Tuesday, August 06, 2019


Over the years a discriminatory dress code and fights allegedly started to eject black people have plagued this destination.

Let's not forget the place is one of the biggest and most consistent money losers in Kansas City history . . . And now a pop culture trend threatens their profits.

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Power and Light makes safety statement following mass shootings

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The Power and Light District is similar to the Oregon District in Dayton, Ohio where a shooter was able to shoot 30 people in under a minute. The event venue is filled with thousands of people for big events like "Hot Country Nights."


Anonymous said...

The real KC Power and Light Company should sue for defamation.

Anonymous said...

We Swear! Safe!

LOL.. more deluded claims by the #5 worst crime infested urban area in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes you feel safe like a big statement swearing as much after shootings nearby.

Anonymous said...

It’s all about money my friend.

Anonymous said...

Only a fool would listen and believe anything coming from the powers that be who operate the P&L Dist.

Anonymous said...

And this is how downtown goes vacant again, after all the billions of dollars spent guess who ruined it? You got it, the koloreds ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

I do wonder what happened to dude and his fantasy rabbits. I'll give him this, he was clearly playing the long game with his employment at P&L. He sought the job with full intent to later play the race card. That at least shows a good ability to plan for the future, even if that plan is fraud.

Religion Of Peace said...

If you have to say over and over you are a religion of peace, you are not a religion of peace.

If you have to say over and over you are a place for safety, you are not a place for safety.


Tired of same shit said...

World's a scary place. Self defense is the individual's responsibility.

Deal with it! Don't blame others for your stupidity.

Example: Frequenting a venue where diversity trumps safety. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

Cordish is correct, you are safe at the P&L District - until you are not.

Similarly, everyone was safe at First Fridays until last week,
and at Westport until a couple of years ago,
and at the Plaza twenty years ago,
and in the Twin Towers until 2001,
and how about on a nice quiet Sunday in Pearl harbor, in 1941?

So, KU Grads, hurry down to the P&L next weekend!

Wized Up and Headed Out said...

Here's a bedtime story kids....

Lived within walking distance to the plaza for 5 years. Sirens were annoying at the start but workable. 3 years in between the traffic, potholes, taxes, ans sirens it started to suck. 6 years I got Sly in the bushes, drunks walking along our lawn, and gunshots & cops every weekend.

7 years in, we moved to Raymore. No sirens. No gunshots. No Quinton. No E-Tax.

Moral of the story: Don't be stupid and wait for 7 years for something that isn't going to get better.

Anonymous said...

Section 8 is helping to spread the pain. Higher crime, lower school standards and tumping car stereos full of annoying unemployed coloreds living in the suburbs near you.

No Discounting Gunfire said...

Here's a fresh bedtime story for Wized Up who bragged about peaceful, gunfire-free Raymore.

Once upon a time (today) 2 men went to the Walmart at West Foxwood Drive in Raymore. After shopping, one of them argued with someone in the parking lot. Gunfire ensued and the man was hit twice. The suspect fled. Another shopper commented it's sad that they are used to it. The end.

The moral: none of the country is getting better. Guns and violence are everywhere.

Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

No dumbfuck filthly niggers are everywhere the only escape is live off the grid in Alaska the apes hate the cold