Friday, October 04, 2019


The conclusion of Summer wherein gunfire and murder didn't dominate headlines concerning Kansas City's oldest entertainment district gives Westport a reason to boast of a revival.


Winning moves:

- Mickey's Hideaway replaces McCoy's - Turns out pirates are more entertaining than men in their 30s & 40s trading craft beer factoids.

- Big Biscuit opening in Westport soon than expected - It's uncertain if tasty artery clogger will qualify as a decent Midtown breakfast hangout that has been missing since Chubby's shut down.

- Jerusalem Café brick oven actually sounds kinda cool - Ask your g/f about pita bread. You'll be surprised how much she knows.

And while it might be too early to declare an outright victory against crime . . . One controversial fact is clear . . .


The approved nomenclature is "street vacation" but it's actually a huge wall and checkpoints that keep out hobos and restrict gun rights.


Behind the scenes, we know that the price of progress was an exorbitant fee to anti-crime organizations to silence media reports of bias and buy defense from other local activists. But, sadly, that seems to be the cost of doing business in Kansas City.

Check more deets which basically serve as promo and the "official" report of the alleged Midtown revival which KC newsies run in between checking online for better jobs in bigger markets . . .

Kansas City's Westport District is Getting Hotter This Fall

Historic, mixed-use location is drawing a surge of business in this centrally-located area

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Westport District is experiencing an outpouring of interest by businesses and developers seeking to be in this coveted, central location known for its historic, authentic vibe. Westport is one of the metro's top dining destinations with a large variety of cuisines. Restaurants outnumber other types of businesses in the district - and the choices continue to grow. Highlights from the new restaurant offerings range from fresh seasonal menu options and breakfast, to comfort food of all types: burgers, pizza, biscuits, ice cream, wings, and Belgian honeycomb-style waffles.

Mickey's Hideaway replaces one of the district mainstays, McCoy's Public House and Brewery which opened in 1997. If you loved McCoy's, Mickey's will be the place for you. This restaurant includes a large inviting patio which will again become a favorite gathering place in the heart of Westport.

Jerusalem Café, a long-time Kansas City favorite for Middle Eastern food, has been in Westport for 30 years and will soon move to a larger space a block from its current location. The new space will allow them to have a brick oven to bake fresh pita and pastries as well as more space for dining.

"Development and investment in the area have been very strong during the past year," said Kim Kimbrough, Executive Director of the Westport Business League. "This walkable area has a nice balance of entertainment, business, and residential uses – that attracts people looking to dining out. It is also attractive to investors where the average business tenure of 18.5 years leads the region."

Westport has 236 businesses, counting the new additions to open soon or recently opened. Collectively, these businesses have over 4,000 employees working in the district and serve more than a million people each year who visit Westport's compact, walkable area. Businesses coming soon or recently opened include:

- Mickey's Hideaway, 4057 Pennsylvania – opens October 7, locally grown offerings and seasonal menu of KC favorites

- Tin Roof, 424 Westport – opening early in 2020, restaurant and bar featuring live Nashville music and Southern-inspired menu

- Sweet Combforts & Wingman Café, 4117 Pennsylvania – Fall opening, featuring street food, honeycomb, handheld, Belgian waffles and wings

- The Mail Center, 4050 Pennsylvania – opened in August, shipping options, packaging/crating, printing, copies in Manor Square

- Jerusalem Café, 515 Westport Rd – Fall opening at the new location, long-time, Kansas City favorite is moving to a larger site offering Middle Eastern specialties

- KC Smoke Burger, 431 Westport Rd – late Fall opening, flame-grilled, smoked 100% pure-beef burgers

- Big Biscuit, 4039 Mill St. – Fall opening, breakfast items including biscuits and gravy, omelets, brunch, and burgers

- Shot Stop Bar & Grill, 4120 Pennsylvania – Fall opening, a restaurant and pub with chalkboard posted novelty shots, drinks, and energy shots

- Lotus, 421 Westport Rd – opened in August, Upscale nightlife with cocktails upstairs and an EDM night club below

- Signal Theory, 4050 Pennsylvania – relocating in November, brand development, marketing, and design firm leasing 41K sq. ft of office space in Manor Square

Historic 4144 Pennsylvania building incorporates four establishments

Denver Biscuit Company, 4144 Penn –opening at end of the year, Southern-style, handmade biscuit sandwiches and comfort foods

Frozen Gold, 4144 Pennsylvania – opening at end of the year, offers decadent, soft-serve ice cream at a window

Fat Sully's Pizza, 4144 Pennsylvania – opening at end of the year, New York-style pizza, with an order window

Atomic Cowboy, 4144 Pennsylvania – opening at end of the year, retro-swank, hipster bar and restaurant

About Westport

Westport is the oldest part of Kansas City. Originally called West Port, the once independent town got its name as it was the westernmost village where pioneers stocked up before venturing into western territories. This eclectic and historic mixed-use district gets its charm from its pedestrian-friendly streetscape, its diversity of people, and a mix of trendy boutiques, eateries, and popular entertainment and nightlife venues. Westport, where everyone's welcome.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Of course walls work. Walls always work. Sorry T, please tell your lib friends.

Anonymous said...

Not really. You could say that GUN CONTROL WORKS.

That would be more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Thug control works the best.

Anonymous said...

There is still a disproportionate amount of homosexuals in Westport. Way too many and they swish around at all hours of the day.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ You see what you want to see. Sorry that you hate what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

Newer shiner and brighter version of Wastedport

Anonymous said...

Why would a place called a hideaway have an outdoors patio?

Retro ROCKER said...

Hope it works out. Some of my great times in Missouri include Westport. Of course during the day.