Friday, May 15, 2020

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings Now That The Lockdown Is Complete

With respect for Lucy and her enduring Brit talents, for the late night denizens of the Kansas City discourse we share this quick roundup of the top ranking movers and shakers who demonstrated their influence at the conclusion of the lockdown.


KCFD Stay Winning Sales Tax Vote Restart

Firefighters are RAMPING UP THEIR CAMPAIGN TO EARN SALES TAX INCREASE VOTES. It'll be a tough sell to undermine 1st responders in the era of the coronavirus pandemic and fire fighters have always earned their political strength by their ability to turnout their members to vote en masse.

Dr. Rex Knows Best . . .

The Kansas City Health Department Director has captured the attention of the metro with his bold statements on the virus and protective measures. Some question his advice but, given the current circumstances, his words are not going ignored.

Exec Frank White Flush With Cash

Jackson County still has yet to share any of that precious federal "Cares Act" cash and while negotiations are still ongoing, it's clear that the County Exec is in the drivers seat and will dictate a great many terms going forward.

And so . . .

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


Anonymous said...


There are a lot of people who are unwilling to pile on more taxes when they no longer have a steady income. It's not going to happen and it doesn't have much to do with support for FD. It's just that people don't any money.

Real KC Voter said...


Just Say NO.

To new taxes.

Anonymous said...

The fire safety sales tax increase will NOT increase funding for the fire department. This will only allow city hall to divert more general fund money to subsidize the new convention hotel.

Anonymous said...

Archer's cred will disappear by June 1.

Anonymous said...

KCFD and their corrupt Union is and always has been opportunists!! I would vote for a tax increase for Nurses, Doctors, And Dentists, but ya cant vote for a tax increase for the "REAL" front line people because they aren't city employees yet do 10X more for the public than any city Dept does!!! FUCK KCFD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

With the 7.5% water tax of which 5% goes to the city, plus the average 15% property tax that jaco crammed down our throats and now an additional 1% tax that “supposedly” goes to the fire dept I’m tapped out, and don’t forget troy said property taxes are going up again. 23 1/2% is way too much taxes for one year let alone one that will nevar go away. No wonder this town is over loaded with poor and illiterate people thanks to the worst school district in the country, it’s like they planned it to be this way, poor and dumb.

Anonymous said...

A tax increase to fund the KCFD's out of control overtime scam. Come on Tony - you're known for calling it what it is. It's a big fat pay raise for local 42 OT scammers. KCFD has done NOTHING to reduce OT for years. Nothing to improve ambulance service for years. They deferred capital money last time for PAY RAISES and now they want to do it again. I'll walk through a wall of covid infested, coughing/sneezing zombies to vote against this.

Anonymous said...

Power players?
Abandon hope,
all ye who enter here.
How can so many clowns fit into such a little car?

Anonymous said...

Rex archer is the Adam schiff of kc, both of them are nutz