Wednesday, August 14, 2019

No Honcho For Sleaze Scummit Schools After Old Boss Cashes Out For $750K

Given the drama over "equity" and the ensuing $750K payday . . . The lesson here is that students are probably the last priority for so many parents and administrators running this public education system into the ground. Takea look:

Lee's Summit students head to class with superintendent change

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO (KCTV) -- Students are headed back to school with change at superintendent. Former Superintendent Dennis Carpenter resigned last month, after pushback related to his recommendation for district-wide equity training. Dr. Dennis Carpenter sent in his resignation letter on July 23rd and that same day Dr. Emily Miller was appointed the new superintendent of the district.


Anonymous said...

I’m still astonished these stupid fucking thieves on the school board allowed this worthless fucking nigger to rip off Lee’s Summit. Why didn’t they just give everybody in Lee’s summit ten bucks and tell this smartass ape to go back to the shithole he came from what the fuck is wrong with these leftist idiots.

Anonymous said...

When will there be some sort of investigation of the institutions that hand out these SJW doctorates? Are they even interested in educating kids...or just SJW shit?

Anonymous said...

"..became so heated he had the Sheriff’s Office patrol his neighborhood."


How lazy are they? KCTV5 is SO lazy that they continue to report the FAKE NEWS that the Jackson County Sheriff's were protecting Carpenter due to threats against him.

There were never any credible threats against Carpenter, he and his allies made that up to play the media for sympathy. KCTV5 is perpetuating the myth, long after most people know the truth.

Why was Carpenter trying to get fired from the district?

His side business (which violated Superintendent contract terms) of a trucking company, was unsuccessful and burning through cash. The trucking/transport business is struggling across the nation, with many companies going bankrupt. Once the district entered mediation with Carpenter, he knew he was on the way out. He was either going to negotiate a large voluntary severance package, or the district would fire him and he'd sue them for wrongful termination/discrimination.

Lazy media like KCTV5 and especially The Falling Star played right into his plans to trap the district into a large settlement. Now he has enough money to save the trucking company or bail on it, plus cash to live on for a couple of years without working.

Anonymous said...

Carpenter proved he was trash with those photos of him giving people the finger.

What a moron.

Anonymous said...

As Mark Twain correctly pointed out years ago:
"First God created idiots,
That was for practice.
Then He made school boards."
The big con works again!

Anonymous said...

And this is what happens when you entrust the education of your kids to the government ...