His party good life evoked controversy in Lee's Summit AND and $750K after resigning added insult to injury against frustrated parents and school administrators who were tagged as racist for disagreeing with this local education leader.

Nevertheless . . .

The very best & brightest from our blog community share the deets of his upcoming local conversation.


A Conversation With Dr. Dennis Carpenter: Why Equity? Why Now?

The founders of The Roundtable return to convene a highly anticipated discussion of equity in education with Dr. Dennis L. Carpenter, the former superintendent of the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District. During the event you can expect a provocative keynote presentation from Dr. Carpenter, followed by an authentic dialogue and engagement from the audience.

During this conversation, we will delve deeply into the fundamental question: How do we as a community address the issue of equity in education? In addition, this session will focus on the role of the community in ensuring that school districts address equity, social justice, and anti-racism training while engaging students and parents as integral partners in every child’s Pre-K-12 educational experience.

The Roundtable Presents:
December 4th, 2019
GEM Theater - 18th & Vine District

Developing . . .


  1. Sounds like fun. I wonder what his fee is for this event. You forgot to mention that this will cost $25 to start.

  2. As opposed to just teaching the kids the basis, the premise is to start right off with the reason you are going to fail. Racism and Whitey.


  3. ^^^ well said and 100% true, the koloreds don’t want to learn, they have a brain the size of a pea, they just want to continue to blame whitey for everything so they can get free money, their own people have sold them down the river for all that cash.

    Dumbest thing lsmo did was hire this fool with his history of having to be bought out to get him to leave, he knows he can play whitey for big money and he gets it.

  4. Verified. $25-$50 tickets to further line the pockets of this grifter? No thanks

  5. ╔════╗───────────────╔═══╦═══╦═══╦═══╗─╔╗╔╗╔╗


    Fucked up in Georgia, had to leave.
    Fucked up in Hickman Mills, had to leave.
    Fucked up in Lee's Summit, had to leave.
    Was it racism? The district hired him!
    Was it a lack of "equity"? In one of the best performing districts in the state of Missouri, if you can't succeed, the problem might be you.
    Dennis Carpenter's biggest enemy is Dennis Carpenter!!!

  7. "Equity" means equality of outcome. To try to achieve equity in education, liberals will attack the perceived problem the very same way they attack all perceived problems: throw money at it until the problem is solved (rarely) or until they run out of money (usually).

    The real problem is ghetto culture, but not one person in the room will dare to identify it as such.

  8. Charles Whitman11/29/19, 10:24 AM

    I have come to realize that Black (or whatever is the preferred correct term) people will not accept sustained assistance from non-blacks. Likewise, they will not accept sustained assistance from other blacks who don't complain that it's not enough to be make up for the past.
    I can see that it will never end.
    I didn't used to think this way. I can no longer appreciate black culture. Oh well!

  9. @ 10:24 - I think you are incorrect in your statements that Blacks will not accept sustained assistance because they thrive on sustained assistance. Free school lunch, free school breakfast, free School until they drop out, free food stamps, free welfare checks, free heat/cool assistance, free debt relief, free driving as they don't pay their property tax when they buy a car and drive for years before getting a real license plate, free stuff that they appropriate from retailers from QT to Nordstroms. Tax free money they collect standing on street corners or robbing innocent hard working people. You see - they like sustained assistance and we are stupid enough to continue providing it, that's the problem!

  10. Charles Whitman11/29/19, 12:30 PM

    What I meant was that anyone who tries to assist the underprivileged, will be attàcked by the blacks for some injustice that can never be fixed. It doesn't matter how sincere the helper is, they will eventually be accused of being the enemy, and be persecuted. I've come to realize that it is best to avoid blacks. Don't go out of your way to condemn them, and don't go out of your way to assist them.

  11. All equality and diversity means is us superior whites are supposed to kiss the inferior niggers. Hell I had to educate my kids the history of OUR civilization because these apes running the school system think Afro-American are of value. I’ll be frank , it’s about as valuable as runny shit. The kids aren’t being educated by these leftist traitors their only concern is they like race mixing I’m angry I’m paying one cent for these worthless nigger controlled schools it’s an embarrassment

  12. This man holds a doctorate. But like all on the "woke" and "enlightened" side they refuse to put the same amount of research into any study that might prove detrimental to their world view that absolves them of blame. At least a medical Dr. Will seriously look into any research that eases the suffering of their patients. All SJWs need to listen to Voddie Bauchams sermon on social justice, then follow up with his sermon on ethnic Gnosticism. Then, learn scripture. Biblical illiteracy is what is killing us.


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