Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Just now, the Jackson County Board of Equalization meeting proved both eventful yet ultimately unproductive.

The only real news of the meeting: There was a motion to extend the property tax appeal deadline and the BOE delayed the request leaning toward NO.

They'd just rather disappoint homeowners later and avoid more questions. Meanwhile, the discussion from both politicos & the crowd was far more relevant.

To wit . . .


Before we get started, let's be fair and note that Exec Frank White has expressed his outright support for McCann Beatty.

He recently noted:

"This Legislature is failing to give the assessor adequate time to do her job. And anyone who tries to blame Jackson County Assessor Gail McCann Beatty for this situation is both uninformed and quite simply wrong. She is doing her job ethically and fairly and I will continue to support her."

A few really important insights and reporting from a few of the AWESOME TKC TIPSTERS . . .

- Besieged "Great" Scott Burnett pushed hard to extend the deadline.

- Questions about an INCREMENTAL increase over the current spike were blamed on an old law firm with nobody in the room wanting to really answer the question or take responsibility. Assessor McCann claimed an incremental increase would not solve the problem. The statement elicited an audible groan from the crowd and warnings to keep quiet.

- Nearly half of all property in Jackson County will face a property tax increase of up to 50%.

- BOE didn't seem to believe Assessor McCann Beatty on the validity of her data or methodology and posed a litany of questions related to date and timing of the numbers.

- Post Office takes the blame for late notices.

- More talk of increasing funding to the Assessor's office.

- "Shame On You" comment directed over alleged "misrepresentation" of earlier "rollback" legislation.

- Folks on the ground are convinced that only BOE appeals will be considered.

- Assessor's office defends due diligence and urges public against mistrust.

- At the conclusion of the meeting there was from the crowd as Assessor Gail McCann Beatty says she feels hurt by widespread public backlash.

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Anonymous said...

The assessor's office should have counted on the post office delay. When doubling people's taxes, it is more than fair to give them a little more time to take part in the process.

Anonymous said...

Frank is supporting her in writing, but I didn't see him there today. He is smart to stay away from this, it looks like it might cost him his job if he's not careful.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't know what she's doing. She needs to be replaced.

Esai said...

She's "hurt" by the backlash. I guess some of the senior citizens who will lose their homes should feel sorry for her. If she's getting more funding for her office, she might be able to squeeze a raise out of this whole thing. Poor baby!

Anonymous said...

"And anyone who tries to blame Jackson County Assessor Gail McCann Beatty for this situation is both uninformed and quite simply wrong. She is doing her job ethically and fairly and I will continue to support her."

Heck of a job, Brownie!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually think the clowns in Jackson County or KCMO government feels any shame for the nonsense that they constantly pull?
Incompetence plus arrogance plus self-serving celebrity plus looking out for their friends and contributors plus not caring a whit about the public that they "serve".
And it's the same people or folks just like them over and over and over again!
Don't like this reassessment fiasco?
And want to know who to blame?
Look in the mirror!

Hyde Park said...

She has sunk the whole city into a housing crisis.

She needs to be fired for how she handled this.

Anonymous said...

Vote democrat

Anonymous said...

Better solution to all of this and they only way we can really send a message.

It's time for #FireFrank.

He needs to go and we need to take back control of Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

That’s an outright lie about blaming the post office, I called on 6/13 which is 7working days before the deadline and the lady said they started late with the mailings and that they were still sending 60,000 letters a day to the post office. I believe she told me that they started mailing the beginning of that week, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if people got theirs the day of or after the first deadline. I received mine with five working days to file a complaint and I couldn’t because I couldn’t get my house appraised before the second week of July.

Anonymous said...

Blaming Gail is useless. There needs to be some responsibility at the top. Keeping Legislators accountable is the answer to some of this. I notice Scott and Crystal are way more responsive because they're feeling the heat on this.

Super Dave said...

Assessor Gail McCann Beatty should not only be under siege from her actions she should be at home right now updating her resume as if anyone would be so silly to hire her.

Anonymous said...

So instead of taking grown up responsibility for her shitty performance and total fumble of the public trust, Gail wants sympathy.

It's all about her you guys. How dare you question her!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you vote democrat. That dumbass assessor is just not as sneaky as the KC City council. When they cant pass another tax, they just quietly raise the price of your water bill and then pass the new revenue to their slush funds.

Its time to expel the dumb fuck elected officials including white, lucas, and anyone who attends truman days. Fuck them all. ITs also time to start shaming dumb fuck voters and the Star.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it would have been politic and less of a jolt to phase the reassessments in over time rather than all at once. Other than that, what did Beatty do wrong that would justify removing her from the office? Be specific.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhhhhh I thought she was related to Frank.. Maybe I'm wrong.

Fire that said...

Yes, I have been waiting for a very long time for this bitch to see her chickens come home to roost. Her, her husband and all those affiliated and involved with the City’s East Patrol project. We only needed this one trip up to bring it full circle. Yes, bitch your chickens are coming home to roost. #getyohandoutmypocket #thetalentless #hangerson Run her out of this town... just like she ran all those people out of their houses. See ya in hell!

IMHO said...

Things Gail did wrong:

1. Made known misstatements to both the Legislature and Board Of Equalization about postage. These can be checked and dated. She is incorrect about the facts.

2. Failed to use a standard accounting practice and all of the software available to the county to do her job.

3. Refused to offer the County timely updates on her work to the Legislature. This was not supposed to be a surprise and if she was doing her job correctly, there woulnd't be so many problems.

Anonymous said...

This is a dereliction of duty from Frank, looks like he's dragging another career down the tubes with him. He has the power to stop this and correct the assessments but he won't do it.

Anonymous said...

We need money for our schools. Just like the selfish on this blog to deny that fact.

Josephus said...

^^^^ Then have a bake sale, bitch. Don't go and throw old people out of their houses.

Anonymous said...

True. Schools do need money.

Unfortunately our trust in the pathetic local 'leadership' has been utterly destroyed. The taxpayers are routinely lied to about fund allocation, and basic services are sacrificed to the latest slush fund scam. Think about it: the only thing that almost everyone on this blog agrees is how shameful our local government is.

You own this, county/city stooge, or your masters do. It looks like people might be waking up just a tiny bit to the incompetence and corruption.

Anonymous said...

True the schools need money, hence the desire of some (me included) to reign in TIFs and other developer tax breaks. Unfortunately the voters, those who actually got out and voted I should say, said to keep the TIF train rolling. Maybe, just maybe, voting for a different group of people next time might start a change.

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed of my County legislator. I will not be voting for her again, ever. She needed to do more.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Has nobody checked to see what assessment Gail afforded herself on her house in Citadel. I think this begs more attention.

Super Dave said...

If these so called leaders had to make it in the real working world out there they would all be without jobs based solely on their job performance.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at John Miles house too... also Citadel. These crooks are probably gifting themselves low taxes while inflating everybody else’s. This is my hypothesis. Circle of friends network... Check all of Citadel. That’s where all of the old school crooks want to live.