Monday, July 22, 2019

Senator Josh Hawley Rant Against 'Cosmopolitan' Influence Ignores That The Missouri Politico Is Quite Fancy Himself

I think our blog community did a fine job in DEBUNKING SILLY ANTISEMITIC CONSPIRACY THEORIES that rely on a very loose interpretation of subtext . . . Which is not to say that that the Ivy League educated dude who wears custom suits, is often seen wine shopping and sports a hairdo, not a haircut doesn't have hypocritical issues when he takes on the elite. Checkit:

Josh Hawley Goes Off On The *Wink* 'Cosmopolitan Class'

click to enlarge U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Missouri), a man who allegedly hates work and loves leg day, took a break this week from trying to break the internet to stand before the adoring crowd of the National Conservatism Conference and declare that the "cosmopolitan class" is wrecking America and that the Statue of Liberty can go drown itself in the Atlantic Ocean.


Anonymous said...

Hawley is becoming one of my favorite senators and I had zero expectations for him. He has some good ideas and the failing newspapers just trot out a trite attack against him because he's a republican. It's funny how much the media slurped (and continues to slurp) Claire's butthole and she was fucking terrible

Anonymous said...

^^^Your opinion and you count for shit. So there's that!