Monday, November 04, 2019


And now, a word from this town's foremost expert on citizen initiate petitions and the fight for political representation. 


Clay Chastain: A vote to Save the Paseo is also a vote to save liberty.

Respectfully leading the people is guiding them while honoring their liberties. But Kansas City's control-oriented government (abetted by the liberal, biased and control-oriented KC Star) sees it's power lie in the subjection of the people. That is subjugation. Their oppressive crimes against our liberties are strewn across Kansas City's landscape like smoldering pits of toxic sludge:

(1) KC's government passed an ordinance changing the name of an historic City Boulevard without the consent of those residents living along the Paseo (as required by the City Charter). They did not respect. They did not guide. They controlled.
(2) KC's government passed an ordinance in 2007 that overturned the stated will of 75,000 voters who supported a petition-sponsored light rail plan. They did not respect. They did not guide. They controlled.
(3) KC's government ignored a petition calling for a vote on a heavily-subsidized downtown convention hotel. They did not respect. They did not guide. They controlled.
(4) KC's government ignored a voter-approved petition that mandated a citywide vote concerning any planning or expansion of the City's streetcar system. They did not respect. They did not guide. They controlled..
(5) KC's government ignored another valid petition (3,000 voters submitted this petition to the City last April) that calls for a modern and expanded transit system to replace the City's limited and obsolete streetcar system as well as the ATA's out dated diesel bus system. They did not respect. They did not guide. They controlled...,etal.

Petitions from the people are the only antidote to this kind of poisonous over reaching government. That is why Kansas City's government and the KC Star want to change the City's Charter so as to inhibit petitions with more qualifiers.

This pattern of dictatorial-type government (that the Kansas City Star appears to stand behind) is anathema to the moral democratic fabric that binds our cause to liberty. Such over powering governmental actions create distrust and apathy in the people. Subjugation undermines government for the people. And they can't argue their means justify their ends because a corrupt means will always corrupt the end.

Please do your part to take back control of your government - Vote Yes on #5 - the petition question to Save the Paseo and, your liberty.

KC Community Activist, Clay Chastain.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Amen, Clay. Glad you spoke out!

Anonymous said...

Surprised how much I agree with what he writes.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure Clay just cursed the save the paseo movement.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Clay. On target once again. :)

Anonymous said...

The KCMO government really isn't "dictatorial".
An organization has to be at least somewhat competent to be a dictatorship, and KCMO certainly can't claim to be that.
Rather, it's a little group of people who really don't have much interest in the actual responsibilities of a municipal government. Boring things like public safety, decently-maintained streets, common sense zoning, and all the rest.
Instead the "magnificent thirteen" sit in their offices waiting for one insider, special interest, "developer", transit activist, bicycle nut case, or someone else to tell them what to do.
So the public is regularly very poorly-served.
But that same public re-elects and elects the very same kinds of people to council and mayoral seats year after year after year.
Incompetence, cowardice, and apathy aren't a very effective combination.
Dysfunction on steroids.

Anonymous said...

Quinton isn’t a dictator, he is a dicktaster.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^ let that one slide just because it's funny T.

Anonymous said...

Clay Chastain is a dipshit. He's like a child who walks in the middle of a movie.

Anonymous said...

Clay doesn't even live here. He is playing you fools.