Friday, August 23, 2019

Kansas City Keto Crust Success???

Late lunch link and one of many signs that every sacred American institution is now being destroyed . . . Or maybe it's time for a snack. Check the latest diet fad and how it's killing Kansas City pizza:

Fattyhead feeds demand for keto-friendly pizza crust; What's the founder's secret?

Fattyhead began as a labor of love: a path toward a more healthful diet that transformed into a booming business for Kansas City native Laura Manivong. "I started feeling better, I started having energy and my body stopped hurting as much," said Manivong, creator of her own low-carb, ketogenic pizza crust.


Anonymous said...

When is the IPO?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lousy soul crushing racket to be in quite honestly.

Not Fat Albert said...

That broad doesn't look like she eats low-carb anything. Fat. Fucking fat. One fat motherfucker. Fucking lardass.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that’s the after photo.