Monday, July 01, 2019

Kansas City Royals Slugger Whit Merrifield Stays Winning Amid Worst Of Seasons

We have a special place in our heart for this hometown hero who shines brightly whilst the rest of is nothing more than a dumpster fire in desperate need of radical change. Meanwhile, Whit shares his boozy worldview with goofy commercials and keeps up his stellar play.

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Whit Merrifield named to his first All-Star team

Whit Merrifield will represent the Royals at the 2019 All-Star Game to be played July 9 at Progressive Field in Cleveland. Merrifield was named as a reserve to the American League squad in a process determined by both a player's vote and input from the Commissioner's office.


Anonymous said...

We strongly support the Royals.
In fact- we plan to go to a game sometime before 2030.
After that we had planned to support the free KC Street car using 19th century tech called electricity.
Planned.... as we were going to maybe buy and split a coffee- but heard a shop closed near the “free” train built with tax-payer millions.
We feel good in paying a Federal tax that supports these endeavors.
Great progress.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh. Hurry up and go into the light!