A favorite from the comments shares a perspective on the current medical drama confronting the world. Here's an alternative perspective on one of many nasty bugs going around with MSM links to follow . . .

Chuck: Coronavirus and The Fog Of War

“Transparency is critical in public health and epidemics; laypeople become either effective force-multipliers or stubborn walls.”
― T.K. Naliaka

Authoritarian regimes are defined by mendacity and above all, self preservation. The stanchion supporting authoritarian regimes is the quality and repetition of the lies they tell to the world.

In Beijing, at the behest of Xi Jinping, the Mandarins who enforce the Communist, Totalitarian Rule Of Law, have lied incessantly over the last 5 months about the Coronavirus. The numbers coming out of China with respect to infected and dead, are far less trustworthy than the numbers that used to come out from Robert McNamara's DOD during Vietnam. A hell of a lot more people, were killed, wounded, or, destroyed than anyone wanted you to know.

"The war in Vietnam is going well and we will succeed." Robert McNamara

A famous film about Vietnam and Robert McNamara, "The Fog Of War" revealed the ill advised, counterproductive, murderous actions of America, in, of course, retrospect. "The Fog Of War" referred to the difficulty of making extemporaneous decisions during conflict. What it revealed to me, is that we put far too much faith in our leaders to make good decisions in the clutch. Emotion, ego, self preservation, status and hubris are hallmarks of most of the historical decisions made by leaders all over the world, when they were confronted with the crucible that defined their generation and age.

No one, NO ONE in my opinion, at this point, can extrapolate the effect of the Coronavirus epidemic that is now coursing through myriad nations with a ravenous eye cast towards our own . . . Is the infection rate under reported in the West? Will the mortality rate increase dramatically in areas like Los Angeles where 70,000 homeless are already under threat from the Bubonic Plague? Will the virus mutate? Can you be reinfected? I have NEVER heard of a 14 to 24 day incubation period that lets the carriers remain healthy while they infect others. There are so many questions that are relevant and logical to ask and I believe that Americans are not getting the answers. The feckless, nebulous explanations from our "Leaders" are designed to mislead us, while they hope for the best.

In the coming months, we can, at least take some solace, in the fact that we still live in an open society, where we can get the news from someone other than designated government agencies.

In China, they long for democracy. As the lies continue and the virus takes it's toll, at some point, many of the Chinese people will achieve the egalitarian status they crave and pull even with their rulers, but it will be in the democracy of death.

Here more resources about the virus from mainstream news sources:

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  1. Excellent commentary Chuck. Thanks for the links to a variety of news sites T.

    1. Amazing that Chuck illuminates the failures of China's current government but uses a 60 year old example of the authoritarian USA. Instead of even mentioning the dangerous self serving lies and mistakes of the authoritarian Trump government we get some crap about "open society" being a correction for Trump's lies. What a stinking pile of evasive horse manure.

  2. Byron Funkhouser2/26/20, 5:17 AM

    ^^It doesn't make any sense. What does this have to do with Vietnam?

    The CDC says we're all going to die, but Der Fuhrer says it'll fade away to nothing. Which "leaders" is Chuck referring to, that we shouldn't believe?

    Chuck, here in America, we long for democracy, too, but we have an authoritarian dictator, instead. Donald Trump ripped up the Constitution, & the Republican Party said, "Well done, sire."

    1. Wierd for Chuck to name names in China and 1965 USA but for the actual relevant problem here in the USA we just see ""leaders"".

  3. The Corn hole virus is being used as a political tool to take down Trump...since all other methods have failed. Byron, I have a paper on this that I will bring to the Serenity Coffee Shop at 6109 Blue Ridge Blvd. 10:15 today.

  4. This Covid19 deal is apparently supposed to be a real sonofabuck when it circles the globe the 2nd and 3rd time around.

    Gird your loins denizens.

  5. Well, so far the USA and I have both survived the Cold War, the Hong Kong Flu, the Bird Flu, the Y2K Disaster, the Reagan Depression, the Bush 2 "Recession" and the "Deep State's" machinations, so I think we have a chance of getting through this one as well.

    Lighten up a bit Chuck, Byron, and "Paper Waver" @5:55, there isn't a damn thing any of us can do about anything. If any one of us had enough money to be able to afford Political Representation, we wouldn't be living in Kansas City.

    We are cattle owned by a bipartisan Plutocracy, and we will be until the end, so stop taking transient events so seriously and keep in mind that Life ain't nowhere near permanent. Que sera que sera.

    1. Maybe you are an apathetic cow but some people care about their families.

  6. Byron, you are the very definition of "obtuse".

    Look, this is the flu on steroids and it will cull the elderly and infirm while disrupting the economy and sending shock waves throughout the world on a number of levels.

    Here in the United States, politically, the Republicans, in my opinion, will take a page out of the Democrat playbook and "Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste". The highest range for fatalities in 1st world countries will be around 1 to 1.5%. In 3rd world countries, higher.

    What is important to look at, is the percentage of infection, which, right now, looks like around 70% in the original area in and around Wuhan. Here in Kansas City, there are 3 confirmed cases North of the river.

    I am not saying the sky is falling, but the roof has some serious leaks and it is raining it's ass off. We are all gonna get wet and some are going to die of pneumonia. Your parents and grandparents with respiratory problems are vulnerable, as are folks with asthma and recurring bronchitis.

    God is "culling the herd".

    There are, absolutely questions about the origin of the disease and whether or not it emanated from the Level 4 Bio Warfare Plant in Wuhan. IN CHINA THEY ARE USING HIV DRUGS TO HELP FIGHT THE INFECTION AND THE INCUBATION TIME FOR THE DISEASE IS SUSPICIOUSLY LENGTHY.

    Sorry, I just don't trust the Chi-Coms and for good reason.

    Repeated verification equals justifiable belief. The Chinese, like our Intelligence Agencies and Media, are categorical lying, gas-lighting, look-you-in-the-face-liars.

    What we can hope for, is some Global warming, that will slow the disease in Spring, even more in high Summer and then, expect to get seriously sick next Fall. The best scenario - is that with the US Medical community, that all hands are on deck and there is a vaccine available by next Christmas.

    1. Look ^^^ at all the words that somehow failed again to mention Trump's dangerous lies. And failed to explain how the US medical community can have all hands on deck while Trump pulling the rug from under them. Just more water carrying evasive horse manure from Chuck.

  7. "But here's one forecast that caught our eyes from The Atlantic. It is titled, "You're Likely to Get the Coronavirus." That piece quotes extensively a Harvard epidemiologist. The article describes him as a cautious professional, the kind of person who carefully considers every word and then backs it with data.

    What the professor told the magazine is this: "I think the likely outcome is the coronavirus will ultimately not be containable." He went on to predict that in the next year 40 to 70 percent of the people on Earth will be infected with coronavirus.

    No, not all of them will become ill. Many, he says will be asymptomatic or feel no worse than they do with a cold. But nevertheless, 70 percent of the world's population -- that is a big number. In fact, it's 5.4 billion people."

  8. The world functions in balance. Right now we are out of balance with the worlds high population. There are so many people today that sanitary conditions are a disgrace. That is the breeding ground for diseases
    The best line from a movie that I believe applies here is from a Sidney Poitier film: “...the world is a rotting apple covered with maggots”

  9. ^^^ LA County and Frisco are petri dishes just made for this scenario.

  10. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha

    The end is near!

  11. Is Chuck the only scribe on Tony's Kansas City Editorial Board staff?

    1. Any shadow of editing is nonexistent. TKC doesnt believe in frivolous things like truth, journalistic integrity, or proper grammar / sentence structure, etc...

  12. 8:26, the epidemiologist made an enlightened guess, but it's still just a guess. Newspapers, magazines and other media outlets are well known for citing "experts" who just happen to agree with them, and avoiding those who don't.

  13. “Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”
    ― Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

    Chuck tells himself lies.

    "The numbers coming out of China with respect to infected and dead, are far less trustworthy than the numbers that used to come out from Robert McNamara's DOD during Vietnam."

    Chuck sees China as a Communist nation with a "Totalitarian Rule Of Law" yet fails to visualize the chains binding his own wrists, because he prefers the illusion of living in a free democracy. And where does Chuck choose to get his news from? From the handful of corporate oligarchies that spew propaganda at the behest of their federal government partner.

    And did you notice how Chuck turned this article into a movie review for "The Fog Of War"? WTF?

    Isn't Chuck a big (HUGE) Trump supporter? Does he know that President Trump is seriously downplaying the threat from the coronavirus? When he addresses the nation shortly, Trump will be advising Americans to go about your normal business, and pay no heed to this "Chinese virus." If you don't go to the shopping mall or buy that new vehicle, the virus terrorists win!

  14. I would suggest stocking up on canned food, frozen food etc - there wont be a food shortage, but you dont want to be going to the grocery store as often anymore, as its full of people who have flu etc. I will be skipping movies out, use Netflix instead. Maybe not eat out each weekend. Stock up on tylenol, use a humidifier so your nasal areas dont dry out and lower your protection, if you know a person on bottled oxygen - ask them if you might reach an agreement to use a bottle or two if you get coronavirus. Of course update your will and trust agreement so its current and make sure all your property is titled to a survivor in case you dont make if for any number of reasons. Many people die without a trust agreement and their property is sold and the proceeds goes to court appointed fees - not to the people you want the stuff to go to. As in the 1918 flu, there could be 2 waves of corona going through society, and the 2nd wave might be worse

  15. Chuck has some fans.

    Lot of haters who can't wait to see what he posts. But that is a fan to.

  16. 9:35 we are all waiting breathlessly for your next comment, said no one ever.

  17. 6:33 - Ok

    9:42 True enough.

    9:48 Are you a morning drinker? What the hell does that even mean?

    This is NOT a political issue imo. I hope I am wrong and in a year or so you guys can all tell me what a dumb ass I am. It just seems to me, that there is real fire here in the smoke and the comparisons to the swine flu, avian flu etc. etc. are not relevant.

    As always, thanks for the comments, positive, negative and in this case off topic and weird.

    1. Blow it out your ass, you old coot.

    2. 9:48 nailed it you moron.

  18. ^^You first

  19. If you think about it, IF it gets bad in the US could be the end of Republicans. They failed to come through with a better healthcare plan and most american's will be in huge financial debt if they get the virus and have to go to the hospital. So in theory many folks in the hospital with high debt could spell disaster.. My take.

  20. 11:48 Just brilliant. I think you are probably intellectually asymptomatic. You probably have a brain, but it's small and is not affecting anyone around you.

  21. Mass Panic provides a sea of opportunity for those who don't.

  22. Great meeting 5:55, but next time bring more copies. As you found out there are no copiers in the building.

  23. Up-Chuck has done another 180. Last month he was Mr. Joking Around Guy along with the regular racist geezers.

    chuck said...
    This first one is for Tony.

    Q: What do you call a guy thats half Mexican and half Chinese that wears only one sneaker?

    A: Juan Chu

    Q: What has 2 wings and a halo?

    A: A Chinese telephone, Wing-wing, halo?

    Q: How do you know if an Chinese guy robbed your house?

    A: Your homework is done, your computer is upgraded, but two hours later the little f**ker is still trying to back out of your driveway.


    A Chinese guy has problems with his eyes so he goes to an eye doctor. The optometrist tests him and says "I know what the problem is you have a cateract." The Chinese guy says "I don't have cateract I have rinconcontinantal."

    I'll be here all week, tip your waitress.

    1/27/20, 7:33 PM

  24. Ok I'll tip you on your cracker head.

  25. Why does Chuck hate Trump?

    This is no worse than a bad cold. It will go away when the weather warms in April. It's a Chinese hoax being used to blow up the economy, start a recession, and doom Trump in November.

    Get back on the Trump train.

  26. Dow is down 2,000 points this week.

    Not looking good for Trump. The markets are now negative for the year. In fact, the US stock market is down 2 of the last 3 years. The "how's your 401K" cheerleading is biting him in the ass.

  27. Chuck at 11:44

    You are the QUEEN of off-topic commentary!

    Topic: coronavirus
    Chuck commentary: Let me tell you 'bout 'Nam

  28. 6:02, so don't sell any funds this week. Wait until next. But it might be a good idea to buy now - if you had any money.

  29. ^^^ Wait until next week, when we are down some more.

    With markets unraveling, Trump is toast.


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