Sunday, December 01, 2019


The stadium was nearly empty in the 4th quarter of a glorified practice game against an LA team that didn't really want to play . . . Here's the roundup for this contest that wasn't . . .

Kansas City AFC Champ Chiefs

Chiefs sweep of Raiders all but locks up division title

The 8-4 Chiefs are two games ahead of the 6-6 and second-place Raiders in the AFC West. They swept the season series, having also won in September when the teams played in Oakland.

LA Domination

Chiefs rout Raiders 40-9 to seize AFC West control

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Patrick Mahomes threw for a touchdown and ran for a touchdown, Juan Thornhill returned a pick 46 yards for another score, and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the bumbling Oakland Raiders 40-9 on Sunday to seize control of the AFC West.

Cringe In Kansas City

VIDEO: Jon Gruden's Face After Daniel Carlson's Horribly Missed FG in Raiders-Chiefs is Priceless

The Oakland Raiders had a chance to at least avoid heading into halftime without points when kicker Daniel Carlson lined up for a 44-yard field goal. But of course, the football gods are cruel and denied them the three points. In fact, they tormented the Raiders.

Compulsive Gamblers Hate The Kansas City Chiefs

Blocked Extra Point Turned Two-Point Score Swung Over/Under in Raiders-Chiefs

The late-afternoon matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders got out of hand quite quickly as the Chiefs gave their divisional rivals the business. Most casual viewers turned off the game because, well, why would you keep watching? Some fans, however, had some money on the final score.

Tired Of Winning

Everything goes right for Kansas City Chiefs in win over Raiders

There was a lot riding on this game for both the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders, but clearly the Raiders didn't think so. The Chiefs rolled the black and silver in this one, proving once again that they're the best in the AFC West.

And so . . .

Fanboys might celebrate this victory but the entire contest was mostly a display in mediocrity that might or might not foreshadow that team's playoff future . . .

You decide . . .


Gobi said...


Don't be such a hater.

This was an important victory and puts one step closer to the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

It's called progress. KC doesn't always know what it looks like.

Anonymous said...

^^^ there was a game today? Most people had better things to do.

Ishi said...


Farm dirt?

Wait for TIF check?

Post to FB?

Find dates on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

...and yet @7;26 you didn’t have anything better to do than post on a thread about the Chiefs. Fucking tool. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oakland really sucks

Anonymous said...

"Kansas City AFC Champ Chiefs"

- said no one ever...

Anonymous said...

^^^You mad bruh.

Anonymous said...

swiss chiefs have NEVER won an AFC Championship since it began in 1970

'Wait till next year!', part 2020, verse 51