Friday, December 06, 2019

TKC Reader: Pray For Democrats?!?!

We talked about this column last night, here's a reader rebuttal that offers a polite bit of reasoning and some good intentions across the aisle . . .

Tribune syndicated columnist and Democratic Party propagandist Mary Sanchez is still up to her old tricks in "What we get wrong about civility"

First, let's examine that title. What WE get wrong about civility. Do you see the writer's trick? She's immediately attempting to bond with the reader, essentially declaring that "I'm just as wrong as you, and we're in this together." Having hoodwinked the gullible, lazy, and caffeine-deprived, Sanchez then gets down to business launching a most uncivil attack upon her target, with the invective "Donald Trump is no more capable of civility than he is of humility, justice, good faith, wise counsel or any other virtue we’d wish our leaders to have." Ok, after that, I think everyone knows where Sanchez is pushing and prodding the few adult readers who remain.

Perhaps subconsciously aware that she's already overstepped the civil bounds of adult discourse, Sanchez next appeals to the "younger generations in particular." Ah yes, she must be thinking to herself, "let me grab those young, immature, impressionable, pussy-hat wearing youths and fill their heads with my talking points straight from the DNC and Media Matters."

Next up, as is her custom, this former Latina schoolteacher gives a perfunctory Latin lesson and sends the kids scrambling for a dictionary to word-check the late 16th-century term "comportment." Old habits die hard.

After briefly meandering with examples of poor personal behavior...or comportment, if you insist…Sanchez returns to her Trump whipping boy like a moth to the flame. But wait! Why not throw in an Ann Coulter reference while defending University of California-Berkeley administrators and placing all blame for their sordid free-speech violations upon the political Right?

Now, ready to wrap up her uncivil writing exercise, who does Sanchez turn to? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of course! Anyone who dares to criticize her views at this point, must be guilty of not only incivility themselves, but racism too! Hallelujah! Can I get a reference to Nazis, White Nationalists, and the KKK?

Here is the one sentence I agree with, and she hid it in her last paragraph: "Rather, the point is to reprove those who champion error and injustice unsparingly — with words — in reasoned debate."

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, let me be clear, Mary Sanchez is not a bad person. On the contrary, she's quite pleasant, intelligent, and polite. If you engage her in civil debate, she will respond in-kind. While I've taken issue with her political views above, it doesn't mean I don't respect her as a person. Sometimes good people go astray, and that's why you should keep praying for your Democrat friends! Have a great day everybody.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Blech. Dumb.

Anonymous said...

Right after Sanchez writes about Trump and civility, Biden calls a voter a "Damn Liar, fat and too old to vote for me."

Anonymous said...

Literally the person “dirty sanchez” was named for. Her lack of civility has been long documented in local fish wrap.