Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Talking Equity In Sleaze Scummit

Our blog community talked about this sketchy conversation last week . . . Here's MSM news promo:

Roundtable to discuss education equity, led by former Lee's Summit superintendent

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A meeting Wednesday night in the 18th and Vine District will focus on equity in education, and despite stepping down from his role as Lee's Summit superintendent, Dennis Carpenter will lead the talk. The Roundtable events began to bring the community together for conversations around key topics that happen in and around Kansas City.


Anonymous said...


Let me guess, Dennis Carpenter is a victim? That's an inequitable Gem!!!

(Given the opportunity of a lifetime to lead the Lee's Summit School District, he kicked a hornet's nest, violated personal conduct policy, brought in flunkies from Hickman Mills, violated terms of his employment contract, caused 2 lawsuits to be filed against the district, publicly criticized the President of the United States in an attempt to get fired, divided the community twice with school boundary changes and "equity" indoctrination, divided the school board, insulted board members, insulted the LS Police Dept., crashed his car, threatened to quit if he didn't get his way on a board vote, discriminated against a Black female district employee applicant, steered an unnecessary contract to a St. Louis sham organization, and extorted $750K from the district to leave after he set them back several years.)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're letting this vulgar fraud talk about anything, let alone perpetuate continued diversity scams.

Anonymous said...

Lol stupid idiots hiring a diversity hire from the failing Hickman mills...how ridiculous can these woke morons get!

Anonymous said...

How stupid would you be to shell out $25-$50 to hear that serial grifter. Maybe it could be a how-to for people that want to get rich without working. Victimhood to dollarz!

Anonymous said...

An housbonde I wol have—I wol nat lette—
Which shal be bothe my dettour and my thral,
And have his tribulacion withal
Upon his flessh, whil that I am his wyf.
I have the power durynge al my lyf
Upon his propre body, and noght he.
Right this the Apostel tolde it unto me;
And bad oure housbondes for to love us weel.

chuck said...

8:02 is dead on the money, but, this phony charlatan got the last laugh. It really does pay, to "Hate Whitey". You can, no matter your station in life, monetize and realize real hard cold cash for jumping on that "Hate Whitey" bandwagon.


Because white people are intimidated by the ongoing Progressive "Narrative" that denies moral agency from people of color in pursuit of acceptance from those same people, who are born, bred and taught, to hate Whitey's guts.

Those most susceptible - white suburban women, have to put their fingers in the wounds to see the truth. Those liberal ladies in Lee's Summit, who spent so much time researching "Institutional Racism" and thinking about "Reparations" might be having second thoughts now.

If so, that is the silver lining to this story, which has been repeated again and again and again all over this nation.

The new America hates you white boy and, you too girls, get out your checkbook.

Byron Funkhouser said...


Your tired racist, narrative is lame.

America is white boys.

Anonymous said...

Yes of course chuck it's all a plot to disenfranchise white males like you: old, angry and powerless. It couldn't possibly be ANYTHING else; it's centered directly at YOU.

And yet Tony features this two-bit halfwit loon.


Anonymous said...

And yet Lee's Summit School District really is out of $750,000.00

Anonymous said...

You mean the tired racism of the left is lame.

Fixed that for you.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ he features you too, you f-ing weirdo. Get a life.

Frankly, some of what Chuck writes has the agreement of a lot of people. Your argument doesn't make sense . you can't debate on the facts so you try to create some sort of spin. Get real.

Byron Funkhouser's Neck Beard said...

Byron, I read this earlier today from under your chin, but I don't understand it, can you help me?

"Byron, so glad our epistolary efforts continue by way of TKC's eponymous venue. I see you're a bit tetchy today. Your Ad hominem attacks are prima facie evidence of your inability to argue with any semblance or reason the tenability of your position.

I picture you now, in front of your screen, knowing full well, that the money you are sending to that Nigerian Prince is going to be spent in a brothel on AIDS infected whores, but, you just gotta send it, cause, he is black and you know..., slavery.

To this point, your mindless predictability knows no senescence and at this age, will be your constant companion unto death.

I suggest a new hobby for you, in order to widen and expand your daily routine of perusing TKC in search of the validation my comments provide.

Perhaps starting up a TWITTER account for your neck beard might distract and enlarge your intellect to the point where our family pets didn't accurately anticipate everything you post."

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear this miserable piece of shit, let alone go to shithole 18th & Vine in the shithole ghetto.

Springheel said...

If Carpenter really wanted to help his people-he is a "Dr." after all- he would do what all good docs do and look at ALL the research that could help his people. That means not going with the "theoretical" socialist crap and going further into the doctrines that spell out what the illness is. After all, it is one that he- well, all of us suffer from-SIN! The first thing a sinner does is try to blame someone or something else. And the Bible makes it very clear to the SJW that no son or daughter will be held accountable in front of God for the sins of their fathers. Each person is responsible for their own sin.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how the school board fell for this one. With 2 major failures under his belt, what could go wrong ? This guy bullied the little old white ladies of the board out of $750,000. He had to charge admission to his talk because if it was free they would have had a security problem. I think he has set back equity in education in Lee's Summit 20 years at least.