Wednesday, July 01, 2020


Growing protest outside the Kansas City hospital have resonated in the nation's capital, here's backstory and a glimpse at the next phase of the complaint . . .

VA director from DC makes sudden KC trip

He’s responding to recent wave of racism charges

Reports involve dozens of African-American staffers

Veterans Administration faces legal action & criticism

Local and national groups want a ‘total review of the entire agency”

Battling charges of widespread racism at a KC Veterans Administration hospital, the national head of the agency is in Kansas City today for a one-day, unpublicized meeting at the facility. Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs Robert Wilkie is expected to be here for most of the day.

“We hope he’ll work with sensitivity, empathy and integrity to create a safe environment for African Americans,” said Rev. Rodney Williams of the NAACP.

Last month, two lawsuits were disclosed and multiple formal complaints were leveled and against local VA officials by dozens of current and former African American VA employers. The workers allege racist insults, unfair treatment and termination are common at the hospital and hurt patient care. They’re demanding radical reforms, starting with a “serious, total, independent review” of the whole agency.

Attorneys who represent the workers say they’re getting more calls every day from distraught and suffering workers.

The employees are getting support from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), the Metro Organization for Racial & Economic Equity (MORE2), the Concerned Clergy Coalition of Kansas City, the Methodist Ministers Fellowship, Reale Justice Network and other groups.

Over the past few months, hurtful and disproportionate mistreatment of workers of color has been more rampant at the VA Hospital at Linwood and Highway 40, employees and their attorneys maintain.

“Mean-spirited epithets are used, like the N word, ‘monkeys’ and Aunt Jemima,” says Rebecca Randles, who represents the complainants. “African American women have been called ‘bitch’ and African American men have been called “boy.”

The mistreatment takes multiple forms, she and others charge.

One African American man, for instance, holds two masters in hospital administration from credible institutions but is only in charge of maintenance. (The hospital’s CEO, on the other hand, has a degree from an on-line university.)

Other African Americans have been passed over for promotions or improperly terminated.

An African American woman, for instance, reports “My supervisor tried to get me to masturbate a patient with vasectomy. In one meeting, my supervisor wagged his finger at me. I assumed he wanted to talk so I approached him. He then told the group that he didn’t need anything, he just wanted to see if I’d get up and come to him if he just pointed at me. I’m taking action now so that other workers of color won’t have to endure this kind of demeaning behavior in the future.”

The controversy escalated in March when the NAACP wrote VA administrator about the systemic discrimination. Starting last Monday at 7:30 a.m. - and continuing every Monday for the foreseeable future - the protests outside the hospital over unfair working conditions are expected to continue.

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Anonymous said...

There are a lot of improvements that the VA needs to make. Add this one to a very long list.

Charles Whitman said...

Racism, racism, ràcism.
There will always be racism.
And if you think black people GET more racism than they GIVE, then you're a fool.

Byron Funkhouser said...

If this nonsense is still going on, is it safe to have black veterans there?

At our local VA ten veterans have been murdered, & after nearly two years the authorities still haven't arrested the 'person of interest'.

They do assure us, however, that she has been fired.

Anonymous said...

You ain't no vet so stop with the bullshit

Anonymous said...

In today's world, the accusations in this column are highly unlikely.

Sounds like people who don't want to work 8 hours a day.

Anonymous said...

I find the claims to be more fabricated than believable. I agree with 1:15

Anonymous said...

Just a shithouser

Anonymous said...

Where'd this "story" come from Tony? You copy and paste it from some nigger rag? In fact, Wilkie seems to be in North Carolina today, if you'd bothered checking his daily itinerary, fucking loser.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the malcontents would rather try the case in the newspaper where they will not face the slightest bit of scrutiny or skepticism, than in court or before an administrative tribunal, where they would have to prove their case and the defendants would get a chance to respond.

Anonymous said...

It’s more attention grabbing black lies, dey be tinkin dat dey kneed ta strike whiles da irun is hawt.

I heard bLIEron was dead, why is someone impersonating him?

Anonymous said...

^^^^He is, a real veteran found him and beat his ass to death for impersonating a vet.

Anonymous said...

Race baiters.

Anonymous said...

Democrat greedy weasel Trial lawyers, scam groups, tribal members looking to scam taxpayers out of a big payday... more BS "racism" lawsuits..

Anonymous said...

Good for the VA hospital. After what black people have done to our country they don't deserve to be treated better. They have shown their true colors after the the devastation they have caused. I myself have sworn not to hire them rent to them or help them in any way. They started this mess and they can deal with the racism against them. A big hats off to the VA.keep up the good work!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Because in fantasy 2020, no non black is ever treated like shit , called names or discriminated against. Only blacks experience hatred. Next week the subject will be Queers, then illegals, then Women, then back to blacks. Skipping Asians and Whites. Like every cycle of division by two faced presentation.

Anonymous said...

If you've ever been to a VA facility, you'd know that blacks are the biggest impediment to any kind of decent service. They ARE lazy and incompetent. They are there because they're black and know they can't be fired. Quite simply, they clog up the machinery of any business.