Sunday, April 05, 2020


Under the radar and unchallenged by local media, a legendary Kansas City weatherman and JoCo politico offers insight on dire forecasts regarding the coronavirus.

To wit . . .


To be fair, unlike his skeptical stance on global climate change, his position has "evolved" as the crackdowns have grown more serious.

At the outset of the coronavirus crisis he attacked Kansas Guv Kelly on her precautions . . . Checkit:

"Freshman state Sen. Mike Thompson adapted his philosophy on delivering forecast of dangerous weather to accommodate a critique of Gov. Laura Kelly’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Thompson, the retired chief meteorologist in Kansas City, Kan., appointed to a Senate seat after resignation of a Johnson County Republican, said Kelly’s orders to close schools and limit gatherings of people broke a fundamental rule of warning psychology.

“There’s a reason that you don’t scream fire in a crowded theater,” Thompson said. “We’ve got a lot of people now who are sitting at home who are watching the news media, watching these reports, and it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom and gloom. It doesn’t give our citizens a clear view of what is happening.”

“For us to limit access of everyone to schools, to business, I think is inciting a panic that is unnecessary. This is not the ebola virus,” he said.

Again, in fairness, that was before the numbers started to worsen in the U.S. . . .

Currently, even the Commander-In-Chief is putting Americans on notice despite his earlier denials of the crisis:

Prez Trump warns 'there will be a lot of death' as U.S. coronavirus cases top 300K

Still, in a more recent social media share, the local weatherman continues to throw a bit of shade on the accuracy of computer modeling:

"Life has been disrupted in so many ways lately...this is just one more that almost no one thought about. As for computer modeling...garbage in-garbage out as they say...and this shutdown may increase the "garbage-in" factor in forecasting for a while!"

Finally, showing a bit of range . . . The weatherman applies his forecasting skills to the oil industry and threats to American energy independence in a post he promoted via his socials.

Accordingly . . .

All of this insight from a widely supported Johnson County conservative reveals more than a bit of skepticism regarding coronavirus remains in local right-wing circles. Meanwhile, ALL AMERICANS hope to avoid dire forecasts on the loss of life and would much rather debate the politics of the pandemic than continue to monitor the rising death count.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Mike is just using the skills that earned him notoriety and a stellar career. Nothing wrong with that. If anything, I think people respect his honesty in showing how forecasting of any kind is accomplished.

Anonymous said...

sucks that this is a partisan issue and not a public health issue.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't get the graphic. I know that's Mike in the middle but why Zeus and Jesus?

Mo Rage said...

Always remember, never forget, Mike Thompson is the same Right Winger, Republican who denied global warming and climate change.

Good luck, Kansas!

Glad you got him and Missouri didn't.

Gr said...

^^^ Well, it is palm Sunday so that explains Jesus. As for Zeus, he's holding a lightning bolt so that PROBABLY addresses the weather angle. It's cute but if you have to explain it than it's not funny.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Possibly but probably not. Don't like the chicken little routine in any respect!

Anonymous said...

10:46 and here in Mo.we are sorry we got you. Now climb back in your hate shack and play with your micro penis.

Anonymous said...

Sucks that this daranged kook accepts scientific weather forecasts but for strictly political reasons rejects equally valid scientific pandemic and climate forecasts until after the forecasts come true.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, we have Governor TrumpSuckUp.

Nero said...

Thanks for giving us your opinion, Hayseed. Trump has it all under control as we can see. 8000+ dead and growing every day. Kansans refused to take the threat seriously and flatten the curve. Now, no end in sight. Mass death. Economy in ruins. Congrats, Republicans.

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows....

Anonymous said...

Honestly I hope Mike is right but it might be a coping mechanism to deny the reality that is to scary to face.

Anonymous said...

Q: What kind of incompetent meteorologist can't even adjust his models to account for changes in aircraft fossil fuel exhaust?
Ans: Some krakpot who also claimed that human fossil fuel burning can't possibly effect the climate.

Anonymous said...

Mike was right about the global warming scam. It’s nothing more than a money grab hoax perpetrated by the communist democrats who have infiltrated our country. As far as the” pandemic “who benefits from crashing the US economy? Your right the globalist communists which is China for short. So what should be done with these criminals in retaliation for sending suicide bombers into our country is let the scumbags know that all of our debt they’re holding they can shove up their ass and in the future no more products our country needs will be manufactured in their disease ridden armpit of a shithole country. Then we proceed to sue their worthless asses for let’s say about 10 trillion see how the worthless fucks like that

Anonymous said...

This virus and the death count is inflated. The CDC said if they even think someone died of the virus to put down that it was the virus without any proof.

Anonymous said...

"...and climate forecasts until after the forecasts come true." So far, few to none have.

Paul Ehrlich has been consistently wrong, but that does not stop the end of the world cultists from believing everything he says. Climate models have been consistently wrong, but that does not stop the same folks from touting each dire prediction as inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Surely Mike wouldn't question a certifiable very stable genius!

Anonymous said...

MoRage who lives in a shit hole poking fun at others who choose not to live in a shit hole.
MoRage and Byron two haters who spread hate and lies while thinking they are so much more superior over you.
Just two ashats into ewe sex.

Anonymous said...

I am Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

Whose house am I in? Where am I? I need to hide from a Virus because I am
the Democrats’ “best thing we can offer”... and I am scared as I am over 80 or old as hell.

Bite me or I mean vote for me and I will improve teleprompters everywhere except here on earth.

I recently got a degree! I am so smart we are going to send AOC to the sun! But no
Worries as she agreed to go at night.

I am the face of the Democrats and we will beat whoever I am! Is that my sister or wife?

Anonymous said...

I am Joe Biden and I would vote for a meteorologist!
I think Nancy is a meteoric or mediocre ologist.

I pray for her! She is like my sister! Or wife?

I am Joe Biden and I am the face of the Democrats! I love being 80...and I forgot this message?

Anonymous said...

Joe- there is a Coronavirus-less nursing home somewhere- maybe you could give your debate there.
Please don’t debate Trump. You can win as long as you don’t talk.

-sponsored by people for talkless Joe

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Mike Thompson is the Meteorologist that predicted eighty-three of the last four Snowstorms that passed through the Metropolitan area!

Maude Frickert said...

You young whippersnappers think you know it all. I have seen climate change the same as my elders did 100 years ago before cars were really around. This earth has been involving for more years that you youngsters have a clue about. As to how old Earth really is a one huge fucking guess as nobody knows and remember those so called experts made up the formulas they claim proves their theories. Remember at one time huge ass dinosaurs walked around and they are gone now and that was because of????????????
Yup you guessed it climate change and there were none of us or these so called experts around then to start with this line of bullshit of what was causing climate change.

Byron Funkhouser said...

10:46, how do you know those are pictures of Jesus & Zeus?

The Koch brothers spent a fortune to undermine Americans' faith in science for business reasons (profit motives.) The conservatives' "response" to this crisis is the result. You see, Trump isn't really a stable genius, & climate change isn't really a Chinese hoax. There really isn't any medicine that will treat this illness & medical workers aren't really hoarding/stealing supplies, & Jared Kushner isn't really qualified to even sell real estate.

Even George W. Bush could see this pandemic coming, & warned us about @ 2005.

Hyperblogal said...

In any pandemic, my first thought is to call a weatherman.

Anonymous said...

I thought those were Aeolius, God of Blowhards and Mendacious, God of Liars, so I got the relevance to Mike right away!

Anonymous said...

Byron your family warned us about you and yet here you still are harping you mental midget shit and lies. Your mental status alone forbids you to mention or even discuss someone elses sanity. What's the matter your ewe pissed off at you this morning and won't let you near her so you're bugging us instead? You pissed all those around you off so bad you have to bother people hundreds of miles away from you? More than likely you know if you acted like this around your neighbors they'd take you up into the hills and that be the last anyone saw of you.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Famous "Fussy Feathers" Frothing! Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hey "I'm Joe Biden and I forgot (fill in the blank)" guy.

Are you sure you want to keep going there? After all, you're on a team led by a guy who's not playing with a full deck.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Oh Trump has a "full deck" alright, he brought all four suits and two Jokers! (sorry Junior and Ivanka)

The problem is that the games he's playing simultaneously are Monopoly and Risk, so its no wonder he gets so confused about what's going on!

Anonymous said...

Has biden made that phone call yet.. brumff called his bluff...comedy gold.

Jesus I pray Biden makes it to the general debates.

Anonymous said...

Hypergal. Better yet just turn on cnn or listen to the MSM.

Cant wait to get Bill Gates vaccine so the msm will tell us we can feel safe again.

Food For Thought said...

The Coronavirus traveled all over the world from Wuhan, but did not arrive in Beijing or Shanghai ... can anyone explain that?

In China the Chinese stock market didn't collapse, but the US and European markets did ... and when those markets collapsed, the Chinese bought big.

All roads lead back to China ..

1. They made a virus for which they already had an antidote.

2. They intentionally spread the virus for financial gain.

3. There is a clear demonstration of efficiency… they have built hospitals within days. They had to be prepared with the organized projects … with the ordering of the equipment,
the hiring of workers, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and the storage in an impressive volume, it all happened very quickly.

4. They caused chaos in the world, starting with Europe and then the rest of the Western world.

5. They rapidly decimated the economies of dozens of countries.

6. They stopped production and production lines in factories and primary production in tens of countries.

7. They caused the stock markets to collapse and then bought shares, bonds and companies at bargain prices.

8. Then they quickly took control of the epidemic in their country.

9. During all of this, they managed to lower the price of commodities, including the oil price.

10. Now they are going back to mass production while the rest of the world has stopped production.

Also note how quickly Chinese unions took action to ‘hoard' busload purchases in regional shopping centers across Australia, stripping our shelves of toilet paper and staple food.
It happened before most of us knew what was happening, even before we knew what the Corona virus was.

PS: Read the 1999 book by Chinese Colonel Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, "Unrestricted War: China's Master Plan to Destroy America," on Amazon. Everything is there.

Think about this ...

Why are Russia and North Korea almost completely free of Covid-19? Because they are strong allies of China. The lowest reported cases of Covid-19 come from these 2 countries.
On the other hand, South Korea / United Kingdom / Italy / Spain and Asia are seriously affected. And why is Wuhan suddenly free from the deadly virus?

China will say that the initial drastic measures they took were very severe and Wuhan was incarcerated to stem the spread to other areas. I am sure they are using the antidote
to the virus that was already available before they released it.

Why was Beijing not affected at all?

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Wuhan at the height of the outbreak … he put on a simple RM1 face mask to visit the affected areas? As a president, wouldn’t you have been covered
from head to toe in a suit with hazardous materials? Maybe he didn’t have to worry because the antidote had already been administered?

There is no doubt that this is biological warfare. Maybe this is just phase one …and China is really taking over the world!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese Communists are atheists. So I wonder if the KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION is still proud of all the good they claim atheists are doing? I bet they are, the lying fuckstains. I have been telling them for years that when atheists have the actual political power to kill, then that's what they do. WE ARE ON TO YOU NOW!

Anonymous said...

2020 brought to you by W. T. F.

Anonymous said...

Mike would have probably won his first election until he picked the hoax side.

MAGA is going down hard after this sick fiasco. The strategy of denial, dismisal and blame is the recipe for an electoral college blowout and local supporters will lose as well. The GOP still doesn't care and wants to reopen the economy despite the looming deaths.

Anonymous said...

Keep talking, Mike. You're making the best argument for why your seat should go to a Democrat who actually understands what's at stake during a pandemic.

Anonymous said...

For fuck sakes, are there any adults left in the Republican Party? Change the fucking name to the Tinfoil party.