Monday, June 17, 2019

Boulevard Brewery Celebrates Wit & Wisdom Of Kansas City Royals Slugger Whit Merrifield

Right now we're 48 hours from the Kansas City election and jokes are a decent laugh will be hard to come by until it's all over. Accordingly, we present this quickie collection of a Kansas City Royals attempting to salvage a pathetic season by helping to promote this town's favorite booze . . .

Here's the only guy with decent numbers in 2019 also serving as pitchman in a series of throwback 80s quickie branding commercials . . .

The premise from Boulevard Brewery that still doesn't have the cash to give these clips any real promotion:

"We like our Whit like we like our Wheat: Unfiltered. We’re pumped to team up with Whit Merrifield this season to bring you exclusive videos with thoughts as deep as some of the fly balls he's had to catch."

Take a look:

Crime Fighting Quandary

Artsy Brew Promo

Question Of Perspective

Update With The Latest Crafty Whit, Wheat & Witticism

You decide . . .


Cgc said...

Damn good stuff.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

The Royals really suck. They’re terrible. Think about it.