrees in health service but couldn't get past a janitors job is a huge LIE. Anyone with half a brain could see through that bogus story.

Anonymous said...

All aboard the victimization train!
It's taken an incident in Minneapolis and expanded it into an endless list of ever-increasing claims and demands.
What most of these folks don't seem to understand is that the train has already left the station and the few who most benefited financially and as celebrities have already cashed in and don't need them anymore.
Has anyone walked by a statue recently and found themselves "traumatized"?
TV time and cash might be available, so give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Why is Cleaver butthurt. If he knew of this then why has he been sitting on his butt the whole time doing as he usually does, a whole lot of nothing.

Charlie Horse said...

"Congressman Emanuel Cleaver who represents the 5th Congressional District says he was not alerted about the unexpected trip at all.

’It’s a little disrespectful for the secretary to come into the 5th congressional district, and not even notify me." THAT'S SO YOU COULDN'T TIP OFF THE VA BEFORE THE VISIT!