Sunday, October 20, 2019

Kangaroos Accept Kansas City 'Open Spaces' Artsy Leftover Donations

This upbeat note forgets that many artists from THE FAILED KCMO OPEN SPACES are still owed BIG BUCKS but instead offers an upbeat write-up on the backstory of new art on display at the city college . . . Checkit:

Donors gift symbolic statue to UMKC

In 2018, Flávio Cerqueira boarded an airplane, traveled 5,318 miles from his home in São Paulo, Brazil, and landed in Kansas City. The 36-year-old Brazilian sculptor settled in for a residency at The Kansas City Art Institute where he spent three months creating a bronze statue entitled, "Any Word Except Wait."


Anonymous said...

How about the word, "Parasite"?

Anonymous said...

Fix YOUR country!

Charlie Horse said...

Any Word Except Work

Buck said...

Wait, what? Donated? Weren't they supposed to be selling the art to make up the all the money they still owe. I guess their artwork isn't worth anything thus they are giving it away. Thanks Open Spaces