COVID-19 Coping Tech: Curbside KC Could Save Embattled Cowtown Restaurant Industry

We talked about this one on Saturday, and here's even more info and a glimpse at what could be the only code for survival for the local service industry . . . First, an excellent treatise on this crisis from Succotash owner Beth Barden and then check the tech:

Need To Know Which Local Restaurants Are Offering Carryout/Curbside or Delivery? Here's a Handy-Dandy Website! - In Kansas City

With restaurants switching gears because of Coronavirus fears, many are jumping on a newly devised (yet, old-school approach) of offering only carryout/curbside or even starting delivery options. That was the genesis behind, a new website dedicated to ordering out, but staying in. "I started hearing on Friday from a lot of restaurants on our...


  1. If your employees are infected they will just spread their germs all over each other and the items served out the door. Stay home and cook your meals you lazy bums.

  2. ^^No. Hurry up and get the virus.

  3. BORU has taken great pains to ensure safe meals. Call ahead for curbside pick up. Fast, friendly, safe.


  4. I think all employees should have their temperature taken before their shift to make sure they are not sick, otherwise this could be just as bad as sitting inside a restaurant.


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