Kansas City Delivery Database Offers Takeout Options As Cowtown Locks Down

This list isn't comprehensive but it's a good start for locals who would rather stay inside than suffer through another conversation about toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Checkit:

Curbside KC

Locally-owned KC restaurants offering takeout, curbside takeout, and delivery during the COVID-19 outbreak


  1. What if it's on the food, or the box?

  2. My observations over many years of resteraunts and fast foods sloppy hygiene does not reassure me at all.

  3. The Millie’s are gonna die because all they know how to make is avocado toast.

  4. ^^^and you’re going to die because they’re the ones passing the virus exponentially. Eventually it makes its way to the unhealthy geezer degenerate set. That’s you! You know what that means don’t you Boomer? Bye bye. Tick tock

  5. An AVACADO TOAST joke!!

    Killer material over there guy!!

    Got any toilet paper jokes you want to workshop on us here?

    When/where is your standup set?

  6. 11:03 and 12:26 awww chimpy, it’s gonna warm up soon so you can show off your poo flinging skills again, in the mean time, keep practicing your monkey shines, I hear the kiddos love them! Hahahahaha!

  7. ^^^Doon, very soon, you’re going to die like your wife did. Hahahahaha!

  8. ^^ Go see your grandma for some perspective on life.


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