Insiders among our blog community BROKE THE STORY of City Manage Troy Schulte stepping down and now his walk across the street is already creative courthouse controversy.

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Here's the word . . .

"There are a lot of workers at the County who haven't had a sizeable raise in years. Troy is coming in there making top dollar and that's, undoubtedly, going to create a great deal of resentment. (Exec) Frank trying to buy another ally is wrong about the guy's expertise. His legacy is mixed at City Hall but at the Courthouse they only know him as the architect of the temporary jail that has been an unmitigated disaster."

The temporary jail mostly served as a dangerous revolving door and City Manager's ideas on the local prison population have earned no support from council.

We'll have more about County drama but for now, what we know for certain is that a new power player walks across the street and threatens to make the situation at the deplorable situation even worse.

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  1. Troy isn't going to be able to win over the Legislature. If anything, they're going to go to work on him in order to lure him away from Frank.

    1. I think Troy has eaten enough from 12th & Oak? Didn't he promise he was going to move to Iowa when he left City Hall. That would have been nice.

    2. County employees get raises every year. Not big ones but at least a small cost of living.

    3. ^^^^ Anybody who told you that most county workers are well paid is just another troll lawyer working to try to pick up nickles around the courthouse.


  2. Give me a break. Troy couldn't last three month with Quinton in charge and you're telling me he'll be able to take the county? Don't think so. He's drastically overestimating his persuasive power.

    Or maybe he just needs the money.

    1. Ghost Of Glorioso11/15/19, 7:24 AM

      ^^^ Why can't it be both?

      I wouldn't call Mr. Schulte entirely unskilled.

      The only problem is that he won't be able to take his friends across the street with him. He hired half a dozen assistant city managers to help protect him at City Hall. I really doubt Frank gives him those kind of loose purse strings.

      He might be just another big guy to answer questions on Monday.

      Frank seems to be more comfortable with tall people surrounding him. He literally seems to feel a physical threat when he has to answer tough questions. It's almost funny to watch him recoil at the slightest hint of unpleasantness.

      This Troy move is good in theory but think about this:

      NONE of Frank's plans have worked out over the past year.

      Unfortunately, all those people getting their property tax bills now are paying for it.

    2. What about the Chevy Colorado?

      Are County taxes still going to pay for that?

    3. If you think Schulte’s assistant city managers have protected him you’re nuts. Usher and Tyndall are worthless and do nothing but draw a paycheck. Rouse, McIntyre and Wood can’t run their own departments let alone help Schulte run the City. If Troy hired those bozos to protect him he failed miserably.

  3. ^^^ LOL!

    Yes, that and all the puddle of tears along the Rock Island corridor.

  4. Troy is smart to leave City hall now. Troy would be smarter to pass on the County mess. The politicians have these two disasters of government let them get voted out.

  5. If people were actually held accountable for their performance in KCMO or Jackson County government, then a move across the street by Schulte would be a really bad idea for him.
    He's already left a terrible mess at city hall.
    But in JaCo and KCMO, creating terrible results, unintended consequences, cost overruns, upside-down priorities, and massive debt is all just fine.
    These clowns are NEVER held to account by voters or taxpayers and the same MO and consequences repeat year after year.
    So why not triple-dip and cash in and then leave town?
    Or maybe even stay for an award from the Chamber of Commerce?

  6. A Moment of Your Time Please11/15/19, 8:53 AM

    Troy is an idiot who should have been gone a long time ago. He has screwed the good people of Kansas City over big time as a city manager and now he's walking away from a huge ass mess over to another huge ass mess that will be an even bigger huge ass mess when he gets done further fucking it up.

  7. Simple solution to all of this.

    Time for Frank White to RESIGN.

    That would make a lot more sense than enduring this idiot.

  8. A few years ago, Mayor James gave Troy a lucrative contract extension with significant annual raises, perks, and retirement funding. At the time, the City was under a hiring freeze and existing employees were not receiving any raises. It was very bad optics for the City Manager to be feeding at the taxpayer trough while the rank and file were being turned away.

    James pushed this through in part to keep Schulte fat and happy during the single-terminal fiasco which was directed at City Hall by James, Justus, and Schulte.

    When some on the Council began questioning the airport terminal boondoggle and other schemes, recall that Schulte rhetorically flipped them off and said if they wanted to fire him, he could make more money and sleep better at night in the private sector. What happened to private sector employers clamoring for his skills? Though it may seem like an "old boys club" to residents, the County is not a private employer.

    Troy's eager to get a double-dip of government retirement pension, one from KCMO and an accelerated pension from the County. Iowa pig farmer.

  9. Here's something else to keep in mind, folks. TKC specifically referred to "sizable raises." The commenter at 8:42 only referred to "raises," and on that basis alone he/she/it claims to have caught TKC in a lie. Nope, it was 8:42 trying and failing to put one over on the rest of us.

    1. The point shouldn't be missed: Most county workers get paid crap. Just ask them!

      Troy will be the highest paid worker in history. He'll be making more money than Caleb.

      What will he do to earn that salary?

      It would be great if he brought some value to the County. But that's doubtful. Just more dead weight like that useless assessor.

  10. Troy Schulte for Clay County Commissioner!

  11. Why don’t frank and the cleave both go to the Paseo church and announce their resignations at the same time, I think the city would erupt in joy, businesses would flock here and before you know it, we would be great again!

  12. ^^Might be more truth to that than you may think.

  13. Here's a crazy idea. If the county is going to hire a high-priced "manager" how 'bout conducting a nation-wide search, take applications, conduct public hearings, get some citizen input. I actually like the idea of hiring a professional administrator (and just eliminating the county executive position). I hate the idea of just giving the job to this guy.

  14. A real Iowa pig farmer is smarter than Troy boy.

  15. Couple of thoughts:
    8:43 Says vote 'em out! (unfortunately, you're talking KC voters)

    8:53 Correct. KC voters too lazy to vote folks out.
    However, he calls Troy an idiot. WRONG! This guy has taken KC for an expensive ride for years. The IDIOTS are voters who kept Slie in office, and thus Troy.

    Only hope I see is if we see enough OUTRAGE over property tax fiasco to finally get folks to pay attention.

  16. ^^I don't think about this at all because I matter. You don't.


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