Friday, August 30, 2019


Our blog community reported vendors STILL unpaid around June and recently The Pitch followed up our FIRST NEWS with a worthwhile report on upcoming artsy legal action . . . Checkit:

Open Spaces organizers face potential lawsuit from unpaid artists

Photo by Zach Bauman Last month, Cheryl Kimmi-the executive director of KC Creates, the local nonprofit that organized last year's citywide arts festival Open Spaces-was hauled before a city council committee in search of financial details in the aftermath of the fest.


Anonymous said...

The only open spaces that made money was the one between breakfast and lunch in Sly's gut.

Anonymous said...

KCMO government "organized" and authorized this fiasco so the taxpayers are going to end up picking up the tab.
Just like the way-over-budget animal shelter.
And the "jazz festival".
And THE streetcar.
Elect the same kind of people over and over again and the list of financial obligations without ever being able to vote on them never ends.
There are new schemes being hatched at 12th and Oak this very day.
And every day.
What's in your wallet?

Smiling Jack said...

Please note that Cheryl Kimmi, Executive Director of KC Creates, stated before the City Council that the “commissioned artists have been paid. It’s fabricators and suppliers that are left hanging out there.”! Even though the statement that “commissioned artists have been paid” seems to be under dispute and the basis for a potential lawsuit, think about the rest of this statement for a moment.

Ms. Kimmi is saying that the "creatives" were the first to be taken care of, and that “fabricators and suppliers” are the ones she chose to be “left hanging out there” !

Elitist Bitch!
Pay the working people first!

The "creatives" get paid in part by having their "art" publicly displayed and in the exposure they receive, if anyone has to wait for actual cash, let it be them! The workers have to feed their families, and the suppliers are out of pocket for the materials the "creatives" used to gain the exposure they received.

I am not arguing that "creativity" should not be recognized or rewarded, nor am I arguing the "artistic merits" of the "creatives" efforts. But some recognition of the harm directly caused by this "elitist attitude" has to be recognized.

This fiasco MUST not be repeated until someone with at least a tenuous connection to the Real World is placed in charge!

Wicked James said...

Okay now up next what do you folks want for your new airport!

How bout a nice art installation or two or three or four?

We got some world class artists from Des Moine and Olathe pitching us some ideas!

Anonymous said...

I've know Cheryl Kimmi for years. Her Fringe festival and now Open Spaces are run by companies she sets up to protect her personally. The boards of directors for her companies are her family members in the highest paying positions. They make their entire living off these fiascoes. She is a leach on society, feeding from the public trough like a pig. Always "supporting the arts" because nobody knows what art really is in the KC area. She never follows the rules anyone else is expected to follow. And always walks away with the cash stiffing others with some inane explanation. Oh and she is a whack job.

Anonymous said...

Make Slie James, Jolie Justus and Dan Cameron pay the artists. They came up with this idiotic idea and only brought KC Creates in after the festival was headed down the tubes.

Why doesn't Slie mention Open Spaces in "A Passion for Purpose", his fabricated personal history?

Anonymous said...

^^I don't know. Did you ask him? Or are you only coming here? Why are you asking such dumb questions on here? How come you don't have any friends you can bore with dumb shit like this?

Anonymous said...

Chimpy is soooooo mad today! Is the zoo out of bananas? So sad for lil chimpy.

Hyperblogal said...

This failed miserably, let's do another one. KC is in a rut.

Anonymous said...

How long will sLIE’s disasters keep rearing their ugly heads, looks like forevar at this point

Anonymous said...

8:47 nails it. Cheryl Kimmi would have to be a whack job that produces flops for KCMO to hire her; a match made in heaven. What responsible city gives a $375k loan to film flam “arts group” with “cash flow problems?!” Taxpayers should have had Sly and Kimmi’s heads a long time ago.