Wednesday, April 16, 2008


All over Kansas City Internet message boards there's a lot of heated debate regarding recent comments from Mike Thompson on his myfox blog.

Essentially, Thompson compared global warming alarmists and people who weren't open to debate on Al Gore's favorite subject to Hitler. chronicles Thompson's offending passage:
This story has become all too common for those who dare speak up, and debunk Global Warming. Dr William Gray, and other scientists with strong credentials in physics and climate science have been shouted down as climate heretics, for disagreeing with the GW crowd.

It is easier to silence scientific dissent by utilizing the politics of personal destruction, than to actually debate them on the merits of their arguments. That should tell you something about the global warming debate...there is none right's either you believe, or you are to be discredited.

Isn't that how Hitler took control of Germany? It's a slow process, but it is scary, because if someone can control your energy sources, they can control you. We are already being told what light bulbs we can and cannot use...through legislation.

We are being forced to fund research into alternative energies sources that are inefficient, and that cause the price of food, energy, and everything else to rise...through legislation....rather than allow free enterprise to allocate funds to those energy sources that will survive through good old American innovation!
How far do we let it go? That's up to all of you.
Actually, TKC thinks that Thompson was making a valid point about the intolerance and divisiveness of modern political debate . . . However, invoking Hitler's name is sure to ruffle some feathers . . . In fact, Internet denizens know that this is where Goodwin's law applies and Thompson already lost the debate because he used a Nazi reference.

Since TKC is all about diversity and I feel qualified in speaking on behalf of the local Jewish community considering that I've seen every single one of Woody Allen's films 3 times . . . To make amens (or whatever) Thompson must either attend a sensitivity training or have dinner with Katie Horner - Either way, I'm sure he'll regret his statements which led him up to that point.


Ed said...

I have to agree with the poor choice of comparisons on Mike's part. He DOES make a good point. However, I would put much more of the blame on the media for the hype of global warming. In their never-ending quest to make news interesting, they latched onto the man-made global warming bug and ran. Now, there IS no debate allowed. The public has been successfully brainwashed to think that the "debate is over." Not only is that paradigm horribly bad science, it forcefully shoves aside the fundamental flaws in the man-made global warming debate.

Despite what you think of politicians, a lot of their regulations are coming from the voters. A lot of businesses are going "green" not because they have a genuine concern for the environment, but because it makes them look good in the public's eyes. Your local congressman backs a "green" bill, and they look better in the public's eye.

No matter what your stance on man-made global warming is, at least we are paying attention to taking care of the planet. And hey... it's created jobs. The new resurgence in "green" has created a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

thin margin said...

good green does not hurt.

I myself dream of solar panels.
I take note that the Thompson jerk's (he has been a jerk in my eyes for many, many years) comments after the Hitler remark "It's a slow process, but it is scary, because if someone can control your energy sources, they can control you. We are already being told what light bulbs we can and cannot use...through legislation."
Okey dokey! never mind the reality that the rest of us struggle in, never mind the current Bush war, never mind the oil profits.... how does this jerk stay on the air?

Anonymous said...

There are reams and reams of studies that indicate human beings are causing the temperature of the earth to climb. This information, though being used to further a political purpose, was gathered in a scientific manner, and, in most cases, is published in accepted scientific journals. There is not much that is being published that supports the ideas that CO2 is healthy for the planet, that deforestation in the Amazon is good for our planet, and the ammount of crap we're pumping into the air is good for our lungs. However, it seems that anyone who wants to can float this bullshit out there and then act all offended when anyone calls them on it. I wonder if the flat-earthers spent the first portion of the 1500's trying to still convince people that Columbus was full of shit.

Oh, and Mike Thompson is a douchbag.

Anonymous said...

Second on Thompson being a douche.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely not a GW alarmist, but can anyone trying to debunk Global Warming honestly explain the very unnatural factors occuring around the globe?

And I am tired of the "it's just like the global cooling paranoia" excuse. Give me legit numbers and facts. Because the way I see it, yes, the world could be going through a natural process but the reasons for those saying that people aren't playing the biggest role in that are just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Third on Thompson being a dbag

Anonymous said...

If GW is real, then why all the low temps here lately? El Nina? Wasn't there an El Nino (opposite of Nina) when there was record-breaking highs in '98? Wasn't there supposed to be Global COOLING back in the 70's and 80's?

Why don't the environmentalists and Gore give up the disguise and call it what it is: a new religion. It has all the ear-marks of a religion: not enough scientific study to prove/disprove, being called heretics went you disagree, "tithing" via carbon credits, and even has it's own violent fanatic groups: ELF

Anonymous said...

Here we go again with El Nino and Global Cooling. I agree with 1:38. I am not a genious on this but want to know when is the anti-global warming crowd going to actually debunk the facts given by everyone in the science community?

so far i see more facts proving Global Warming than disproving it. As those disproving only scream "El Nina" and "70s Global Cooling".

By the way 2:13pm it's "La Nina" not "El Nina" and there is an accent character, over the second n in both words which you can type on desktops by using alt and 0241 on your numeric pad.

thar's reams of dater done told me so said...

I love it how people who can't even spell and refer to scientific studies coming in "reams" are suddenly experts in climatology. I don't know what's is going on in the environment, but I can guaran-FUCKING-tee you that you d-bags sure as shit don't know.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that maybe Mike Thompson, as a meteorologist and you know, someone that FUCKING WORKS IN THE WEATHER BUSINESS might have a little more insight than the average chucklehead on TKC?

Anonymous said...

I hope so.

T said...

5.20.....Yeah, Mikey does work in the effin weather business. And Carl Peterson does work in the effin Football business.

Anonymous said...

To 4:14, first of all, spelling arguments are a close cousin to Hitler baiting in terms of internet discussion.

Secondly, being a meteorologist doesn't mean shit. Given the fact that these 'professionals' are right about 5% of the time, I'd sell your collection of antique skoal cans and buy some soon-to-be ocean front property in Nevada.

Anonymous said...

Just checked Thompson's blog again. He doesn't have the courage of his convictions or his bosses don't. The offending line has been edited out.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gray IS the authority on meteorology. Much of meteorology is the study of weather trends. When THE authority in meteorology is dismissed by the GW leftists, it is akin to Nazi propaganda. Forecasting the weather for tomorrow or next week is totally unrelated to meteorological trends over last 200 years. It is fine to reduce emissions in the event it affects the climate, but it doesn't mean you turn the world upside down.

Ed said...

FYI: Dr. Gray and others that are against the man-made global warming theory are not ignoring that global warming exists. There is evidence that the earth has been warming since the late 1800s. Global warming IS happening. The debate really centers around if the current warming is being caused by us or if they are a part natural cycles that have been happening for hundreds.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that Thompson took the reference down. These far-right freaks are complete cowards and unwilling to face the consequences of their insane ranting.

Anonymous said...

They should keep in mind that Hitler and Mussolini founded the Fascist movement, of which the Neocons including Bush's anti-science brigade are but a splinter group. In the historical sense Mr. Thompson has it backwards.

Anonymous said...

I think that calling Mike a dbag makes you all dbags. Perhaps calling the rest of you dbags might just make me a dbag. I guess when you get down to it we're all dbags. That said, global warming is just another "cause" for the weakminded looking to follow something or someone. There's plenty of info out there and the burdon of proof is on the global warming advocates. It's not my duty to disprove a theory. I've done a bunch of homework on this and here's what I've found.

1. The earth has warming and cooling cycles and this has been going on since the dawn of time.

2. Global temp readings are not accurate and should be viewed with a great deal of scrutiny.

3. The charts used to relate CO2 levels to warming trends need to be looked at closer. They indicate that sometimes co2 rises before the temp and sometimes CO2 rises after the temp increase. NO INDICATION OF CAUSE AND EFFECT!

I know that this will not change the mind of the alarmists but I wanted to show the global warming crowd what it looks like when someone does a little homework before spouting opinions.

It frustrates me to see otherwise rational people cheering on a cause without knowing the facts. It also frustrates me that the people promoting this BS are doing so in order to make money. Not just a bunch of moola but S-loads.

Rob in OP said...

Anonymous said...
"I'm not surprised that Thompson took the reference down. These far-right freaks are complete cowards and unwilling to face the consequences of their insane ranting"

Isn't calling someone a coward anonymously sort of a cowardly thing to do? LOL, at you loser!